Happy Valentine’s Day

Blanche & Anni spend a quiet Valentine’d Day together.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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Annimae and I have been busy with life, adjusting to my transformation…but we have a stronger bond than ever and cherish each other like never before.

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This year’s Valentine’s day was very relaxed and intimate. There’s nothing like spending the day intertwined with your soulmate.

A Whole New World

In a swirl of ǽther, my unconscious body had been lowered from the heavens to the ground.

In a swirl of ǽther, my unconscious body had been lowered from the heavens to the ground. I was stirred awake only by the gentle chirping of crickets and frogs nearby.

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I felt like I had slept for days and my body tingled as I stirred.  Something poked me in the back, a stick.  I was laying on the bare ground. As I shifted the evening air kissed any exposed skin it found: my arms, face and feet.

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I sat up, my vision was blurred. I rubbed my eyes in an effort to clear the fog. A fire pit was nearby though there was no sign of a recent fire. Dried leaves and an empty bottle of mead indicated it had been quite some time since the pit had been used. But why was I there? What had happened to me? I sat quietly, hands in my lap, as thoughts raced through my head.

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I stumbled as I stood up. My head pounded and I felt dizzy.  I felt as if I might fall over. Clearly I had stood up too fast.  I put my head in my hands trying to regain my composure.

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I looked around in a bit of a panic, as I realized I was alone and not wearing familiar clothes.  Was I even in the Eorzea any more? The landscape certainly wasn’t familiar.

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I looked around for anything familiar. Nothing. My heart pounded in my chest as worry took over, overshadowing my throbbing headache.  I recalled talking with Tataru at the base of the Crystal Tower. There was a portal. Yes! A portal!  Had I gone through it?

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I looked to the ground.  I felt strange. Taller. I lifted my gown a bit. My legs were really long.  I gazed upon myself. I reached for my tail and looked behind me. It was gone! My ears twitched. I recall feeling them, on top of my head. I reached up to where they should have been and felt nothing. As my hands moved to the top of my head I quickly discovered I had bunny ears! My Miqo’te ears and tail were completely gone.  Suddenly I realized: I MUST have gone through the portal after all.  Was I in fact in the First? Why was I a Viera? “Tataru!” I called out. Nothing.

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I was alone. I panicked again, not knowing where to go or who to look for. “Annimae!” Again: silence. I truly was alone.

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I set off on foot. I had to find someone or something. A city, a town, a village. Anything. Anyone who could tell me where I was. When I was.  I needed to find my Anni kitty…

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I could see a blue glow in the distance. I decided to head in that direction.  I stumbled a bit as I walked.  I was thirsty and tired.  My headache was fading now. Getting up and moving helped a lot.

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I approached the tower in awe. It looked very similar to the Crystal Tower but I knew it wasn’t.  “I must be in the First!” I told myself.

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The view was absolutely amazing. The wrought iron framed buildings with clouded blue glass walls were breathtaking.  The tower stood paramount over the city. Majestically glowing.

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I entered the city quickly. My need for sustenance and answers was trumped only by the loss I felt in my heart. I needed my Anni.

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Wedding Day

Une magnifique journée.

The sun was out, the birds were singing and a warm breeze kicked up Anni’s veil. It was a perfect day. Not because of the aforementioned setting but because of the love which brought two Miqo’te together.

Tears of joy formed in Blanche’s eyes as she looked at the beautiful kitten beside her. She would find no one more loyal and more committed than Anni.

Anni smiled and looked over at her fiancé. Anni’s heart was pounding in her chest; seeing Blanche so happy brought her own tears of joy to Anni’s eyes.

“I vow to carry you,” Blanche began, “to love you, even to raise you from dying in ze bad puddles of stuff I told you to avoid…” Anni giggled and looked deep into Blanche’s eyes. “But more seriously, meeting you was just the light I needed in my life. We will live a life of wonderful adventures together and I swear to protect you with my life and always give the best of myself.”

Blanche gently slid the ring she painstakingly crafted onto Anni’s trembling finger.

Anni spoke softly, her voice trembled nervously, “At one point, while we were dating, you asked me: “Where have you been all my life?” Many people chuckle at the rhetoric, it is an interesting thought to ponder. I paused for only a moment, looked into your beautiful eyes and answered.

You see, you came into my life at the perfect moment.  Or should I say: I came into your life at the perfect moment.  Up until that moment, I wasn’t ready for you. I was not yet good enough for you.

You are an amazing woman, a woman who deserves more than just a mate. I had to learn from my mistakes. I had to grow as a woman. I had to become more than I was. Until I did, I did not deserve you.

I can’t express enough just how amazing you are. You’re smart and funny and so very caring. You are perfect in every way: perfect for me. I only hope I can be perfect for you.

As we begin a new life together, I make you this promise: I will be the best I can be for you. You truly make me want to be a better kitty for you.

I love you Blanche DeLioncourt. And I always will.”

Anni wiped a tear from her own cheek, with the back of her hand before slipping a ring, which she also meticulously crafted herself, onto Blanche’s finger.

Blessings on the newly weds!




Anni keeps her forehead against Blanche’s. She bites her lip as she feels the gentle touch of fingers moving closer to her loins.

Blanche stretches her whole body after a long night mining in the Coerthas Western Highland with Anni. Blanche points to a hotspring not too far from their mining point

“Oh Boy I could use a dip in that hotspring over there…”

Anni twists and stretches.

“I like your thinking! My muscles sure could use a nice soak.”

Blanche walks over to the pond and tries the water with her hand.

“Ohhh it’s so hot!…”

She looks over her shoulder at Anni and slowly starts to undress with a little grin on her face.

Anni clicks off the light on her helmet and places it on a nearby rock.

“Mmmm good! I can’t wait to step in.”

She pulls an elastic from her hair, letting it down, just then she notices Blanche shimmying out of her pants. Blanche takes the rest of her clothes off and walks into the warm water with only her panties on Brrr… It is still cold outside the water…Blanche warps her arms around her cold breasts, nipples now hard from the cold wind. Anni subconsciously reacts by undressing faster. She too opts to leave her panties on. She hops quickly through the snow, supporting her own breasts with her hands, and steps in. She reaches out one hand for Blanche. Oh! So hot! Blanche turns around to see Anni already hitting down on her legs in he warm water. Blanche let go of her breasts and show her everything to Anni.

“Like what you see?…” Blanche stares down at Anni with a loving smile

Anni shuffles over to Blanche and hugs onto her, their bare breasts squishing into each other.

” Brrrrrrr I do!” Anni giggles, looks up at her fiance and smiles, puckering up her lips.

Blanche takes the both of us in the water and kisses Anni deeply and lovingly I love you so much kitty…

Anni slips down in to the water, sitting in Blanche’s lap. I love you too sweetie. I’m a very lucky kitten to have you in my life.

Blanche smiles and kiss Anni again with all the love for the kitty sitting on her lap. She runs her hands on Anni’s thighs and lower back pressing hard yet to massage her sore muscles and yet with a hidden desire behind

Anni places her hands on Blanche’s hips. She closes her eyes as Blanche massages her.

“Mmmmm baby…that feels so good.”

Anni smiles, keeping her eyes closed. Her nipples are still hard from the cool air and occasionally rub against Blanches.

Blanche rest her head on Anni’s and move her right hand near Anni’s inner thighs, teasing her way to her warm center

Anni keeps her forehead against Blanche’s. She bites her lip as she feels the gentle touch of fingers moving closer to her loins. Her little clit would grow harder in anticipation. Anni let out a little whimper of desire.

” Moaning already now are we?… Hum.. You know.. Ive never done that outside before..pleasuring a sexy little kitty like you in the wide open.”

Blanche’s fingers spreads Anni’s labia and starts rubbing.

Anni opens her eyes and stares up at Blanche, quiet as a mouse as Blanche spreads her open and begins playing. Anni slides one of her own hands off Blanche’s thigh. Her thumb quickly finds Blanche’s little button and begins to delicately rub it.

Blanche sits up on her knees and pulls Anni up with her. She holds her close to her with her left hand as her right one goes back to pleasuring the love of her life in front of her..kissing her with an indescribable need.

Anni presses her lips into Blanche’s, kissing her deeply and lustfully. She moans into the kiss and continues to pleasure her lover.

“Mmmm..stand up babygirl I wanna eat your pussy in plain sight”

Anni nips at Blanche’s lip before standing up, her legs slightly spread.

“Gods, you are a naughty girl….. I LOVE IT! Hehe ” Anni says

Anni reaches down and pets Blanche.

Blanche beams at being praised and get to work on her lover’s warmed up pussy with her mouth. She looks up and sees goosebumps on Anni’s skin and her beautiful hard nipples…How can I be so lucky…Blanche thinks

Anni’s body shivers in the cold air, but somehow she doesn’t feel cold. Her nipples get very hard and erect. The warm tongue between her legs laps at her, hungry for the prize.

“Ooooooh gods baby…your mouth feels so good…”

Anni puts her hands on the back of her own head and looks to the sky as Blanche eats her out.

Blanche eats and licks Anni’s pussy moaning. She brings her hand up and insert one then two fingers inside Anni’s tight little pussy. Fuck I wanna make her come all over my mouth so bad

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