First Meeting’s and Blooming Feeling’s

Hi everyone before I begin let me introduce myself, my name is Alleria Duskclaw I am a young miqo’te from the moon tribes, raised in Ishgard after being found alone, then ventured off to gridania where I’ve lived while adventuring and its a pleasure to be here!

Now that I’ve introduced myself let me tell you about my wonderful night tonight.

I’ve always been a fan of Annimae and I had the luck of finding a time where she was looking for some company so I jumped at the chance to finally meet her!

I travelled straight to exodus and awaited her in the centre of Limsa lominsa, There were large crowds of people around but the moment I saw her my heart shot into my throat, she was so beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off her, I was worried I’d scare her off!

We both greeted each other and stood to talk a little before we had the idea to go somewhere more private to relax and converse, Annimae led me to Kugane but not before making a stop in the ruby sea to catch a beautiful Sunset together.


After arriving in Kugane we stopped for a quick meal in the nearby restaurant in the Kugane Tower and Annimae wanted to make a stop to buy some supplies. Annimae then decided we should go to the hot spring so she helped guide me along the frightful roof tops to a hot spring a top the inn, it has such a lovely view of the city but my eyes focused on her.

Nervously we both hid to undress closing our eyes as we both entered the hot spring, there we sat and talked and had such a wonderful time, though i wanted something more, I had Anni close her eyes for me as I guided her hand under the water between my legs, what I didn’t expect was her reaction, she cried.

Asking me if all I wanted was sex and it was the only reason I came here, then I realised in my heart, no I wanted more I wanted not just her body but her heart also so I gently embraced her from behind.

I spoke my feelings to Annimae knowing her stance on love but I wasn’t rejected.. instead she told me why she’d given up on love somehow I’d managed to allow her to trust me with her heart and love, we kissed and had a small moment of passion in the hot spring, before we climbed out to get dressed. I’ve told Anni I want to see her more and she’s agreed! I really can’t wait to see her more and more!

Reflections & New Beginnings

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Anni and Mina sat on the Amaro Launch, overlooking the Baldaquin, enjoying the sunset and catching up. It was a quiet, peaceful evening. Hints of romance were in the air.  A warm breeze kissed their skin and the soft buzz of the city grew even softer as its citizens turned in for the evening.

<Annimae> So I um… *bites her lip*

Mina beams at Anni.

<Annimae> missed you.

<Mina> I missed you too Anni!

<Annimae> these last few days with you have been really nice

Mina nods to you.

<Mina> they have been

<Annimae> *puts her hand over Mina’s, and smiles warmly*

<Mina> *fiddles with Anni’s hand*

<Mina> slow and steady might be best this time…

<Annimae> *there is a bit of a pause* sorry! I um…. yea, got lost in my thoughts…. but yea, I totally agree. There has been a lot of heartbreak in my life……I don’t need any more.

<Mina> I know I’m the cause of half of it… and I am sorry…

<Annimae> *swallows hard as a frog forms in her throat* yea I…… that hurt a lot but…… yea….lets just take it slow., enjoy each other’s company

<Mina> *feeling like the worst person in the world… nods in agreement*

<Annimae> I’m looking forward to new adventures with you. And with time, the past will fade to be replaced with the new.

<Mina> I sure hope so. I can’t wait to spend more time with you!

<Annimae> *Anni’s eyes water up a little, as joy takes over her. She smiles warmly and looks out over the gorge.* I hear this place is beautiful at night….

<Mina> i don’t need scenery for beauty… *stares into Anni’s eyes, pushes Anni’s hair behind her ear and leans in to slowly kiss her on the lips*

<Annimae> *Bites her lip as a tear rolls down her cheek. She quickly catches it on her finger and wipes it away. Just then she feels her hair move. Her heart nearly stopped as the soft lips of the kitten beside her, met her own.*

<Mina> *mina wipes Anni’s eyes and kisses her nose* It’ll be ok Kitten, you’ll see … in time..

<Annimae> *Anni nods happily and smiles. She leans in for another quick kiss before pulling back and looking into Mina’s eyes.*

ffxiv_dx11 2019-12-01 20-39-04.png

<Mina> you’re so adorable

<Annimae> *Anni giggles softly* weeeelll I think you’re pretty cute too ya know.

<Mina> *mina starts purring*

Mina smirks confidently at you.

<Annimae> *Anni leans her head onto Mina’s shoulder and places on hand on Mina’s lap. She lets out a big sigh as the sun begins to set.*

<Mina> *Mina plays with the base of Anni’s tail slightly*

<Annimae> *Anni begins to purr softly, chills cover her body.* mmmmmmm your hands are so soft.

<Mina> I- I’m sorry kitten. I probably should behave myself…

*Anni closes her eyes.*

<Mina> It’s just been sooo long since I’ve been this close to someone…

<Annimae> mmmhmm hehe Well, one day at a time.  *Anni’s tail pulls free from Mina’s hand, only to find another nearby tail and wrap around it.*

<Mina> I- is this ok….?

<Annimae> mmmm I like this, thank you

<Mina> Anni… I – I um have a question…

<Annimae> yea?

<Mina> Well more of a statement? I’m not sure… *giggles*

<Mina> I want to make love to you… soon. maybe not now, but soon.

<Mina> I never got the chance to when we were dating last year… but it’s been something that’s been on my mind for a long time now.

<Annimae> *Anni freezes. She certainly recalls her history with Mina. Taking her virginity, the rough sex, but love making? To be intimate? Oh now Anni’s heart raced.*

<Mina> *Mina could feel Anni’s heart racing through her tail and smiled.*

<Mina> It’s taking all I have right now to hold back…

<Mina> *Mina runs a finger down Anni’s stomach stopping at the top of her skirt*

<Annimae> *Anni bites her lip and squeezes Mina’s hand.* We need to wait kitten.

<Mina> I know… *mina rolls her eyes with a grin*

<Mina> *Mina leans in and whispers into Anni’s ear* … but it would be so much fun to do it right here… *Mina nips quickly and softly at Anni’s ear*

<Annimae> *Anni giggles and kisses Mina a quick peck.* Being your friend would mean more to me than anything right now, love making will come.

<Annimae> oh look!

<Annimae> the lights…..

<Mina> what lights?

<Annimae> *giggles* there! *turns Mina’s head, with a hand on Mina’s cheek*

ffxiv_dx11 2019-11-29 13-12-01.png

<Mina> The city is very pretty. Nothing like home though.

<Mina> I spent my childhood lying under trees in the flowers

<Mina> I love grass and flowers… ya know? color!

<Annimae> mmmm sounds lovely! hence your insatiable hunger for my decor…. *giggles*

<Mina> yeah…

<Mina> flowers are tasty!

<Annimae> I have to admit, they certainly are!

<Mina> I’ll have you know though… Sky was growing much more than just flowers!

<Mina> She was growing Gaelicatnip too! I don’t know how you didn’t notice!

<Annimae> hrm, I knew I smelt something in the air over there.

<Mina> besides sex?

<Annimae> haha yea

<Annimae> oh jeeze….. *Anni blushes*

<Mina> If you’re not careful I might put a collar on you too…

<Annimae> EEP! Well….. maybe one day.

<Mina> perhaps… if you’re a good kitten

<Annimae> haha oh you…… *Anni gets to stand up. She pulls Mina with her* come…

<Mina> come where?!

<Annimae> *With Mina on her feet, Anni embraces her in a long, tight hug* mmmmmm I needed this.


Post Dating

Blanche appears back to the Goblet where her little home sweet home stands next to the roman baths. She walks back home, wishing her faithful retainer a good night before leaving the crisp cold night air behind. She locks the door and makes her way downstairs undressing. A boot here, another there, a skirt, a top, underwear and..


In the hot bath she goes…the hot water working its magic on her sore muscles. It was a long day of errands and crafting…even a warrior of light needs gil from time to time..


‘’ How can I miss her so much already… ‘’

Blanche couldn’t think of anything else but Anni. The way she smiles and how her little cheeks redden when she giggles. Everything about her makes Blanche feels so…happy. A deep happiness she haven’t felt in a very long time…

I mean even doing hard work for an Au Ra with a big pig head is fun when she’s around…

Blanche chuckles, finishes her bath and dries herself before jumping in her merry mog bed. That night she fell asleep with the biggest grin on her face, all tucked up thinking of her new special friend: Annimae…

First Date

Blanche brushes Anni’s hair with one hand and caresses her left cheek. “I am so very happy you decided to share it with me.”

Anni hums along as they walk, her tail has a bit of a ‘happy’ sway to it. Blanche giggles, “Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t see you there.” Anni looks over her shoulder and giggles.

Blanche mumbles to herself, “Clumsy…” She can’t help but look at Anni’s tail seductively swaying left and right.

“Ah here we are.” Anni announces as they approach the beautiful park in northern Kugane.

“Oh!” Blanche exclaims, as Anni finds a soft spot in the grass to sit.


“Still hungry? Fishes!”

“The fish aren’t for eating!” Anni can’t help but giggle as her new friend spots the koi swimming in the garden pond.

“Oh look this one is so close!”

Anni smiles as she watches Blanche goofing off. “Gods, she is just too adorable!”

“Come back mister fish!” Blanche finally settles down in the grass beside Anni. They talk for over an hour giggling and enjoying each other’s company. Blanche stands, helping Anni up as well.  Anni stands beside her date and holds onto her hand.

“Want to finish the day home in our pjs?” Blanche suggests.

Anni giggles, “he he, sure sweetie.”

”It’d be nice to be just the two of us.” Blanche pauses for a moment, “Not that! I mean uuh… not…yeah…okay he he…” Blanch lets out a stress giggle.

“Your place or mine?”


The two kittens teleport by aethernet to Blanche’s cottage. They wander inside and settle down on a plush carpet. The fireplace radiates off a comforting warmth as Blanche tosses in another log. “There we go.” She took a seat beside her date. Anni scoots over a bit closer to Blanche.

“This was a perfect evening Blanche, thank you.”

Blanche brushes Anni’s hair with one hand and caresses her left cheek. “I am so very happy you decided to share it with me.”

“Awe, but of course!”

Blanche leans closer, she brings her hand to Anni’s face and kisses her slowly and lovingly. Anni closes her eyes and leans in as well, pressing her lips into the kitten’s. Her tongue teases Blanche’s lip, prodding Blanche’s mouth open. Blanche’s heart skips a beat and lets out a moan as she feels Anni’s tongue slowly asking for hers. Her breathing intensifies. Anni’s heart races nervously. Her tongue touches the tip of Blanche’s, delicately. Tasting her for the first time. Her body trembles with glee. Blanche can feel her hand shaking as she fully kisses Anni back with a growing need… she presses herself to Anni tighter to feel her heart hammering back for her. Blanche slowly moves her hand in Anni’s hair and presses her face closer to hers. Anni’s tongue passes over Blanche’s, swirling around it. she feels Blanche pressing into her. She put one hand on Blanche’s cheek and ran it around to the back of her head and up through Blanche’s hair.

“The things you do to me kitten…”

Anni smiles deviously at her new friend. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Blanche giggles happily and kisses Anni back slowly pushing her body toward the ground, making sure to put her hand behind her head and taking care of her as if Anni could disappear at any moment. Anni allows Blanche to ease her onto her back. Anni smiles up at her and purrs softly. She notes how gentle and loving Blanche is, it only makes Anni fall deeper in love. Blanche looks inside Anni’s eyes and feels a fire burning inside her. A passionate heat of love and a desire to protect this woman from anything or anyone.

Blanche rests her forehead on Anni’s and whispers with a shaky breath, “Please don’t go away.”

Anni’s chest heaves under her breathing. Being smaller than Blanche, Anni feels protected, cared for. She can feel her loins tingle with excitement as the fire crackles beside them. Blanche leans on her side next to Anni and caress her face and neck slowly, taking in every little detail. She runs her finger down her chest to her dress. Anni looks deep into Blanche’s eyes. They twinkle as ambient light reflects off them. She would put on hand on Blanche’s hip and smile back at her as Blanche touched her so lovingly.

“I…” Blanche sighed.

Anni nods in agreement, “me too Blanche.”

“Gods I’d have you here and now Anni but… urrg… you deserve so much more and I want this so much. I want this to work. I can’t rush this but…” Blanche slowly and firmly takes Anni’s hip and presses Anni to her very tightly. Her breath is shaky, she sighs deeply and presses her forehead to Anni’s, holding back.

Anni smiles warmly, “Sweetie… I’m not going anywhere.  With you is where I want to be.” Anni’s heart races and pounds in her chest. She would move one of her legs between Blanche’s and press it into her, gently but firmly.

Blanche can’t help but to grind herself back a bit on Anni’s leg pressing down on her. “Fuck Anni…. I…”

Anni purrs again, softly. Her hand would move from Blanches hip, up under her gown, over Blanche’s perfectly smooth skin. Blanche can feel the goose bumps on her skin even next to the fire. She leans in on Anni and kisses her fiercely with her hand in her hair Blanche’s hair falls loose in the heat of the moment. She kicks off her slippers, still kissing Anni and not letting go. Her hand slowly pushes Anni’s dress off her shoulder and Blanche kisses it lovingly. Anni moves her hand further along, her finger tips graze the smooth flesh under Blanche’s breast. Blanche runs her nose up Anni’s neck breathing her in. Blanche moves down a bit so Anni’s hand are free to roam higher. As the humid air from Blanche’s breath cascades over Anni’s neck, she arches her back slightly before lying flat on the floor again. Her hand moves over Blanche’s bare breast and gently massages it. Blanche moans into Anni’s neck and bit it just a bit from the pleasure waves. Blanche’s hand moved to Anni’s leg and scooped up her skirt so she can caress Anni’s leg.

Anni returned to rubbing her leg in between Blanches.  She pressed her thigh into Blanche and gave her nipple a playful tug.  Anni would purr, an ear twitched from the excitement. Blanch moved her hand up all the way to Anni’s beautiful round butt and firmly grasped it grinding back on Anni’s leg pressing hard. Anni moaned and flexed her butt as Blanche enjoyed a handful. Anni gave her breast a firm squeeze in response, smirking back at her lover.  Anni could feel the tingle in her loins growing. Her panties had gotten a bit damp. A fire of passion burned brightly in Anni’s soul.

“Baby…… I can tell you want to wait so let’s do that. Let’s take our time and really just enjoy each other.”

“I’m sorry hun it’s just… urgg… this is frustrating.” Blanche laughs.

Anni giggles happily. “He he oh? it is?” She rubs noses with Blanche.

Blanche jumps on Anni and roughly grabs her and press their bodies together as she hides her face in Anni’s bosom, letting out very frustrated noises. “I don’t want to do this tonight. “Not on our first night.” You are too important to me babe. But fuck you’re hot!”

Anni laughs out loud and wraps her arms around Blanche. You sure its not the fire?

“Oh gods what am I gonna do with you?” Blanche chuckles. “Bed?”

“Sure. Got anything I can wear?”

“eehh suurree…”

“No peeking!” Anni slipped into one of Blanche’s nighties. “ok, all set.”

“You’re done? Wow. Babe… I eh…”

Anni giggles and blows Blanche a kiss, winking at her.

“That’s not helping…”

Anni hops up onto the bed, “mmmm comfy bed!”

“I truly enjoyed myself as well Anni.” Blanche joins Anni on the bed and cuddles up next to her.

“This was an amazing evening hunny, thank you.”

Blanche yawns, “I’m glad you enjoyed it too baby. Good night hun. Blanche mumbles, “I love you.”

“Hrm? What was that?”

Blanche doesn’t respond, being already asleep.

Anni smiles at her exhausted friend and closes her eyes. “I love you too. Blanche.”

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