A First for Me

Anni feels Zukii throb in her throat and holds it there; her tongue swirls around the shaft…

Ok, so remember Psyiah’s new retainer Zukii?  I mentioned her a couple days ago.  Well she and I met up and had a very nice evening together.  Here is how it all went down:

(Zukii Sashihai) [Text sent to Anni’s PLC] Hey hun, I am just at the tea house, by the back. ♥

(Annimae Nalani) checks her text messages, smiles then replies, [ok!  I’ll be right up! ♥]

(Annimae Nalani) “hello Zukii, how ya doing hun?”

(Zukii Sashihai) looks over and smiles. “Hey! I was just resting a bit. Not too bad. You just missed Psyiah. Seems she needed to head into town for a few things before she meets up with Niku.” She sits up and is topless. “Oh my gods, that outfit looks so cute!”

(Annimae Nalani) “oh! that’s right, she told me they might be meeting up, and thanks! I um, wanted to look good for tonight” Anni blushes a little then sits beside Zukii

(Zukii Sashihai) blushes. “Well you do. I need to get dressed.” She giggles. “Psyiah left a surprise for us inside.”

(Annimae Nalani) “Oh? she did!?!”  Anni appears a little nervous but at the same time she is excited.  “Shall we head inside and take a look?”

(Zukii Sashihai) nods. “Sure sweetie.” Zukii stands up and winks at Anni. She struts over to the Tea House, and walks in.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni stands and follows Zukii, she can’t help but notice Zukii’s firm ass cheeks as they sway while she walks.  Anni bites her lip.

(Zukii Sashihai) “So Psyiah’s gift is the entire staff has prepared a dinner for us here, along with some lotions she managed to buy. Those are for later though…” she blushes at Anni. She stands in her usual shy stance. “So, if you want, you can follow me as I get ready, or you can wait here while I get dressed.”

(Annimae Nalani) “oh what a sweetie she is! If its ok, I’ll follow you.  I could stand to freshen up a little….”

(Zukii Sashihai) nods, “Okay. I noticed your perfume, it is very nice. What is it?” Zukii walks up the stairs talking. She purposely sways her hips.

(Annimae Nalani) “It’s called Diamond.  My owner got that for me a while back.  It’s totally my favorite!  Help yourself if you would like…”  Anni leans over the sink and inspects her own face.  She touches up her lipstick and smiles, her eyes wander off to Zukii, via the mirror, Anni marvels at her smooth complexion and flawless skin.

(Zukii Sashihai) peals her thong off and turns on the water quickly. “I didn’t know you were owned. What is that like?” She quickly steps in, and takes the shower head and washes her body, ignoring her hair. Off to the side is a dress and some boots, clearly, they are for Zukii.

(Annimae Nalani) via the mirror Anni watches Zukii undress, she gets a bit nervous again. “Um you know it’s hard to describe.  It’s like a way of life.  Certainly not for everyone.  I personally enjoyed having someone take care of me like Sky did.”

(Zukii Sashihai) is done with her quick shower and is now facing Anni. She seems to have gotten excited but does not fully realize it. “Hun, can you pass me that towel next to you?” She asks exposing naked self to Anni.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni’s eyes meet Zukii’s eyes as she turns around. “mmhmm sure can” Anni puts away her makeup and picks up the towel.  She notices Zukii’s erection and pauses.  Instead of holding out the towel Anni holds out her hand. “Here, let me help you out.”

(Zukii Sashihai) Zukii smiles and takes Anni’s hand, she takes one step and realizes she is hard. She blushes red, but does not cover up. She walks out and stands on the rug. “Thank you Annimae.” She says with a bit of crackle in her voice, clearly indicting she is nervous.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni holds up the towel and begins to dry Zukii off.  “Sadly, my owner had to go away and I don’t think she will be able to be my owner any longer.”  Anni starts with Zukii’s shoulders and arms.

(Zukii Sashihai) “Oh, but just curious, and don’t mind if I am getting to personal, but…” Zukii’s blush continues. Her nipples become erect. “…What does Psyiah say about that, I mean… from what I understand she is married to you, no?” Zukii asks.

(Annimae Nalani) “he he its ok sweetie.  I’m an open book, ask away.  Yes, Psyiah and I are married.  We are very open about our sexuality and our love of sex.  There isn’t anything we do without the other knowing about it.  Psyiah knows I have an owner and is 100% supportive of it.”  Anni begins to dry down Zukii’s chest, she notices her erect nipples.

(Zukii Sashihai) nods, “Oh…” she blushes some more and bites her lower lip a bit, feeling Anni dry her chest. The excitement is followed her member becoming fully erect, and subtly throbbing. “I.. I see. Well… that… that is kind of hot…” Zukii says in a shy tone. She is clearly getting more nervous.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni dries Zukii’s breasts, as she does she takes a deep breath and tells herself to calm down.  Anni is careful not to catch Zukii’s piercings on the towel. “yea, it totally is Zukii.  When I am with my owner I can completely loose myself in her and just let her take over my body and life.  I find it so freeing to no longer have any responsibilities.”  Anni dries down Zukii’s tummy and gets to her erection.

(Zukii Sashihai) begins to breath a bit heavily. “Oh… that… can be wild… I am sure…” Zukii is clearly feeling the sexual tension in the room. Zukii is trying to focus on the conversation. “Um… and… did you and Psyiah… have sex with Sky… together?” Her blushes fully red. Her body language indicating she is getting more aroused with Anni’s touch.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni nods as she gets down on her knees. “Oh yes, we totally did!  Psyiah and I have sex with our friends quite often to be honest.  I’d say half of our sex includes someone else.”  Anni dries Zukii’s penis then moves between her legs and down her legs.

(Zukii Sashihai) moans a bit as she feels Anni touch her with the towel. Precum leaks a bit. She looks down as Anni continues. “Oh…” Zukii lets out, in a quiet and whimper fashion. “That… that is a lot of sex.” She bites her lower lip, clearly very aroused.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni giggles.  As Anni gets down to Zukii’s ankles she looks up at Zukii.  “We do enjoy sex, that’s for sure.” Anni notices a little bit of precum on the tip of Zukii’s cock, and on her pussy lips.  “May I ask you something Zukii?”

(Zukii Sashihai) takes a deep breath and nods. “Y-yes…” she says in a quiet tone.

(Annimae Nalani) “Well I’ve noticed that you have an erection a lot, like more so that I would expect.  Is that like a side effect of having a pussy and a penis?”  Anni remains on her knees, looking up at Zukii.

(Zukii Sashihai) blushes deeply red and clears her throat. “Um… he he, yeah. It is. See, our insides are a bit unique as they house both parts that are internal as well at the outside. Our pheromones are a bit more intense as our chemical balance sometimes can… well” Points at her erect penis, “As you can see, is a side effect. It happens more often that, like say boys. And we can easily get aroused, or more like produce precum faster than full females.”

(Annimae Nalani) “huh, interesting. I was curious cause you seem to have one almost all the time.  Does it bother you?”  Anni’s eyes go from Zukii’s eyes to her erect penis.  She looks it over curiously.

(Zukii Sashihai) shakes her head. “No… not really. I just… need to take care of it to make it go away.” She says blushes even more as she notices Anni being curious about her cock.

(Annimae Nalani) “Oh.”  Anni pauses for a moment as she thinks about what Zukii just said.  Then it hits her. “OH!! Oh my, i see…”  Anni bites her lip.  “Um. have you ever been with a girl before, like to have sex I mean?” Anni blushes as she attempts to be subtle fails miserably.

(Zukii Sashihai) blushes and giggles. “Yes, and actually… I am very much into girls.” She smiles. More precum leaks out of the tip of her erect, and her labia. “And… um… I like… Miqo’te girls the most.” She blushes even more with the hint she is giving Anni.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni blushes as she hears Zukii’s words, her heart races as she sees the droplet of precum begins to drip from the tip.  Anni shifts nervously and purrs a little.  ‘oh gods, should I lick it off? what should I do.  Anni decides to throw caution into the wind.  She lifts herself up off the floor a bit and gives the very tip of Zukii’s penis a lick, catching the drip of precum.  Anni sits back down and blushes bright red as she now looks up at Zukii.

(Zukii Sashihai) gasps quietly as she felt Anni’s tongue on her tip. Her erect throbbed at the sensation. “Oh… um… I… I… did you… like that…?” she says biting her lower lip and blushing even more. Her heart now pounding and her breath very deep.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smiles up at Zukii, she ponders the flavor and realizes that it was such a small amount she couldn’t really taste it. “Um, I um…. well it was just a drop.  Not much to taste really.”  Anni’s eyes return to Zukii’s erection and she bites her lip.

(Zukii Sashihai) bites her lower lip. The sexual tension rising rapidly in the room. “Do… do you want to… taste more?” she offers but remains still. Her hands now behind her back, resting on her butt. Her erect is harder than she has ever been in front of Anni, giving away her feelings.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smirks and nods a little.  She lifts herself again and kisses the very tip of Zukii’s erection before giving it another lick, this time a bit longer.

(Zukii Sashihai) moans and gasps again. This time a bit louder. “Oh….” she gets out before going back to being silent. Zukii’s breathing intensifying.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni keeps her hands in her lap and gives the underside of Zukii’s penis a couple more licks, coaxing more precum from it. “I think i would like more of a taste.” Anni says, smiling.

(Zukii Sashihai) subtly moves a bit closer to Anni. Her chest rising and falling rapidly. More precum leaking out of her pussy and her dick. “I… I would like… if you… tasted… more…” she says sheepishly.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni sees the precum leak out and this time she puts her lips around the tip then licks the precum off. “mmmm I got a bit more of a taste that time…. I like it.”  Anni puts her lips around the tip again and licks around the head of Zukii’s penis.

(Zukii Sashihai) moans at Anni, she whimpers as she feels Anni’s tongue glide over her head and feels the warmth of her tongue. “I… I like… it too…” she says as she moves her hands over to Anni’s head and begins caressing her ears. “But… I have a confession…” She says in a sheepish tone.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni removes her mouth from Zukii’s penis.”  What’s that hun?”  Anni licks the underside of the hard member as Zukii responds.

(Zukii Sashihai) whimpers and moans as Anni continues to lick her member. “I… I have a… crush… on you…” she says quietly. She gasps and moans as Anni continues to lick her.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni pauses for a moment and smiles up at Zukii.  She says nothing, just winks, then puts her lips around Zukii’s hard cock again.  Anni slides her lips down the shaft just a little bit, thinking about deep throating her owner’s tail and how this is kind of similar.  Anni’s head bobs slightly as she lips tease just the end of Zukii’s penis.

(Zukii Sashihai) moans loudly and whimpers. She can feel precum run down her inner leg. “Oh… Anni…” she moans as Anni teases her tip. She gasps and whimpers in response.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni keeps bobbing her head, going a little further down the shaft.  She begins to gently suck on the throbbing cock and the tip of her tongue runs circles around the head.  Anni gives into her desires and begins to suck dick.

(Zukii Sashihai) gasps and moas at Anni, “Oh yes!” Zukii moans loudly. Her cock throbs as Anni sucks on it. She continues caressing Anni’s ears. Zukii keeps her mouth open as she watches part of her member disappear and reappear. More precum runs down her inner thigh.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni moans quietly as she sucks on Zukii.  She pushes her limits a bit more and goes almost all the way down on Zukii.  Anni closes her eyes and focuses on the feeling and taste of Zukii’s penis.  Moments later Anni forces herself all the way down onto Zukii until her own nose bumps Zukii’s mound.  Anni feels Zukii throb in her throat and holds it there; her tongue swirls around the shaft as Anni keeps the cock deep in her throat.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-04 21-52-58

(Zukii Sashihai) moans louder. She feels Anni deep throat her. She pants and continues to breath heavily. Zukii wants to grab Anni’s hair, but she does not know her so well, so she resists the urge. She whimpers and feels herself getting close.

(Annimae Nalani) After a few moments, Anni begins to bob her head again, running her lips up and down the length of Zukii’s throbbing cock.  She tastes more of Zukii’s precum and swallows.  Anni’s movements become more fluid as she warms up to Zukii and her nervousness goes away.  Anni brings her lips to the tip and sucks on the cock before deep throating it again.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-04 21-52-16

(Zukii Sashihai) moans loudly and whimpers. She feels herself getting close to climax. “A-Anni… I… um… I am… going to…” she whimpers as she tries to hold back, as she warns Anni.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni slides her mouth up and down the throbbing shaft and prepares for…. well she isn’t sure.  Anni doesn’t stop stimulating Zukii, however, she keeps going wanting to taste Zukii for real.  Anni’s ears twitch.

(Zukii Sashihai) moans and whimpers loudly, “I’m gonna… I’m gonna….” she gasps and reaches orgasm. A small bit of cum leaks out of her pussy, and runs down her legs, but a large portion of the cum is rushed into Anni’s mouth. Zukii moans loudly as she orgasms. “ANNI!!” she shouts.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni slows down as she feels semen squirt into her mouth. She swallows it and continues to stimulate Zukii, but not as fast.  She can feel the member pulsing and with each pulse another squirt of semen shoots into Anni’s mouth.  Anni swallows it all and sucks on the throbbing member.

(Zukii Sashihai) moans and whimpers. She begins to try and pull away from Anni, “A… Anni! I… It… you…” she says, her member throbbing even after she finishes cumming. Zukii blushes red.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni lets Zukii pull away and as she does, Anni’s lips run down the shaft of her penis and clean off all the cum.  Anni’s lips close as the tip is withdrawn from her mouth.  Anni smiles and looks up at Zukii, she opens her mouth to show Zukii a mouthful of semen.  Anni swallows it all then open her empty mouth and smiles.

(Zukii Sashihai) braces herself on the partition and gasps from the orgasm. She looks at Anni and pants. “Gods… Anni!” she says with a huge blush on her. Her member quickly loses its erection and a bit of cum leaks out. She tries to speak but can’t seem to get anything out.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smiles and gently grips Zukii’s semi-flaccid penis.  She licks up the remaining cum as it leaks out and stands up. “You were my first Zukii.  I’ve never sucking a cock before.  Thank you.” Anni pauses and smiles. “Now, what was that about dinner?  How about we go eat, naked?”  Anni begins to undress as she smiles at Zukii.

Zukii and I proceeded to enjoy a wonderful meal together.  We talked laughed and got to know each other.  I felt really good talking to her and eventually asked her if she would like to be my girlfriend.

With our bellies full, we retired to the bedroom where we snuggled and fell asleep in each other’s arms.  What an amazing evening!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-04 23-13-43

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-04 23-17-49

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-04 23-18-15

So yea.  I am now dating one of Psyiah’s retainers and I sucked my first cock!  Holy cow, what a night!  Hope you all enjoyed reading about my evening! ♥♥♥

Second Training Session & A Dinner Date

Today has been an amazing day with my owner!

We traversed Bardam’s Mettle together as part of my bard training.  Unfortunately I had a very hard time concentrating and made lots of mistakes.  I was so frustrated with myself.  My owner was not impressed, she took me back home and scolded me then told me to strip naked.  Quietly she retrieved an anal plug and handed it to me, saying nothing.  I took it from her and bent over, slowly working it into my anus with no lube.  I cried a little due to the pain.  Then Sky whipped and beat me with her tail.  Smacking it across my ass and pussy.  She forced me to keep it in as a reminder of what happens when I am disobedient.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 15-00-51

Having satisfactorily endured my punishment, master presented me with a reward.  She took me to the spa where she shared some of her favorite wine with me.  It was very fruity, the reason it is her favorite.

We cuddled a little and enjoyed each other’s company.

Later that night she asked me if I would join her for a romantic dinner.  She appeared nervous as she asked, I’m not sure why, she’s my master.  She could have just ordered me to show up.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 18-55-35.png
Dressed for my date with master

She looked amazing! She let down her hair and did not wear her glasses.  She wore a long silky red dress and had makeup on.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 19-29-40.png
Master looked amazing!

We enjoyed a delicious meal together, the wait staff and chefs really out did themselves.  Master and I chatted about our favorite foods and traveling.  She seemed to open up to me a bit more than I have seen from her.

This was an evening I will not soon forget.  I saw a side of master I have not seen before.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-07 20-38-32
My owner and I on our date



A Most Gentlemanly Gift

We recently received a very generous donation of $100 to our blog from a patron who had already given us a donation before.  Their combined generous gift of $160 absolutely blew our minds!  We were speechless as you can imagine!  So from the hearts of Psyiah and myself, a HUGE thank you.  Last night we took him out to dinner and enjoyed an evening together as a “thank you” for his generosity.

His hope is that his generosity may encourage others to donate.  We are trying to maintain this blog with no ads on it at all.  But that means we have to stoop down to asking for money to help with the costs.  Every little bit helps and we are grateful for each donation.

Here are a few photos from our evening together:

Sushi in the Morning!

We ordered up some sake, warmed, and fresh sashimi. -Click Title to Read More-

Met my sweet Psyiah for brunch in Kugane, at the Shiokaze Hostelry.  It was a pretty quiet morning which gave us plenty of time to just sit and talk.


We were up quite late the night before so a late brunch was just the ticket, after sleeping in!

Psyiah told me a crazy story about a Lalafel that approached her last night,after I had gone to bed.

We ordered up some sake, warmed, and fresh sashimi.

Apparently Psyiah was approached by a Lala, while in Mor Dhona last night.  He or she, Psy wasn’t sure which, kept getting closer and closer to her. Weird!

We talked about the strange Lalas spotted on the beach at the Costa del Sol and their spy glasses.  We talked about Psyiah’s paladin skills and how amazing she is doing.

ffxiv_08202017_131039 D

She is my protector! And cute too! ♥

They did get her order wrong but eventually that was straightened out and we enjoyed our fish, on the house!  Our meals were delicious.  A return visit is in our near future!  Perhaps this is a nice place to bring another couple for dinner sometime?

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