Used by Mistress

She dragged me to the alley behind her house and forced herself on me.

Having pretty much given up on love, I’ve rejected all notions of having a special someone in my life.  Instead I’ve turned to a life of servitude. I expect to be used and discarded now. Such was the case with mistress. She dragged me to the alley behind her house and forced herself on me.

She filled my pussy with her warm semen then left me.  I bit my lip and smirked. It kinda felt good to be used and discarded knowing that was what was bound to happen up front. No false expectations. No hopes shattered. Just used and tossed out.

This is my life now.

Beaten and Used

My body does not belong to me any more, once I was collared, I gave up my body to my owner.  Tonight she came home frustrated and used me the way a good slave should be used.

First she bent me over and beat me.  She struck my ass and pussy over and over until they stung.  She was taking out her anger on me.

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Then she said she wanted sex.  I told her I wasn’t in the mood but it didn’t matter.  She forced herself on me and had sex with me any way.  I was obedient and let her have her way with me.  She forced me to cum multiple times including squirting all over her chest.

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Master thanked me for being so obedient and gave me cuddles.

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She nursed off me, drinking all my milk.  She knew my breasts hurt and took care of me.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-04 18-35-33

This body I am in belongs to her.  I give it to her for her use and her pleasure.  It brings me joy to know she looks to this body to fulfill her needs.

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