A Surprise Engagement

Hi everyone Allie here! This is long over due…. Anni and I have been having so much fun together, I just couldn’t get around to making a proper engagement post. Well its finally here, enjoy!


I had been planning it for a while now since me and Anni had gotten together only recently i thought to myself “maybe its too soon?” or “Am I maybe rushing things?” but in my heart i knew i wanted more than to just be one of Anni’s girlfriends, i wanted to become her wife, to stand by her side as her partner and to support her through life!
Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter with happiness!

So i had already booked a private cabin in the Outer la Noscea area that has its own hot spring outside it and all was prepared, the final task? getting Anni there.

So as Anni and I sat down together that evening for a drink and meal I brought up that I had a secret location that I would love to take Anni to, a place close to my heart where I always loved to visit alone.

Fortunately Anni loved the idea to see a location that was special to me, saying how she wants to see and learn of the things that i hold dear and special, if only she knew that she had become the most dear and special thing to me.

Wasting no time we set off from our home in the mist’s to travel to the cabin but first we decided to stop in Costa del Sol to catch the stars coming out, then again the only stars i saw were in the eyes of my beloved Anni as we shared a loving embrace and kiss.

After sharing this loving moment together my heart was beating like crazy my love for Anni going out of control I almost popped the question there and then! but i held back as we decided to finally head to our destination, taking in one of the sights as we arrived in outer la noscea and moved closer to the cabin the nervousness growing the closer we got.


With the Cabin now in sight we stepped down from my chocobo letting her run off and explore on her own as me and Anni looked upon the place we will be staying for the next couple of days, Anni told me this is a place she loved to come to also, maybe this was a sign that i was correct in what I had planned? here’s hoping so!

As we had arrived at such a early hour of the morning both being tired we decided to head into the cabin, the nervousness was really building up inside me as we stepped inside the cabin and looked around, i knew it had to be now i had the pop the question and propose to her!
So i stopped her in the middle of the cabin and held one of her hands tightly as I looked deep into her eyes, I did see a small sign of worry on her face maybe she noticed my constant nervousness tonight but that looks on her face vanished as i slowly lowered down onto one knee and spoke the words I had been holding inside all day. “Anni… Will you Marry me?” my world froze as I finished this sentence, I had finally said the words I had always wished to one day say to Anni since the day i met her and fell in love with her.

Now all I waited for was her response, even though it only took her a few seconds to respond it felt like an eternity my mind going over and over again “what if she rejected me?” but after I heard the words from Anni’s mouth with the happiest look I’d seen on her face since meeting her as she said “yes Allie.. I’d love to marry you…” I quickly stood up and embraced her, holding my now bride-to-be in my arms I was so happy I was almost on the verge of tears from pure joy, we ended this moment and night with one final kiss not hungry for sex but hungry for the love and affection as we had finally moved a step closer to being married.

First Meeting’s and Blooming Feeling’s

Hi everyone before I begin let me introduce myself, my name is Alleria Duskclaw I am a young miqo’te from the moon tribes, raised in Ishgard after being found alone, then ventured off to gridania where I’ve lived while adventuring and its a pleasure to be here!

Now that I’ve introduced myself let me tell you about my wonderful night tonight.

I’ve always been a fan of Annimae and I had the luck of finding a time where she was looking for some company so I jumped at the chance to finally meet her!

I travelled straight to exodus and awaited her in the centre of Limsa lominsa, There were large crowds of people around but the moment I saw her my heart shot into my throat, she was so beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off her, I was worried I’d scare her off!

We both greeted each other and stood to talk a little before we had the idea to go somewhere more private to relax and converse, Annimae led me to Kugane but not before making a stop in the ruby sea to catch a beautiful Sunset together.


After arriving in Kugane we stopped for a quick meal in the nearby restaurant in the Kugane Tower and Annimae wanted to make a stop to buy some supplies. Annimae then decided we should go to the hot spring so she helped guide me along the frightful roof tops to a hot spring a top the inn, it has such a lovely view of the city but my eyes focused on her.

Nervously we both hid to undress closing our eyes as we both entered the hot spring, there we sat and talked and had such a wonderful time, though i wanted something more, I had Anni close her eyes for me as I guided her hand under the water between my legs, what I didn’t expect was her reaction, she cried.

Asking me if all I wanted was sex and it was the only reason I came here, then I realised in my heart, no I wanted more I wanted not just her body but her heart also so I gently embraced her from behind.

I spoke my feelings to Annimae knowing her stance on love but I wasn’t rejected.. instead she told me why she’d given up on love somehow I’d managed to allow her to trust me with her heart and love, we kissed and had a small moment of passion in the hot spring, before we climbed out to get dressed. I’ve told Anni I want to see her more and she’s agreed! I really can’t wait to see her more and more!

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