In The Wild

Some pictures that where taken while I was out in the wild. Enjoy~

I found a nice spot to go skinny dipping

But soon found someone peeping~

Decided to ignore them and just wash myself, but found one of my pills made it into my mouth…

I could not resist but to touch myself. It was such a nice quiet evening, and I really enjoyed it.


What Is In A Tail…

This is a late post, but I just have to talk about it…

A few Friday nights ago I encountered something else…. As I moved into new territory. Everything happened fast and with passion.

I went over to my friends house that night and I discovered something new: An obsession with a tail. See, Anni and I have tails to, but they are fluffy or have fur on them. They are fun to tease others with, but nothing what this tail can.

This tail has scales, but also soft. I can feel it pulse as blood flows through it, I can feel it get excited as it throbs in excitement, and I can feel it wiggle its tip as it enters me.

I was in the tub and I found Anni and her master talking and I can smell in the air the sex that was had before. I don’t know why, but it is such a turn on knowing when someone has had sex where I stand. I think it is the voyeur in me.

I was offered my crushes tail, and I did not really know what to say, other than try it. Anni allowed me to experiment with her master, on a different level. With wine in my system, and feeling very horny, I just let go and acted on my sexual instincts. It was very hot. My crush put her tail between her legs and she straddled it. The sight made me blush, it was as if she grew a… Oh my.

I was drawn by its size and all the stories I kept hearing about it from Anni made me want it more. It just stood there, erect and teasing me. I opened my mouth and let it slide in my open and wanting mouth. The taste had some flavour left over from my wife, as her taste is obvious to me. I just sucked and placed my hand on it. I began to stroke as I sucked, and suddenly, my lust just took over.

I began to deep throat her tail! I just rammed it to the back of my throat and just let is slide in. It was as if she was throat fucking me with it. Gods, I am getting horny just typing this!! I slobbered all over her tail, as I gagged trying to push deeper into my mouth. I coughed but kept at it. It felt so good. It wiggled as I pleasured it. I looked up at my crushes eyes as I gave her tail oral pleasure. I blushed and could not believe what I was doing. I could not stop, I wanted more.

Eventually I got up out of the tub and felt myself so wet! Gods… I am so hot right now… just thinking of sucking on that tail… I could do that all day! Okay, phew.. focus Psy.. focus. Right, so I mounted her. Her tail stood straight up, 10 inches high! Gods it felt so good sliding in me. I felt it hit my cervix as I took most of it. Then, I felt her tip wiggle in me!! Oh gods I almost instantly came! My lust for her and her tail grew at a rapid pace. I felt her grab my ass and I began to ride that hard tail up and down, faster and faster. Moaning and panting as the sex was getting more and more intense. I looked back at Anni and she blushed and smiled at me. I pressed my breasts up on her face, she licked and kissed them as I rode her.

She picked me up with ease and placed me on all fours, I was bent over and she just pounded my pussy with her tail. I groaned and moaned sexually as I wanted more of her in me. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as her tail fucked my pussy. All you could hear is our skin smacking in her house. Just the loud sexual sound of her hips hitting my round ass as hard as she can go. I lowered my upper body and arched my back. She gripped my waist even more and her dominance over my pussy was so wanted. Gods, I am so wet right now thinking about this… She ended up at some point in the night of teasing my anus. Gods… I am such a dirty girl!

Eventually I came, and squirted hard. The rest of the night became fuzzy as the wine in me has the rest of the night in a blur. But gods… my pussy felt a bit sore the next day, but oh so worth it. I look forward on her fucking me again like that. Maybe one day I can get both Anni and her to fuck both my holes… and maybe even someone else can fuck my mouth…


Being Owned: Masters House

So as today was not that great day, but it did end up being a bit better. It started with Anni’s master and me, and we went on an adventure to take kick some butt in a dungeon! It was fun! Soon after I found myself with some fun voyeurism as I watched Anni and her master… get hot and bothered. It was so hot. I am sure Anni will post about it later :p  Then my master and me went to go kick some butt! It was fun and very entertaining!

OH, oh oh!! I asked my master if I could stay with her for the evening, and she was more than happy to have me. Not only that, I… I was bold and asked her if I could… move in. She was excited about the idea and agreed to take it into serious consideration.

So, naturally, I went on a selfie obsession picture taking adventure in my master’s home! The camera and me really clicked!

*Giggles at her own joke*

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I love her books, and her table. Naturally I had to dance on it! Hehe.

I found some wrists straps and a blindfold, so naturally I took some more pictures.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 21-57-16

A few more naughty pictures.

It was fun to enjoy her pretty house.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 22-08-18

Well that is it for me. Good night Hydaelyn!♥


Being Owned: A Special Someone

Okay, wait a minute… no I am not having issues with Annimae… actually the complete opposite. My love has grown for her so much, it feels as if nothing can break it. With that it comes to be a new chapter in our lives. She gained a new special someone, and you can read about her post here, and so have I.

I will not be addressing her by her name, but rather only by who she is to me… my Master.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Master?!” Yup, I am officially owned by another person, but rest assured, I am still married to Annimae and I am still deeply in love with her. My ‘Master’ recently expressed her feeling to me and wanted to own me. It was after a trial, (which I can go into detail  later) that I fully accepted and was collared by her.

Well that is all for now, but stay tuned as I will be making more posts to catch up on the exciting times that have passed in these few days.


New Toy and Anal Play

After a day of sexting back and fourth, Psyiah had a little fun last night. She brought home a new string of anal beads. My kitty loves anal play. I can’t say I mind! She has such a nice round ass. We both stripped down naked, she got down on the floor in front of me, on her hands and knees. Well, she was really laying her head on the floor but her ass was up in the air. I took a peek at her lovely pussy, it was already damp, it anticipated the play time ahead. I slowly massaged her round, firm ass cheeks and gently pulled them apart, exposing her tight little ass hole. I applied a dab of lotion and began to loosen her up with one finger. She was as hot as you could imagine. She immediately began moaning. I ran the string of six beads over her wet pussy then began to work the first bead, also the smallest one, into her cute anus. She had her first orgasm. I could feel her body shiver and hear her moan. Gently I worked in the second bead. It was a little bigger than the first. Then I pulled it out, leaving only the first bead in her. Toying with her butt was making me hot. My loins began to tingle. I would push the second and third beads into her anus and watch it close up behind each one. She moaned each time a new bead entered her. Her first orgasm never really ended. She was riding a wave of pleasure. Soon she came again. Now she was wet enough that it was running down her legs. This excited me, I could feel my clit throbbing.

I continued to push in the forth and still larger bead. Her claws scraped at the wood floor. Her pleasure was peaking yet again. Her body shook and cum ran down her legs. I continued to tease her and slowly pulled the fourth bead back out. I watched as her anus slowly stretched and the 4th bead popped out. Psyiah’s fists clenched up due to the pleasure. I applied more lotion. I did not want to hurt my kitten. I wanted this anal play to be as pleasurable as possible. Slowly I pushed the fourth bead back in and began to work the fifth bead in behind it. Psyiah’s anus was forced open once more as the fifth bead entered her. I tugged on the toy, gently, as if to pull the beads out but I did not. I pulled just hard enough to apply pressure to her anus and give her pleasure. She gasped and moaned and came again. This time she squirted. I could hear her juices spray onto the floor. She howled and panted as she orgasmed. I paused and rubbed her ass cheeks, letting her enjoy her orgasm. There was one last bead remaining. And it was the largest one. I gently wiggled it around and worked it into Psyiah’s anus. I watched her hole stretch more than it had that night and let the bead pass into her. My legs quivered as I came. The excitement of watching Psyiah had gotten to me and made me orgasm. My juices ran down my legs as I continued to gaze upon my kitty.

The sixth and final bead slipped into Psyiah and her hole puckered up behind it. She yelped in pleasure and began orgasming again. More cum squirted from her. She got weak and slid forward. Her hips dropped to the floor. I was still holding onto the ring, on the end of the toy. As her hips dropped to the floor I inadvertently pulled four of the beads out of her ass. The unintentional stimulation pushed Psyiah along. I watched her pussy throb and squirt out cum from between her spread legs. I let go of the toy and got down on the floor beside her. I gave her a kiss and made sure she was ok. She had an enormous grin on her face and kissed me back. She loved the new toy and the cum on the floor was a testament to it. I reached back and pulled the last two beads from her anus then gently guided her over onto her back. I climbed on top of her and kissed her and told her how wonderful she was and how much fun having sex with her was.

So yea, the toy was a huge success. Psyiah loved it and I was totally turned on while playing with her ass. We will be doing this again sometime I am sure of that!

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