Anni’s Intern

Anni slips the skirt down off her hips and lets it fall to the floor where it sits in a pile around Aria’s ankles.

Foreward: Anni installed a webcam in her office. She is able to stream the goings on as she desires.

[Anni is now live in her office.]

Anni is seen moving about her office as she settles in for the morning. She can be heard talking to her intern, “Aria could you refill the coffee maker when you are done running those papers down stairs?” “Yes Mrs. Nalani.” A sweet, young voice replies. The young intern moves through the view of the camera.

The 18 year old girl is petite, with a narrow waist, slender hips and skinny legs. Her bust is fully developed and hugged tightly by her blouse. She wears a short skirt which rides up to show off her red thong when the picks up papers off Anni’s desk. She has on a pair of thigh high stockings. She is heard exiting the room.

Anni sits down at her desk and pulls out a small mirror, she touches up her makeup. Anni unbuttons her blouse and takes off her bra. She buttons her blouse back up and leaves the top two buttons unbuttoned, revealing a very nice view of her cleavage.

Anni cups her breasts and adjusts them. A few moments later the the intern, Aria, returns. “I took care of those papers for you Mrs. Nalani.” She pours water into the coffee maker and brews Anni a cup of coffee. “Thank you hun.” Anni replies. Aria smiles at Anni, “you look very nice today by the way.” The intern is clearly looking at Anni’s chest and blushing.

”Awe, thank you very much! Aria was it?” Anni smiles at the teen as she hands the hot cup of coffee to Anni. “Mmmhmm yes Mrs. Nalani. And thank you. I try to look my best at work.” Anni takes a sip, “Well you look very pretty, that blouse fits you well.” Aria blushes, knowing full well that it fits her very tightly, showing off her breasts.

Aria is seem placing her hands on her collar bones then running them down over her breasts, around to her sides and down over her hips and she turns sideways, showing off her profile to Anni. “I want to look good for you Mrs Nalani.”

”Why is that?” Anni asks. “Oh well…um….you are very pretty yourself so I guess I just want to look good for you.” There is a moment of silence. “Aria, do you have a crush on me?”

Aria blushes and looks away. “Maybe….” She speaks quietly, suddenly very embarrassed. “There is no need to be embarrassed love.” Anni replies. “I think I have a bit of a crush on you too, you know? Ever since you were assigned to me I’ve found you to be very sweet and incredibly pretty.”

Anni smiles at her intern. “Lock the door for me sweetie, then come here and let me have another look at you.” Anni leans back in her chair as Aria locks the door then stands in front of Anni’s desk. She slowly turns around, showing off her body for Anni. “My my…so beautiful. Lift up your skirt.” The intern reluctantly lifts her skirt exposing her tiny red thong. Anni smiles at the girl’s camel toe and bites her lip when looking at Aria’s tight buttocks. “My gods your gorgeous!”

Anni stands up and moves over to her intern. Anni begins to inspect her body a little closer. “Let me have a look at this body of yours…” Anni places her hands on Aria’s hips and begins to look her over. “My my this is impressive. Take off your blouse.” Anni watches as Aria removes her blouse. Her white, lacy bra keeps her unusually large breasts in place. Anni runs her hands over the girl’s tummy and over her ribs. Aria’s chest heaves as she breathes deeply.

Anni runs her hands down to Aria’s skirt and slips her thumbs under the elastic band. Anni slips the skirt down off her hips and lets it fall to the floor where it sits in a pile around Aria’s ankles. Anni grips Aria’s ass cheeks and gives them a firm squeeze.

The intern is mostly motionless, she has a slight smile on her face as she enjoys being touched by Anni. “Do you like my body Mrs. Nalani?” The intern puts her hands above her head, holding her hair there. “Oh I do sweetie….I do.” Anni removes the girl’s bra and cups her firm, supple breasts. “Your body is incredible….I want to make love to it…..will you let me have it?” The intern can be seen breathing heavily, “yes please, take my body for your enjoyment but….” Aria’s voice trails off. “I’m nervous Mrs. Nalani. I’ve never been with anyone before.”

Anni smiles. “I am pleased you want me to be your first.” Anni replies. “Come….lie down on the carpet in front of the fireplace, you’ll be warmer there.” Anni takes out her PLC and controls the camera so it now faces the rug and is zoomed in a bit more. The intern smirks and lies down on the plush carpet, she is a little nervous but at the same time anxious to loose her virginity. Anni climbs on top of her and begins to kiss her lightly.

Anni rubs Aria’s pussy through her thong while kissing her way down to Aria’s erect nipples. Anni pinches the nipples between her lips and tugs on them before kissing her way down to Aria’s tummy. Anni gently pulls off the girl’s panties and tosses them at her desk. She kisses her way down to Aria’s mound.

Aria’s pussy lips are hidden from sight by her young mound. Anni spreads Aria’s legs and kneels between them as she kisses all around Aria’s pussy. Anni runs her tongue over her prey and slowly pulls open Aria’s pussy. Anni smiles as she received the first scent of Aria’s musk. Slowly Anni begins to coax Aria’s clit out from hiding, using the tip of her tongue. Aria begins to moan as her clit grows harder.

Anni runs her finger over Aria’s pussy and slips it inside. She can immediately feel her hymen and plays with it. Anni is gentle and continues to lick Aria’s clit.

Aria grips the carpet with her hands and gasps. Anni presses her finger into the hymen and in one smooth movement tears through it and pushes her finger in deep. Aria yelps, “Ouch!!” But is quickly quiet and bites her lip. Anni continues to pleasure Aria, licking her hard clit and wiggling her finger as it rests inside her very tight pussy.

Anni pulls her bloody finger out of Aria’s tight pussy and sucks off all the blood. She slides it back in and wiggles it around a bit more. She is gentle, knowing Aria is going to be in a little bit of pain. Anni pulls her finger out again and sucks off all the blood. Anni then spreads Aria’s legs a bit more and begins to lick her pussy, cleaning up the small trickle of blood that is coming from inside Aria. The taste of blood gets Anni very excited, her pussy begins to throb and Anni’s fangs let down.

Aria feels Anni’s fangs graze across her mound and shivers. Suddenly Anni tastes her cum mixed with the blood. Anni slips her tongue inside and licks up all the juices. Her fangs press on Aria’s mound as Anni pushes her tongue in deep. Aria gasps. “Bite me” Aria clasps her mouth over her own mouth, surprised at herself. Anni’s tongue goes wild on Aria’s pussy, she can be heard sucking and slurping.

Anni presses her fangs into Aria’s mound and bites down as she slurps and sucks on her pussy. Anni is careful not to break the skin, but she inflicts pain just the same. Aria squeals and thrashes about as cum squirts from her pussy and into Anni’s mouth. Anni hungrily swallows her intern’s juices and sucks them all down.

Anni loosens her bite on her victim and licks her delicate pussy clean. Anni gives it a kiss before crawling up over Aria and laying down on top of her. “You are delicious Aria, I’m going to want more of you, that is for sure. I think my wife would enjoy you too.” Anni boops Aria’s nose and smiles. Aria blushes, “I think I would like that Mrs. Nalani.” Anni smiles, “when we are together like this, you can call me mistress.” Anni winks and Aria nods, smiling. “May I taste you, mistress?”

Anni stands on her knees and kneels over Aria’s face. She lowers her pussy to Aria’s mouth and places her hands on the fireplace mantle, steadying herself. Immediately Anni feels Aria’s tongue licking at her labia, tasting the precum that had collected there. Aria moans, “mmm good….” as she licks. Anni’s clit grows hard quickly as her intern begins licking her pussy.

Anni gasps and moans as the feeling of a new mouth on her pussy excites her. Precum drips from her as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. “Oh yes Aria, lick that pussy, oh gods yes…more!” Anni pants and moans. She shivers as she has a small orgasm. Anni’s cum drips from her pussy to be quickly licked up by Aria.

Aria, unsure if she should keep going or not, stopped licking Anni. “Oh for gods’ sake, don’t stop!”, Anni squealed. “Please don’t stop!” Anni pressed her pussy into Aria’s mouth. Aria resumed licking Anni and began to enjoy it a bit more. After a few moments of Aria licking and tongue fucking Anni, Anni began to shiver. “Oh gods yes, that’s it!” Anni gripped the mantle with her claws. “Oooooh yessss!” Anni unloaded into Aria’s mouth, squirting over and over. “Oh shit yes!” Anni squealed as she came.

Anni gasped for air as her orgasm slowed down. She dropped down to all fours and laid beside her intern on the carpet, on her back. “Oh gods that was good, thank you.” Aria smirked, her face covered in Anni’s creamy white cum. Anni got up and cleaned up, Aria proceeded to do the same. Anni picked up her coffee mug, “ugh, its cold now. Mind making me a fresh cup?” Aria smiled, “sure thing mistress.” Aria smirked, made Anni a cup of coffee and cleaned herself up. “Thank you,” Anni said. “That is all I have for you, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Aria smiled, “goodnight Anni.”

Anni placed the panties into her desk drawer, next to two others.  Anni smirked, “That makes three.”

Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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