Loving Natsumi

Her eyes are being pulled into Anni’s eyes. She can’t stop looking at her beloved kitten.

Natsumi gives Anni an eskimo kiss as her hands slowly caress Anni’s thighs. “God I love you so much Anni.”

Anni kisses her back and purrs softly.  Just the touch of her hand on Anni’s thigh is enough to send chills down Anni’s spine. She playfully nips at Natsu’s lip and eases her girlfriend onto her back, in the grass. Natsu pulls Anni on top of her and kisses her more and more, she just can’t hold herself back anymore. She wants Anni right now!


Anni kisses her way from Natsu’s mouth, down over her neck to her chest.  She would slowly untie her top to expose her breasts, kissing them and licking the nipples.

“Yes hunny?”

Natsu starts to moan a little as Anni starts to kiss and lick her nipples.

“Someday you will see me in a wedding dress and I will be your wife. I think about it every day and it makes me so happy to just think about me calling you my wife.”

Anni kisses Natsu’s breasts a bit more.

“That will be a very happy day indeed my love.”

Anni kisses her way down to Natsu’s tummy and plays with her little skirt.  She teases for a bit before pulling it down.

“A-Anni…more, please make love with me right now. I want you so badly.”

Natsumi again starts to moan a little louder, she feels how her cock gets fully erected as she feels Anni’s lips on her body. Anni finishes removing Natsu’s skirt to reveal her hard cock.  She kisses around it and licks Natsu’s pussy a few times.  Anni would slip out of her own skirt before climbing up over Natsu to kiss her lips.  She would feel her girlfriend’s cock rubbing on the entrance to her pussy. Natsu moans heavily into the kiss as her hands move onto Anni’s hips. She pushes her sweet kitten all the way down to the base of the cock as she moans louder. She holds her sweetheart down as she swirls her tongue around Anni’s while the cock is twitching lots from the taste of her girlfriend’s saliva. Anni lets out a long soft moan as she eases down onto her girlfriend’s hard cock. She feels it slowly push into the deepest recesses of her womanhood as she locks lips with Natsu again.  Anni’s heart races as they kiss. Natsumi raises her hips up and down, to slowly move her cock around in Anni’s pussy. The tight pussy around her cock and Anni’s soft lips on hers are sending shivers through Natsu’s whole body. Being connected to the person she love so much makes her the happiest kitten right now. Anni rocks forward and back just a little as she moves up and down the length of Natsu’s hard member. She moves slowly and passionately. They continue to kiss, getting lost in each other’s scent and touch. Natsumi enjoys every bit of movement from her girlfriend as she feels the tight pussy massaging her cock. She squeezes Anni’s very soft and beautiful butt as she moves her hips against the other kitten. The only thing that is left inside her head is how much she loves Anni and that she wants to spend her whole life with her. Anni’s little clit throbs with anticipation, her whole body shivers with pleasure.  She can’t help but imagine what life with this beautiful kitten could be like.  Their tongues continue to tango as they move their bodies harmoniously.  Anni can feel her pleasure nearing the peak. Natsu’s cock throbs heavier inside of Anni’s tight pussy. Her body is slowly drowning in pleasure as she’s getting close to filling up her sweet kitten. She even falls deeper in love every single moment she spends with Anni and she’s happy about everything right now. Anni gasps, her whole body trembles and her pussy contracts, gripping the thick, meaty cock buried deep inside her.  Her loins become saturated with love as she feels her very soul sinking into Natsu’s body.

She quivers as everything around her goes black, except Natsumi.  The only thing that matters to her, in that moment. Natsu moves her cock as deep as possible into her girlfriend’s pussy, even entering her womb eagerly right before the first wave of cum shoots directly into the kitten she so much loves. The kiss gets more intense as she exchanges more saliva with Anni. Her cock spurting out wave after wave of hot sticky semen directly into Anni’s deepest place. Natsumi moans into the kiss heavily, not being able to hide how much fun and pleasure she currently has. Anni kisses her girlfriend back with heated pleasure and love. She can feel Natsu throb and pulsate as her cock delivers it load deep within Anni’s body.  Anni’s tongue swirls around inside Natsu’s mouth as they kiss.  She can’t get enough of the kitten beneath her. The mix of cumming inside her lovely kitten and exchanging saliva with her so passionately makes Natsu almost faint. She can’t believe how very lucky she is and that she simply does not deserve so much… Her kitten is just the very best and she can’t stop cumming deep into her more and more. Anni’s excitement and pleasure get away from her as she feels a tingle surge through her body.  She moans and whimpers into the kiss as she feels more of her own fluids fill her pussy and run out.  Her pussy contracts around the pumping cock, which is filling her womb with its semen. Feeling Anni’s pussy even tighter around her cock just makes it twitch and throb even more inside of the kitten. Natsu starts to move her hips slowly up and down to make her love feel even better. It swirls around the semen inside of Anni as she starts to move again. Having Anni moaning and whimpering into the kiss turns Natsu on so much. Anni rocks forward and back, riding the hard cock, milking it for its load. She pulls her lips from Natsumi’s and looks down into her eyes, looks into her soul as she makes love to her. Natsu moans.

“Mmh, Anni…I love you so much. I can’t get enough of you, more give me more Anni! RIDE ME HARDER BABY.”

Her eyes are being pulled into Anni’s eyes. She can’t stop looking at her beloved kitten. Anni smirks and picks up the pace, she pushes down onto Natsu’s cock harder and harder, pulling almost all the way off before pushing down once more. She bites her lip and looks down at her kitten. Natsu can’t stop herself from moaning loudly as she feels Anni’s pussy going so hard on her cock. The way Anni was riding her made her very happy…She felt true bliss as she was looking at her very own girlfriend.

“A-Anni…I am already close to cumming a second time, gods! Just look at my body wanting to breed you twice in such a short time. I want you more than anything else, I love you so much.”

“Let me have it baby…..deliver your seed deep inside me. I want it, I crave it…..I NEED it!” Anni rocks back and forth harder and faster, her tight pussy stroking Natsu’s hard cock.

“Oh gods Natsu…..the way you make me feel I……I want you.” She is lost in her kitten’s love.*

Natsu moans heavily as her cock just bursts the second load of her sticky semen right into Anni’s greedy pussy. Natsu’s body froze, it felt just way too good. Cum was just gushing out of that cock as if Anni really just wanted to milk it dry tonight.

“Anni…I love you so very much. Here take it, take all my cum and be sure that I am yours while you are mine. We will have such a happy life together and I just can’t imagine to be without you anymore. Just take all of my semen… take it all!”

Anni pushes down onto Natsu as she explodes deep in Anni’s womb.  Anni lays quietly on top of her love.  With eyes closed she focuses on the amazing feeling of her girlfriend’s cock delivering its semen deep into Anni’s body.  Anni moans quietly and lets out a sigh of pleasure and peace. Natsumi wraps her arms around her cutie kitten. She nibbles on her ear, purring against it as she was happily delivering more and more of that cum right into Anni.

“Mmh Anni, the way you make me feel is insane. Thank you for everything just please stay with me like this for a little longer.”

Anni nods quietly as they lay together, connected by their bodies and spirits.

“Mmmm yea…….I’m staying right here…..” Anni lays on top of her girlfriend, quietly enjoying the summer air on their bodies.

“I never thought it would be possible to love someone as much as I do now…”

Anni smiles. “I feel so lucky to have your love hunny. It is a precious gift and I will guard and protect it.”

“I will try so hard to make you as happy as possible. Just seeing you smile brightens up my day completely. You are my little sunshine and I love you so very much.”

“Our love will be tested kitten.  We will be tested. We can’t ever give up on each other.”

“They can test our love as much as they want. I will never give up on you.” Natsumi reassures Anni.

“I love you kitten…..more than you know.  I am so very excited to live life with you.”

“I am very excited about that as well honey. It just makes me so happy to be connected to you in so many ways darling.” Natsu replies.

Anni closes her eyes and puts her forehead to Natsu’s, “Mine.”

Natsu closes her eyes as well. “Mhm, forever.”

Anni purrs quietly. “Mmmmm a perfect evening with a perfect kitty.”

Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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