Mina’s Return

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I arrived home for the first time in months. Arriving in Limsa, I filled out my docking papers and decided to go have a drink. I wondered if anyone I knew would be around anymore.

I took the elevator up to the Drowning Wench and upon reaching the bar, I thought I saw a familiar face…

I walked closer to make sure…

Sure enough, it was Anni! My Anni! I hadn’t seen her since I left… forced to leave…

I called out to her. She turned, shocked and surprised to see me…

Both so excited to see one another, we hugged immediately and starting talking at the same time…
I smiled, pulling her close. I brushed some stray hairs out of her face, putting my hand on her cheek.

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It was so nice to see her! I had thought of her every day since leaving her behind so suddenly. I couldn’t help myself…
“Come home with me?”






The Day That I Never Want To End…

Been so busy as of late. Was able to finally get my new armor, making me officially part of the the AstroLab Defense Team. The five of us who pass the tough grooling training, are now all part of a team.

My first post is to patrol the outside of the AstroLab and get to know some of the new recruits and some of the other staff. It is not bad, and quiet enjoyable. The Astrologians are sometimes picky and they seem to want to let you know they know quiet a lot…. and you don’t.

But it is obvious they confused me with someone that would be pushed around.I lectured them, but some of them didn’t really care. Mainly the young adults.

At the end it was a decent duty day, but oh so exhausting. I finally was able get home and was welcomed by my wife and friends. Unfortunately, one of my good friends became ill. She had to go lay down.

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Cute Kitties!

I hung out with Mina, and we had a good, you know girl talk and the sorts. We cut down a lot of trees, hehe but it was fun, unfortunately, she has to head out as well. 

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Group Hug!!

I soon found myself with my wife and we set off to do our adventuring for the day.

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Wife and I Working Hard!

We enjoyed each other company until we both went back home and exhaustion hit us.

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She Is My Soulmate

It was a day that I never wanted to end… but unfortunately it has… but it ended in being my the most favorite place ever…

In the arms of my wife.



Once Done, Now Undone

You may recall the time Psyiah and I drank from a strange potion and were involuntarily transformed into keepers of the moon?  Well, while Psyiah was away, I got curious and drank from it again.  I had no idea what to expect but the fact that Psyiah had found the text she did, made me brave, figuring what ever happened might be able to be undone.

I was transformed back into a Keeper of the Sun, however not all my features were exactly as they were.  My eyes were different, taking on a new shape and color.  My skin took on a more “yellow” color as is genetically common among the sun keepers.  I also noticed my breasts were a bit larger, a change that happened gradually over a week or two.

I was pleasantly surprised by my new body.  I was adorable!

Strange Potions and Bigger Boobs

It started off as a regular evening at the end of the week: we were drinking and in our bikinis.  The ending however?  Unlike anything we had ever experienced!

We were chilling out, in our tub talking about a strange vase. Psyiah had picked it up in the market a few months back.



We discovered there was a liquid inside.  “Should we try it?” we pondered…
There was an inscription on the bottle: “Sun or moon; it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”


After a few moogleberry martinis, we started to get a little silly.


A nice photo of my wife’s boob, because they are awesome!


We had a bit more alcohol, talked about the vase.  After a game of tablet, parchment, shears, it was determined that Psyiah would smell it.  Psyiah took a whiff. “Oh! It’s um, sweet!” She was surprised.  Naturally, having taken the first smell, she made me take the first sip.


It tasted just like it smelled.  It was sweet and fruity.



It made me feel dizzy.


We both staggered about and had a hard time standing.



We both blacked out and collapsed onto the floor.


We woke up a couple hours later, a little disorientated.
Our bodies ached, but other than that we felt fine.


We were a worried at first.  We looked different!




We examined each other.  Our eyes had different pupil shapes.  Our canine teeth were much sharper and larger.  Our skin tones and markings had changed.  Also, it may sound strange, but our boobs felt bigger too!


We had transformed into cute little moon kitties!

You’re My Honey, Honey

While out exploring with my wife, we found a beautiful waterfall and a cabin tucked away in the woods. We splashed around in the water and were silly.


We didn’t come prepared with swimwear. Oh well! 😇




On the cabin door there was a note: Cabin Rental, Honor System: 20k gil per night, 3 night maximum. We are totally going to come back and spend the night. I can’t wait!



I love being intimate and naughty with my wife.  Let’s plan our get-away weekend soon!
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