An Adventurous Night

A few nights ago, Aika did something that I would have never expected. I mean, we talked about it but she was not really sure how she felt about it.

A few weeks ago I asked Aika if she would like to take one of my ‘pills’ and fuck my brains out. She was flattered that I asked her, but she was not really sure how she felt about it. So, I let her think about it. Then, on Friday night she surprised me. She dominated me and… um, made me her cum slut! Oh it was so hot! She fucked me hard and feeling her futa cock inside me felt amazing! It was something she did for me, and I think she liked it too. Here are some pictures of that night. ♥

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-01 01-22-14
Having her cum on my face felt so good… I was such a naughty cum slut…



A Pill A Day…

Dear diary,

It has been such a long time since I have written anything. Been through kind of a dry spell with any kind of real things to write about… but OMG! Do I have something to write down now!!

So, Annimae and me were doing some hunts the other night and she found a crate full of odd items. The hunts led us down to a cavern in U’Ghamaro Mines, Outer La Noscea. Naturally curious kittens such as us, could not help but look around. The crates were filled with some real odd things, must have been items gathered by the Kobolds. Such odd creatures they are.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-08 20-30-49

Annimae found a certain stash of herbs and various alchemy regents. Being a master alchemist, she began to read as much as should could. I could tell her mind was working. She is sooo cute being all scientist-y… wait that is a word, right? Well anyway, she really dug in there and found a small flask that contained pills, and these pills were NOT what I thought they where… oh, how we wrong!

The labeled read something about for ‘human’ consumption and ‘growth’ was within the words. We thought that meant about strength and of the like… NOPE! Well, naturally I volunteered to take them…

As soon as I took the pill, it dissolved in my mouth and for a few seconds nothing really happened. I some weird sensation by my vagina, like…. as if my clit was burning or whatnot. My panties could not contain it, and it just flopped out, but it was so weird… no balls, just a cock.

Oh gods, I was so embarrassed, but it was a bit painful. Felt like my pussy and lower abdomen was in pain… like a burning sensation. The feeling was quickly taken over by extreme arousal. It didn’t help Anni began being curious and touching it. Oh gods… I am just wanting to take another pill now just writing about this…

Anyway, once we both calmed down from the panic, I was quickly wanting Anni… and she did not take long from wanting me to fuck her. Oh gods… it was so hot. It was sooo weird though! A sensation I never felt before… as I slide my cock in her, my clit felt some sort of similar pleasure. Anni laid on her side and she took my cock. Gods, it was as if I was in heat, my mind was unsure what was going on, but my body wanted Anni so much more so than before. Like… as if something was forcing me to get all aroused and wanting to mate.

Soon, we where in multiple positions I was pounding her so hard. The sounds of sex echoed, and I could hear her screams as they bounced off the cavern walls. She begged me to go harder, and I did. Then, I felt like was about to… get this… urinate… but instead, cum came out of my cock! I could feel myself just pumping into her over and over… So much cum, that some of it spilled out from her pussy.

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Such a mess was made, but wow… so hot. Anni looked at me with eyes of desire like never before. I guess she was just hungry for cock, my cock! Anyway… as I finished, my cock went limp and shrunk, until it just went away… as if nothing happened. So odd, but also a giant relief.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-08 22-23-42

Well, that was such an odd day, but wow… I will hold on to these pills for later, hehe. I wonder… I wonder what will happen if I take two….



Dear Diary,

It has been a while since I have posted, but I felt that this was something I needed to share. Annimae as a way with her love for me.
Today I had kind of a rough day and what happened at the AstroLab is not the point, but rather what Anni did for me to forget about my not so great day.

Annimae knows I love anal play, and honestly, when she plays with my anus it sends shivers up and down my body. Almost as if a direct line to my orgasmic pleasure. Last night was no exception. She pleasured me with her tongue anally and got me to have multiple orgasms. She will be making a blog post about the details.

Anni knows how to work me up, especially from nursing from me. How her tongue plays with my piercings and how her mouth suckles on my nipples. Her touch and caressing, her fingering and her love, all of it.

My friends can get me off, they can fuck my pussy, lick me, suck on my clit, and even finger me, but nothing comes close how my wife knows my body. If she wanted to, she could make me cum almost instantly with her loving touch. Annimae is my wife, and she knows how to make this kitten meow!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-03 22-27-44.png


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