Botanist Gets Caught in the Rain

Setting – A Cabin in the Woods

Scenario: A young botanist, Annimae, is out studying and gathering flowers when a sudden rainstorm forces her to take shelter in a nearby cabin.  She believes she is safe until the cabin owner, Psyiah, returns only to think she’s been robbed.  What punishment will Psyiah have for Anni?
Chapter 1

“Wow, look at these lovely purple leaves!  Never have I seen anything like it…. “Anni begins to gather a sample when a heavy rainstorm suddenly moves in, catching her off guard.  “Oh my!  oh no….. I’m getting soaked!”  Anni makes for a nearby cabin and knocks on the door.  When no one answers she opens it and peers inside. “Hello?! anybody home? Huh….it looks like someone has been here recently…. but…. perhaps they stepped out. I should try to dry off my clothes.”
Anni proceeds to get undressed and lays her things about to dry.  “Oh no! My notebooks are all wet too! It’s going to take hours to dry everything out!”
Suddenly footsteps could be heard and some grumbling, “…always, they undermine me… I will show them… just wait…” the voice is angry and short. The handle can be heard being pulled and the strange walks in.
Annimae hears the latch on the door and turns around startled.  She gasps and grabs her nearby shirt, trying to cover herself up. “oh!!”
Psyiah walks in and looks at the candle clearly not focusing on anything else. She seems to be short tempered. “I will show them… they will not mock me!” She hears something but the rain outside seems to cover it. She holds her book, which emanates with dark magic.

Annimae freezes for a moment, afraid of what to do…… she spots a ladder nearby and sneaks over to it, climbing into an upper loft…. “maybe I can hide up here” Anni says to herself.
Psyiah hears some wood creaking loudly behind her and turns around. “Huh?” She looks about but does not see anything. She suddenly notices some clothes. “Hmmm… that’s odd.” She walks closer towards the clothes.

Annimae gasps and is quick to cover her mouth. “Oh gods! She’s going to know someone was here……she’ll look for me!”  ‘shhh Anni be quiet’ Anni thinks to herself.

“Why… these are not my clothes…” Psyiah exclaims.  She looks around, now suspicious. “Who goes there?! Who is in here?!”
Annimae scurries back into the corner and huddles down. “Oh shit……I’m so screwed.”

Psyiah walks about and notices wet foot prints. “I swear… if you are a thief… you will regret it!” She follows the wet foot prints which lead to the ladder.  “I will summon the hells to take you to it!” she scolds the room.
Annimae squeezes herself into the corner, she closes her eyes and holds her breath. ‘please oh please don’t find me…’
Psyiah climbs the ladder. She does it slowly which makes a creaking sound as she passes each step. She gets closer and closer to the top.
Annimae holds her shirt over her breasts, trying to remain covered.  She is shaking in fear.
Psyiah reached the top, she looks over at her bed and then pans to the right to see a female Miqo’te sitting on the floor.

She fully climbs up and stares at the strange woman. “Who the hell are you?! Why are you in my house?!” She snaps. She takes out her book and seems to be readying it’s power.

Annimae stands and backs into the corner.  She stumbles over her words: “I….I was just, I’m not a thief! I was gathering and the rain, a storm, I was set and I…..oh please!  I just wanted to get in out of the rain…I…..I didn’t think anyone was here!”  Anni points to her belongings with one hand, the other holds her shirt up to her chest.  One of Anni’s breasts is half visible.
Psyiah stares at the woman and hears her words. She snaps, “Sile–” she cuts herself off and begins staring at Anni’s cleavage. She finished her word in a lower tone. “–nce….” She closes her book and notices how scared Anni is. She puts away her book and begins her approach towards the woman. “I have very valuable items here… and I do not like liars!”
Annimae begs, “oh I’m so sorry mam, I’m not lying!  I….I’ll leave now!  I’ll gather my stuff and go…. you’ll never see me again, I promise!”  Anni begins to sprint toward the ladder.
Psyiah cuts her off and blocks her way. “I don’t think so!” She snaps and grabs her arm. “How do I know you didn’t already steal something? I will need to…” she looks the woman up and down, seeing her up close and notices how very attractive she is. “…search you.”
Annimae steps back, startled by the woman in front of her. “Sear….search me!? But I’m hardly wearing anything!  I’m not hiding anything I swear!”  Anni attempts to get by the woman again.

Caused by her haste, the shirt she is holding up slips, exposing one of Anni’s breasts.

Psyiah puts out her arms again and grabs the woman’s upper arm. As she does her arm grazes Anni’s exposed breast and pushes her back towards the dresser behind the woman. “You are NOT leaving this house…” she says in a demanding voice.
Annimae falls against the dresser, she lets go of the shirt to catch herself, the shirt falls to the floor.  Anni’s supple breasts juggle about as Anni stumbles.  Anni leans back, supported by her arms.  She is embarrassed and frightened at the same time.

Psyiah notices the woman’s breasts and licks her lips. She jumps the woman. She presses herself up against her and starts to have her hands explore her body. She grabs her breasts, and moves towards her legs. She grunts as she fights to keep the woman overpowered.
Annimae tries to fight against the woman’s aggressiveness but can’t.  She is partially bent over backwards.  “STOP!” She shouts. “HELP!!!!  AAAAAAAAH” Anni screams hoping someone will hear her.  She struggles against the woman but it is no use, the woman has the advantage.
Psyiah presses the woman over the dresser more, having her back towards the top of the dresser and her waist on the edge. She uses this to keep the woman off-balance. Psyiah fights to keep a hold of the woman’s arms and keep her pinned against the dresser. “No one… will help…” she says grunting, “Resisting… won’t do any good!” she snaps with a grunt. She quickly tries to trip the woman, to make her even more off balance, but instead bends her over and pushes her face onto the top of the dresser. This would make her back facing up and towards Psyiah. “Shut up!” she snaps. “You are all alone!”
Annimae grunts as she is tripped up, spun around and her face lands on the top of the dresser.  She immediately puts her hands on the dresser and tries to push herself up. “HELP!!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!”

Psyiah Begins to rip off the woman bottoms. “No one will hear you!” She snaps again. She yanks the panties, and tries to tear them off.
Annimae reaches back with her right hard and tries to hold on her panties.  Her left arm is now under her chest, she is trying to hold herself up while being pushed on from behind.  “Oh gods, please stop!! HELP!!”
Psyiah grunts as she fights the woman to keep her down. “You come to me house… steal my things and you think you can leave without paying for your wrong doings?!” she snaps at the woman. “I will get what I want!” she says. The fighting has made her a bit hot, but she keeps focus. She says an incantation and a glow emanates from Anni’s wrists. Psyiah lets go of the woman’s panties and snaps her finger. The glow on the woman’s wrists now seems to be magical bindings. They pull her wrists up and hold them above the woman’s head.

Annimae struggles as the magical bindings pull her hands together and raise them above her head.  Anni looks up at them and strains, trying to pull her hands free.  “Oh gods……please no…..”
 Psyiah grins and snaps her fingers once more, “you chose the wrong house to enter…” new bindings appear and bind the woman’s ankles.

The bindings are tight, but due to the aether material, they do not cause pain to the wrists or ankles themselves. Psyiah takes a step back and admires her work. “There….” she says panting a bit from the struggles.

Annimae wiggles her hips, trying to free herself but it is no use.  She’s left bound at her wrists and ankles with nothing on put her panties.  A tear forms in one corner of her eye as she begins to realize the situation she is in.

Psyiah takes off her coat and her bra. She pulls down her panties and kicks off her boots. She fully undresses and walks over to her bed. “Oh I have not had a good fucking in a while…. being busy with all this magic… and meetings.” She walks back with what appears to be a strap on dildo. She gets right behind the woman, and yanks her panties down. “Oh my… such a beautiful ass you have…”
Annimae begins to quietly sob while she watches the woman.  She is beginning to accept her fate and is getting tired.  She doesn’t fight as much but she still pleads: “Please mam…. please, you can keep all my things, just let me go…. I wasn’t stealing…. I…..” Anni sniffles, realizing she is about to be raped.  Her body quivers.
Psyiah pulls the panties down until they reach the woman ankles. She kneels down, “I don’t think so…” she says. She begins to lick the woman’s flower and her anus. She licks up and down and all over her ass, and pussy. She begins to indulge herself on this woman’s lady parts.
Annimae gasps as she feels the wet tongue of the woman on her mound.  She squirms, trying to get away, but she can’t move.  Anni can feel a tingle in her loins, her heart is racing.  She moans in anguish as the woman began lick her.
Psyiah keeps licking and beings to grab and massage her butt cheeks. She moans as she enjoys the taste. Her tongue is not gentle as it goes up and down between her mound and anus. She moves one hand towards her mound and moves her thumb to her special button. She begins to rub at a rapid pace as she licks her. “…mmm… you… taste…. so… good…” she says as she licks. “This…. is… such…. a… reward..”
Annimae bites her bottom lip as her clit is touched.  The tingling in her loins grows.    She tries to cover her lady parts by crossing her legs but it’s no use, she can’t move her feet.  She begins to pant.
Psyiah’s tongue moves up and down and she begins to focus on her pussy now. She slides her tongue inside Anni’s flower as she rubs her clit. She moans as the taste starts to overwhelm her. “Oh…. gods…” she says, “You… taste…. so good!” she continues to lick her victim and massage her clit.
Annimae feels her loins getting wetter, but it’s not from the tongue now enjoying her pussy.  Precum begins to collect on Anni’s pussy.  Her lip quivers, tears run from her eyes.  Anni doesn’t have the energy to fight any longer.
Psyiah’s tongue how moves over her clit. She focuses on her clit, the taste of Anni’s sweet precum in her mouth pleases her. She moves her hands to spread her pussy lips open to expose her pink. “Oh gods… I didn’t know I would be fucking such a beautiful kitten….” she says taunting the bound woman. She now wants to punish her. Her licking increases even faster as she wants to edge her. She slides two fingers inside of her pussy to begin to rub her gspot.
Annimae yelps as her tight pussy is forced open by the woman’s fingers.  She gasps when her gspot is found.  Her pussy instantly becomes wetter with more precum.  With her clit and gspot being teased, Anni’s body approaches orgasm quickly.
Psyiah continues to pleasure the woman as she enjoys the taste. Her own pussy becomes wet from the situation. She increases the finger fucking and licking wanting to edge the woman. Psyiah would stop short when she felt Anni about to orgasm.
Annimae let out a sigh when she felt the woman stop.  She almost came but not quite.  Anni, still panting, wiggles her butt, trying to get comfortable but still can’t move.  At least the restraints don’t cause any pain.  Anni can feel her loins tingling and her clit throbbing.
Psyiah stands up and cups her hand over the woman’s pussy. She rubs precum on her hand and puts it on the dildo. She also spits on it. She then spits on the woman’s anus and begins to put pressure on her ass with the tip of the dildo. She slides it in, starting a bit slowly, but moving a bit faster as she pulls out and pushes it back in.

Annimae shivers.  She tries to look over her shoulder but can’t quite see what the woman is up to.  Suddenly Anni feels the pressure on her anus, she yelps” OOOH!” as the tip of the dildo slips in.  She drops her head down, accepting the anal raping she is about to receive.
Psyiah begins to thrust faster as she ass fucks her victim. She slaps her ass as she keeps going.
[Annimae winces in  pain as the dildo is driven into her ass.  She yelps with the spanks she receives.  Her ass cheeks slowly begin to sting.
Psyiah grunts as she fucks her victim. She slaps her ass once more and pulls out from her anus. Without hesitation, she jams the strap-on into her pussy and thrusts as fast and hard as she can. Not having any remorse. “You.. want to… come into… my house…. you… get… punished!” she says as she thrusts. The sound of Psyiah’s crotch hitting the woman’s ass as she fucks her can be heard throughout the house.
Annimae yelps and grunts as her young tender pussy is punished.  The tip of the dildo slams into her cervix causing pain.  “Oh please mam…. please let me go……oh gods please….”  Anni whimpers as her pussy is abused.  The pain mostly overshadows any pleasure she might have felt.
Psyiah pounds the woman’s pussy with the dildo. She grunts in pleasure as the friction is giving her pleasure. She grips the woman’s hips and has her way with her. She moans and grunts as the thrusting gets faster and harder. Precum splashes on her legs as she slams the dildo into her pussy. Her own precum runs down her legs as she is fully aroused from dominating the woman.
Annimae grunts with each thrust, she can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter.  The lubrication has caused some of the pain to go away, Anni begins to feel a bit of pleasure as the dildo slides over her gspot.  She tries to fight back the pleasure feelings but it is no use.  Her body edges close to orgasm once more.
Psyiah grunts and squeals in delight. She slaps her ass once again, and reaches over to her hair and pulls on her pony tail. She thrusts with more violence and grunts louder. Her own pussy is throbbing getting close to orgasm.
Annimae is forced to look up as her hair is pulled on.  Her back arches and she is pulled back onto the dildo with force.  She gasps in surprise as she feels an orgasm right on the edge.  Anni is about to cum, her body begins to shake and her pussy tightens up.
Psyiah grunts and squeals as she feels her own orgasm approach. She goes faster and faster until she reaches her own orgasm. She slams the dildo deep inside of her victims pussy and pulls her hair even more. “You like that..” she grunts at her victim as her orgasm hits her own body and she cums.
Annimae squeals as she orgasms.  Cum floods her pussy and splashes out, displaced by the thrusting dildo.  It runs down her legs and the legs of the woman raping her.  She gasps and her body shakes.  “Oh gods that feel so gooo……” She cuts herself off.  ‘WHAT am I saying!?’ Anni thinks to herself.  She closes her eyes. attempting to hide and push back the pleasure she is feeling from her orgasm.
Psyiah smiles as her thrusting slows. She snaps her fingers which makes the bindings turn Anni’s body around. It makes her back now on the dresser and her chest facing upward. The bonds now attach themselves to the ceiling as the raise the victim’s legs and spreads them. The ones at her wrists remain the same, above her head. Psyiah never pulled out, so the dildo gave pleasure as her body did a circle. She recovered from her orgasm and began to thrust again. She was mesmerized by the woman’s breasts as the as they jiggled as she started to fuck her once more.
Annimae feels a little disorientated as her body is spun around.  She looks up and the ceiling and then glances down at the predator as her legs and forced to spread open.  Anni instantly closes her eyes, not wanting to look at the woman.  Anni could feel her breasts jiggle on her chest.  They were all natural and fairly large.  Anni’s orgasm slowly subsided but her pussy continued to be punished.
Psyiah fixated on her breasts as she continued to thrust. She moved one hand towards the woman’s pussy and she began to rub her clit. She thrusted faster and harder once again, matching her fingering to the same. She grunted as she thrusted.
Annimae panted and let her body move with the thrusts.  As her pussy loosened up, the pain slowly subsided.  She bit her bottom lip when her clit was stimulated again.  She frowned when she felt another orgasm begin to build.
Psyiah, with her other hand, began to fondle her breasts. She pinched her nipples and gave an occasional slap on her breasts. She continued to thrust hard and fast. Her fingering went faster as well. She grunted and moaned, “Oh gods… your breasts… they are… so wonderful…” she said as she kept violating her victim.
’It’s true’ Anni thought to herself.  Her breasts were very firm, mostly all breast tissue, very little fat.  As a result, they stood proud on Anni’s chest.  Anni winced again, her second orgasm was almost there.
Psyiah leaned in and began to bite and suckle on her nipples as she thrusted and fingered her victim. Her actions where faster and with a bit of passion. Although she has done this before, this woman seemed more pure. She enjoyed it oh so much. She moaned as she tasted her breasts.
“Oh shit!” Anni called out as she came again.  She tried to grab onto something with her hands but came up empty.  Cum gushed from her pussy again, spilling down her legs, and making a mess of the dresser and floor.  “OH GODS!!” She yelped again.
Psyiah moaned as she noticed her victim cum. She pulled out quickly and cupped her mouth on her pussy. She began to drink and swallow her nectar. She licked and swallowed moaning with the taste. She flicked her clit with her tongue to keep the orgasm going. She began to move her hands up and down her inner thighs, as if almost wanting to caress her victim.
The warm sensation of Anni’s attacker’s mouth on her pussy was new and softer than the dildo.  Anni’s pussy clenched and squirted out more cum as she continued to orgasm.  She squirmed on the bureau while being pushed to continue cumming.  She struggled to get away but couldn’t go anywhere.
Psyiah kept teasing her victim and now cupped her mouth over her clit. She tugged, suckled, and nibbled on it. She wanted more and demanded it with her actions. She unhooked her strap on and tossed it aside. She kept eating out her victim, moaning as she did.
Annimae panted and gasped with surprise when she felt her loins tighten up, her second orgasm wasn’t over yet and a third had arrived.  She pushed against the magical restraints on her ankles, trying to get her pussy away from her attacker.  “Oh my god! she cried out.  Her body shook and she writhed on the dresser as she came again.  She felt a stream of cum shoot from her pussy.  A feeling she had never experienced before.  She was panting faster now, her heart was racing.  She struggled to catch her breath.  Her body was being “milked” for all its cum.  ‘when will she stop?’ Anni thought to herself.
Psyiah swallowed what she could but she did not let up. She stood backup and with her dildo off, she somewhat mounted her victim. She had one leg over her victim while the other was having her stand up. She pressed her own pussy up against the woman’s and she began to grind up and down, side to side tribbing her victim.
Annimae moaned quietly thought her closed mouth.  The feeling of another pussy on her own was foreign to her, but it felt good.  Anni continued to orgasm with every new and pleasurable feeling she received.  She felt more cum run from her pussy as it was meshed tightly against the woman’s.  ‘I’m just a fuck toy to her…. she’s addicted to my cum and only wants more…’  Anni began to think to herself.  ‘Gods…..what she would do if she found out I am lactating.  I hope she doesn’t find out.’
Psyiah grinded faster and harder putting pressure on both their pussies. She moaned and squealed in delight. One hand moved up to continue to play with the woman’s breasts, and she began to pinch her nipples. She would tug on them and squeeze her breasts. She moaned and kept grinding.
Annimae began to whine like a kitten as a fourth orgasm approached.  Anni had never been fucked like this before.  Her orgasms were strung together in one long chain of pleasure.  Before one ended another began.  The next one would be no different.  Anni lay mostly motionless while being raped.
Psyiah kept grinding faster and harder wanting to feel her victims cum enter her. She grunted and moaned at the woman. “I know you like this…” she said taunting the victim. She mounted her victim as she leaned in again and began sucking on her nipples. She enjoyed how they felt in her mouth and wanted more taste. She began suckling on them.
‘Oh gods no!!!!’ Anni screamed inside her head as she felt milk being drawn from her nipple.  at the same time, Anni came a fourth time.  She gasped and shuddered as she squirted.  Her cum flowed from her pussy and into her attacker’s pussy.  Anni’s cunt pulsed over and over pushing more and more cum from it and into the woman’s.  Anni screeched as her forth orgasm kept going and going.  More cum flowed from her and into the woman.  “OH FUCK!!!”  ‘It’s true…. I am kind of enjoying this’
Psyiah’s eyes widen as she tasted milk. She pulled off the woman and had a face of shock. “Are… are you lactating?!” She asked. The question was rhetorical but she leaned back down to suckle again on her milk. She moaned as the milk coated her mouth. Her pussy felt wonderful as she felt her victim’s fluids enter her. She moaned and kept suckling and grinding. She was starting to become more passionate.
Annimae nodded slightly as a tear ran from one eye.  Her fourth orgasm was winding down, her pussy throbbed.  With a little bit of renewed energy Anni once more tried to pull herself free from her restraints.  She wiggled and tried to get out from under the women.
Psyiah bit down on the woman’s nipple, to cause pain as she felt her wiggle. She stopped grinding and now focused on punishing her for continuing to try and escape.
Annimae yelped in pain.  Anni instinctively tried to pull away more, to escape the pain.  She pulled at the restraints and tried to turn her body away from her attacker.
Psyiah bit harder and slapped her victims pussy. She began to grunt as she tried to hold her down again. She slapped her pussy multiple times, ensuring the sting lasted for a bit.
The sting on her pussy and her throbbing clit made Anni yelp: “Oh fuck!! owe! owe! owe!”  She lay back, on her back, panting.  She turned her head to one side, crying.
Psyiah frowned a bit at her victim, “Why do you keep trying to get away? Just give in… I know you are liking this…” she said again taunting her victim. She went back to suckle on her nipple. She slide her hand back down and began to finger the woman again.
Annimae lay mostly still as her body was once more violated.  Her milk, her precious milk, was being taken from her and her pussy, red, throbbing and abused was once more being toyed with completely for someone else’s pleasure.  Anni lay on her back, not struggling.  She let herself be raped.
Psyiah pulled back from her breasts and mounted the woman again. She began tribbing once more, wanting to cum. She grinded hard and fast moaning and grunting.
Annimae gasped when mounted again. ‘Gods… much more of mu cum will fit inside her pussy!?’  Anni thought to herself. ‘What is she going to do with it? It can’t stay in there…’  Anni closed her own mouth tightly.  She breathed through her nose as she felt her loins tingle once more.
Psyiah grinded faster and harder feeling her own orgasm approach as well. She moaned and grunted. “Oh..gods… this… you.. feel… amazing…” she said as she grinded.*
Annimae moaned as her fifth orgasm approached.  She could feel her loins begin to contract as the woman rubbed their pussies together.  Anni’s breasts continued to jiggle on her chest.
Psyiah panted and moaned as her orgasm was about to arrive. She held it in, and tightened her pussy closed as much as she could. She kept grinding squealing with her mouth closed as she held back her orgasm as much as she could.
Annimae gasped for air, opening her mouth, her 5th orgasm was nearly there and she couldn’t get enough air through her nose.  Her pussy throbbed and her clit was hard.
Psyiah grinded as fast and as hard as she could feeling her victims body seem to get close to orgasm. She grunted under her breath as she kept going.
Annimae yelled out and came for the 5th time that night.  Anni wasn’t sure where it came from but more cum squirted from her pussy.  She could feel her clit throbbing as it rubbed against her attacker’s clit.  “Oh gods!!”
Psyiah felt her victim up and felt the jucies enter her own pussy. She could not hold back any more and quickly dismounted her. She moved her pussy over the woman’s face and grabbed Anni’s jaw, forcing it open.  She squatted down over her mouth. She quickly rubbed her own pussy and took no time to cum. All the juices that were left from before came rushing out as her own cum pushed it all out. She yelled out in pleasure as she did, bracing herself and losing control of the spell binding her victim. First her ankles came loose, then her wrists.
Annimae was stunned as the rapist sat down on her face, pressing her pussy onto her mouth.  Anni tried to turn to the side but could not, her head was stuck between the woman’s legs.  Her eyes got big as she realized what she feared was about to happen.  She could feel the woman masturbate and could feel her labia throb rapidly.  Just then, on her lips, Anni felt the woman’s labia spread and a gush of warm thick cum flowed into her mouth.  Anni swallowed, then inhaled, drawing cum into her lungs.  She choked and gaged.  Anni thrashed around wildly but to no avail.  She swallowed more and tried to regain her composure as her lungs rejected cum back into her mouth.  Anni swallowed over and over, taking the thick fluids in.  She writhed under her victim as cum continued to flow into her mouth.
Psyiah moaned loudly and panted as her orgasm drained her fully. The orgasm was intense but short. She panted and tried to catch her breath. She leaned on the dresser, but quickly lost her grip and tumbled forward. With that, all the spells power over the bindings where gone.
Annimae swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth and gasped as she watched her attacker slip and fall.  Looked down at the woman on the floor and tried to get up. ‘Now’s my chance!’  Anni thought.  She slid off the bureau and tried to stand.  Her legs were weak and she fell to the floor.  She blinked, her vision hazy from the cum in her eyes.  She closed her eyes and blacked out.
Psyiah tried to get up, but the fall seemed to have done a number on her head. She pushed herself up and looked at her victim. She grinned and tried to crawl to her, but due to the exhaustion, her arms gave out and she collapsed. Her vision a bit doubled she closed her eyes.
Anni broke character and sat up.  “HOLY CRAP that was a lot of cum!” Anni exclaimed, giggling* Gods….I don’t know why I like being dominated so much…but wow, that was fun!
Psyiah sat up and rubbed her head. She giggled as she broke character. “I’d say… honey my pussy is sore!” She said in a cute way, as she gently rubbed her own pussy.
Awe….you poor thing…. come baby…. come lay on this bed.  Anni helped Psyiah up and walked with her to the bed.
Psyiah sat down, and laid on the bed. She smiled and opened up her arms to receive her wife.
Anni winked at her wife and climbed onto her, in a 69 position.  Gently Anni began to kiss and clean Psyiah’s pussy.  She avoided stimulating Psyiah’s clit but was all too thorough.  “I think we should just sleep here tonight”  Anni suggested while licking Psyiah’s labia.
Psyiah moaned at Anni. “Really? here? but…” she giggled and bit her lower lip at Anni as she felt her tongue on her. She returned the favor by cleaning up her pussy as well. Trying to avoid stimulation, but she did it in such a way to show how much she cared for Anni.
Annimae gently Anni licked up the residual cum that leaked from Psyiah’s pussy.  At the same time Anni clenched her abdomen, pushing out any leftover cum in her own pussy.  Anni lay quietly on her wife, licking, cleaning and kissing.  “Mmmhmm lets stay here…. lets sleep in this stranger’s bed, and stay naked.  I want to hold you tight.
Psyiah smiled and did the same to her wife’s pussy. She nodded and agreed. “Okay my love. Let’s stay here and enjoy the full adventure!” She giggled slightly and enjoyed the idea of being in a stranger’s house.
Annimae paused for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her wife’s mouth on her pussy.  Slowly Anni turned around and lay beside her wife.  “I love you kitten.  Thank you for raping me tonight.”  Anni giggled at her own words.
Psyiah blushes at Anni’s words and nuzzled into her neck. Although she enjoyed the roleplay, it was weird saying it out loud. She kept blushing and kisses Anni’s neck. “I love you too baby.
It wasn’t long and Anni was fast asleep, in the arms of the one kitten she trusted more than anyone.
Psyiah smiled as she heard her wife drift to sleep. She hugged her wife for a bit and purred. “You are mine… and I will always be with you.. good night my sweet.” She whispered as she too found herself asleep.

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