Allie & I

…openness in our relationship has been a blessing…

Thought you all deserved an update. Allie and I are doing wonderfully. Married life has been fantastic and we grow together with every passing day. She and I still see other girls, in fact we have two girlfriends we’d like to marry one day. This openness in our relationship has been a blessing. Its great to have someone you can always count on and at the same time have many others who’m you can be intimate with and share special bonds with.

Don’t be shy, come on by and pay us a visit!

The Nalani Mansion – Now With Sprinkles!

Huhu. I mean, who doesn’t love sprinkles!?! So yea, I have formed up a new FC just for us sex crazed fiends. The Nalani Mansion is now an FC in Exodus. I hope you’ll come join us and be part of this new chapter in our lives.

ffxiv_dx11 2020-08-02 18-26-11

Between Twitter, Discord and now our own FC, the Nalani Mansion is taking shape nicely. I can’t wait to decorate our FC house and explore my kinks with my friends!

Now Introducing….

…a new way to support the blog and interact with my friends and I!

It costs me about $400 a year to host this blog along with special plug-ins and other costs. In the past I’ve asked for donations but there wasn’t much I could offer. Last year I paid for everything myself. This year I am trying something different. Patreon!

I’ve launched a Patreon site with multiple support levels.  Head on over to check it out and help support this wonderful social community!

Thank you!


ffxiv_dx11 2020-04-13 14-56-36

Used by Mistress

She dragged me to the alley behind her house and forced herself on me.

Having pretty much given up on love, I’ve rejected all notions of having a special someone in my life.  Instead I’ve turned to a life of servitude. I expect to be used and discarded now. Such was the case with mistress. She dragged me to the alley behind her house and forced herself on me.

She filled my pussy with her warm semen then left me.  I bit my lip and smirked. It kinda felt good to be used and discarded knowing that was what was bound to happen up front. No false expectations. No hopes shattered. Just used and tossed out.

This is my life now.

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