Reflections & New Beginnings

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Anni and Mina sat on the Amaro Launch, overlooking the Baldaquin, enjoying the sunset and catching up. It was a quiet, peaceful evening. Hints of romance were in the air.  A warm breeze kissed their skin and the soft buzz of the city grew even softer as its citizens turned in for the evening.

<Annimae> So I um… *bites her lip*

Mina beams at Anni.

<Annimae> missed you.

<Mina> I missed you too Anni!

<Annimae> these last few days with you have been really nice

Mina nods to you.

<Mina> they have been

<Annimae> *puts her hand over Mina’s, and smiles warmly*

<Mina> *fiddles with Anni’s hand*

<Mina> slow and steady might be best this time…

<Annimae> *there is a bit of a pause* sorry! I um…. yea, got lost in my thoughts…. but yea, I totally agree. There has been a lot of heartbreak in my life……I don’t need any more.

<Mina> I know I’m the cause of half of it… and I am sorry…

<Annimae> *swallows hard as a frog forms in her throat* yea I…… that hurt a lot but…… yea….lets just take it slow., enjoy each other’s company

<Mina> *feeling like the worst person in the world… nods in agreement*

<Annimae> I’m looking forward to new adventures with you. And with time, the past will fade to be replaced with the new.

<Mina> I sure hope so. I can’t wait to spend more time with you!

<Annimae> *Anni’s eyes water up a little, as joy takes over her. She smiles warmly and looks out over the gorge.* I hear this place is beautiful at night….

<Mina> i don’t need scenery for beauty… *stares into Anni’s eyes, pushes Anni’s hair behind her ear and leans in to slowly kiss her on the lips*

<Annimae> *Bites her lip as a tear rolls down her cheek. She quickly catches it on her finger and wipes it away. Just then she feels her hair move. Her heart nearly stopped as the soft lips of the kitten beside her, met her own.*

<Mina> *mina wipes Anni’s eyes and kisses her nose* It’ll be ok Kitten, you’ll see … in time..

<Annimae> *Anni nods happily and smiles. She leans in for another quick kiss before pulling back and looking into Mina’s eyes.*

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<Mina> you’re so adorable

<Annimae> *Anni giggles softly* weeeelll I think you’re pretty cute too ya know.

<Mina> *mina starts purring*

Mina smirks confidently at you.

<Annimae> *Anni leans her head onto Mina’s shoulder and places on hand on Mina’s lap. She lets out a big sigh as the sun begins to set.*

<Mina> *Mina plays with the base of Anni’s tail slightly*

<Annimae> *Anni begins to purr softly, chills cover her body.* mmmmmmm your hands are so soft.

<Mina> I- I’m sorry kitten. I probably should behave myself…

*Anni closes her eyes.*

<Mina> It’s just been sooo long since I’ve been this close to someone…

<Annimae> mmmhmm hehe Well, one day at a time.  *Anni’s tail pulls free from Mina’s hand, only to find another nearby tail and wrap around it.*

<Mina> I- is this ok….?

<Annimae> mmmm I like this, thank you

<Mina> Anni… I – I um have a question…

<Annimae> yea?

<Mina> Well more of a statement? I’m not sure… *giggles*

<Mina> I want to make love to you… soon. maybe not now, but soon.

<Mina> I never got the chance to when we were dating last year… but it’s been something that’s been on my mind for a long time now.

<Annimae> *Anni freezes. She certainly recalls her history with Mina. Taking her virginity, the rough sex, but love making? To be intimate? Oh now Anni’s heart raced.*

<Mina> *Mina could feel Anni’s heart racing through her tail and smiled.*

<Mina> It’s taking all I have right now to hold back…

<Mina> *Mina runs a finger down Anni’s stomach stopping at the top of her skirt*

<Annimae> *Anni bites her lip and squeezes Mina’s hand.* We need to wait kitten.

<Mina> I know… *mina rolls her eyes with a grin*

<Mina> *Mina leans in and whispers into Anni’s ear* … but it would be so much fun to do it right here… *Mina nips quickly and softly at Anni’s ear*

<Annimae> *Anni giggles and kisses Mina a quick peck.* Being your friend would mean more to me than anything right now, love making will come.

<Annimae> oh look!

<Annimae> the lights…..

<Mina> what lights?

<Annimae> *giggles* there! *turns Mina’s head, with a hand on Mina’s cheek*

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<Mina> The city is very pretty. Nothing like home though.

<Mina> I spent my childhood lying under trees in the flowers

<Mina> I love grass and flowers… ya know? color!

<Annimae> mmmm sounds lovely! hence your insatiable hunger for my decor…. *giggles*

<Mina> yeah…

<Mina> flowers are tasty!

<Annimae> I have to admit, they certainly are!

<Mina> I’ll have you know though… Sky was growing much more than just flowers!

<Mina> She was growing Gaelicatnip too! I don’t know how you didn’t notice!

<Annimae> hrm, I knew I smelt something in the air over there.

<Mina> besides sex?

<Annimae> haha yea

<Annimae> oh jeeze….. *Anni blushes*

<Mina> If you’re not careful I might put a collar on you too…

<Annimae> EEP! Well….. maybe one day.

<Mina> perhaps… if you’re a good kitten

<Annimae> haha oh you…… *Anni gets to stand up. She pulls Mina with her* come…

<Mina> come where?!

<Annimae> *With Mina on her feet, Anni embraces her in a long, tight hug* mmmmmm I needed this.


Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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