I am excited but proceeding cautiously.

Life. It has a way of changing on you, unexpectedly. You can roll with the punches or hide in a corner.

To say my life has been changing lately is an understatement. Two months ago my wife left me and I found myself alone and wandering. A month later I reconnected with an old friend and I was on top of the world. She had even proposed to me. Sadly that didn’t work out and she ended up leaving as well.

Of course I blamed myself. What was wrong with me? Where was I screwing up so bad? I’m not sure if I’ll ever have an answer to these questions. Not that I need one….

You see. I roll with the punches.

Sure, I was feeling pretty depressed. Alone. Worthless. But I carried on. I have an amazing network of supportive friends whom I can fall back on for support. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them.

Thank you.

My life is changing again. For the better. I am looking up and the road ahead looks good. I am excited but proceeding cautiously. I can’t bare to have my heart broken again.

Thanks again everyone, for your love and support. I am so very blessed to have you all in my life.


A Pill A Day…

Dear diary,

It has been such a long time since I have written anything. Been through kind of a dry spell with any kind of real things to write about… but OMG! Do I have something to write down now!!

So, Annimae and me were doing some hunts the other night and she found a crate full of odd items. The hunts led us down to a cavern in U’Ghamaro Mines, Outer La Noscea. Naturally curious kittens such as us, could not help but look around. The crates were filled with some real odd things, must have been items gathered by the Kobolds. Such odd creatures they are.

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Annimae found a certain stash of herbs and various alchemy regents. Being a master alchemist, she began to read as much as should could. I could tell her mind was working. She is sooo cute being all scientist-y… wait that is a word, right? Well anyway, she really dug in there and found a small flask that contained pills, and these pills were NOT what I thought they where… oh, how we wrong!

The labeled read something about for ‘human’ consumption and ‘growth’ was within the words. We thought that meant about strength and of the like… NOPE! Well, naturally I volunteered to take them…

As soon as I took the pill, it dissolved in my mouth and for a few seconds nothing really happened. I some weird sensation by my vagina, like…. as if my clit was burning or whatnot. My panties could not contain it, and it just flopped out, but it was so weird… no balls, just a cock.

Oh gods, I was so embarrassed, but it was a bit painful. Felt like my pussy and lower abdomen was in pain… like a burning sensation. The feeling was quickly taken over by extreme arousal. It didn’t help Anni began being curious and touching it. Oh gods… I am just wanting to take another pill now just writing about this…

Anyway, once we both calmed down from the panic, I was quickly wanting Anni… and she did not take long from wanting me to fuck her. Oh gods… it was so hot. It was sooo weird though! A sensation I never felt before… as I slide my cock in her, my clit felt some sort of similar pleasure. Anni laid on her side and she took my cock. Gods, it was as if I was in heat, my mind was unsure what was going on, but my body wanted Anni so much more so than before. Like… as if something was forcing me to get all aroused and wanting to mate.

Soon, we where in multiple positions I was pounding her so hard. The sounds of sex echoed, and I could hear her screams as they bounced off the cavern walls. She begged me to go harder, and I did. Then, I felt like was about to… get this… urinate… but instead, cum came out of my cock! I could feel myself just pumping into her over and over… So much cum, that some of it spilled out from her pussy.

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Such a mess was made, but wow… so hot. Anni looked at me with eyes of desire like never before. I guess she was just hungry for cock, my cock! Anyway… as I finished, my cock went limp and shrunk, until it just went away… as if nothing happened. So odd, but also a giant relief.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-08 22-23-42

Well, that was such an odd day, but wow… I will hold on to these pills for later, hehe. I wonder… I wonder what will happen if I take two….


The Return and New Adventures

Where to begin… It has been a while since I have last made a post and a lot has happened.

It was not an easy life to get used to being an Au Ra. The scales, the tail, the horns… it was all different, hard to cope with, but I ended getting use to it a bit sooner than Anni had. I could see she was not really the same, I could tell it was hard.

Regardless, she still saw that it was me, even with my different physical features. I ended up hearing about an expedition of some sort to the desert, to go to some ruins and I heard rumors of a possibility of transformation spell. I knew of the vial we had at home, but this… this transformation was forced and was different. It was against my will.

I took the opportunity to sign up for the expedition. I said my goodbyes to my beloved Annimae and took off.

During the expedition I found a tome, it was old and I did not really understand half the words, but the team scholar was there with us and could help out. There where five of us. Me (a paladin), the scholar, an archer, a monk, and a samurai. We all explored the ruins and soon found ourselves leaving the ruins and returning home. It felt like months, but it was just weeks. One night, camping out just a few malm’s outside of Ul’dah, the scholar found a passage that I might find interesting. It was a bit hard for her to read it, but she gave it ago.

I don’t remember fully what happened, but I remember everyone standing over me, and asking if I was okay. It was the next day and I had been re-transformed to a Miqo’te! I was amazed it worked! I was so happy, my fluffy tail, my ears, and my ability to purr was back. I was so excited and ready to head home. Soon once I arrived, I met up with Anni just outside of Ul’dah. Once I revealed what had happened, she was beyond excited and jumped into my arms!

She kissed me and I her. I was such a great welcome! I explained to her of my adventure and she was amazed. I gave her the tome to look into as it could help or maybe further give her assistance with her works.

Now, I am back as a Miqo’te and find myself being grateful for what happened. She really has been by my side no matter what, and that is something that really means a lot. I could find no better wife, no better companion, nor lover, nor partner.

Now for new adventures as a miqo’te once again with my… friend…. my best friend.



What is Beauty?

You can love someone for their physical beauty or their inner beauty…

Over the last year I have come to know Psyiah in a deep and meaningful way.  She has opened up her soul to me and in that time we not only shared adventures with each other, but shared tears.  I have come to be a part of her, not just figuratively, but emotionally.  She is beautiful, her eyes, complexion and figure.  I find it all so very alluring and attractive.  Clearly her physical beauty means a lot to me.

Over time, as I have grown to know her and appreciate her. My definition of how she is beautiful has changed.  She guards me, protects me, provides for me.  She puts my feelings, needs and desires above her own.  Clearly her inner beauty means a lot to me.

My love for her, its meaning, and roots were recently tested when she was abducted and forced to drink a potion which ultimately changed her into an Au-Ra.  If you followed us through that story, you know that transformation was not easy for either of us.  Our love for each other was tried.  Her new appearance was hard to accept.  Clearly her physical beauty means a lot to me.

The captors’ goal was to divide us.  Ultimately we proved them wrong and our love transcended.  It was what we found within each other that kept us going and kept us in love.  Clearly her inner beauty means a lot to me.

Jump ahead a few months.  Psyiah and her unit were sent out on a training mission.  While out and about, a tome was discovered and within that tome: ancient magics.  With the assistance of the scholars in her unit, passages where translated and low and behold one of them promised to undo dark magics, and it did.  Psyiah returned home to me in her original Miqo’te form.  I was captivated by her beauty and cried.  Clearly her physical beauty meant a lot to me.

Beauty takes on many forms and they are all important.  We are creatures of the gods and as such are attracted to that which we find physically beautiful.  Physical beauty captivates us and draws us in.  But it alone will not sustain a relationship.  There needs to be more.  Its the inner beauty that keeps the love alive.  Its the beauty we find inside which truly strengthens the relationship.

I am so very happy to have my kitty back.  She is truly beautiful to me in many ways.  I cherish her and will hold her close to my heart forever.

You can love someone for their physical beauty or their inner beauty or both.  Either way, its the way the gods designed us, and its OK.

Psyiah: I love you for ALL that you are.  You are so very special to me and always will be.



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