Making Love to Master

She grabs Anni’s ass with both hands and squeezes pulling her closer pressing Anni’s body tight against her own.

Master: “So kitten…”

Anni winks at her master. “Hello master.”

Master winks back. “I’m trying to think of what I want to say and I just get lost in your beauty.”

Anni: “Is there something on your mind?”

Master: “I want you.”

Anni: “Kitten loves her wife, very very much. But, lately….kitten has not been getting alone time with her master. Kitten needs it but, kitten has just been biting her tongue.

Master: “I want you kitten, not in the master and slave way.”

Anni: “Hrm? master…?”

Master takes off her nightie.

Anni feels her heart pounding in her chest as she shuffles in closer to her owner.

Sky: “Kitten, its hard for me to say this, cause I feel maybe I am stepping over a line.”

Anni bites her lip. “Kitten wants to hear you say it.”

Sky turns red but looks you right in the eyes, “Will you make love to me?”

Anni stares right back. “I need to Sky……my heart, mind and soul need to make love to you.”

Sky: “Take me kitten, make me yours.”

Anni leans in and begins to kiss her lover. Anni is gentle and loving. Her heart races in her chest. Anni cups Sky’s cheeks then runs her hands around the back of her neck and up through her beautiful hair.

Sky’s lips locked to Anni’s, she wraps her arms around her waist, pulling her close, her chest close to her own, both hearts beating together.

Anni slowly eases Sky onto her back, still kissing her lovingly. Anni slips her tongue between Sky’s soft supple lips where it meets her own. They dance as they slide past each other. Anni supports herself over Sky with one hand on the bed and reaches down with her other to place the hand on Sky’s side.

Sky kisses, hungry for Anni’s love, her eyes are closed. Her hands squeezes Anni’s hips as she lays her down, her hands then move up and down her back, ever so lightly clawing her.

Anni lets their tongues dance for a few moments before pulling away. Anni kisses her way across Sky’s cheek and down to her neck. She finds a soft, sweet spot and kisses it, before gently sucking on it, gently coaxing blood to the surface.

Sky leans her head back and moans, the sound is music to your ears. “Gods Anni, I love when you do that.” She runs a hand up the back of Anni’s neck, and through Anni’s hair.

Anni tickles the surface of Sky’s skin as she gently sucks. Her ears twitch upon hearing how much her lover enjoys it. Anni turns her lips a little and repeats, making a second mark, which overlaps the first. Her tail sways, indicating just how much she is enjoying this.

Sky: “Kitten, oh, my kitten.”  She keeps moaning for you more and more, she feels her body getting hot and excited, her nipples hardening, her clit quivering. She grabs Anni’s ass with both hands and squeezes pulling her closer pressing Anni’s body tight against her own.

Anni lowers her tiny frame onto her lover and relaxes. Anni finishes teasing Sky’s neck and looks, a small heart shape is apparent. Anni smiles, thinking about Sky discovering the symbol in the mirror later. Anni kisses the spot. Then whispers in Sky’s ear. “You are more to me than an owner, master, mistress or lover…..let me show you.” Anni exhales a warm breath over Sky’s neck and slowly kisses her way to Sky’s chest.

Sky: “Anni, your words, make me feel…” Sky breaths in as you kiss on her chest. “Oh, Anni, I feel, something, ah, something different, stronger, better. I feel like…” Sky moans at Anni’s touch. “Oh ahh, I feel like you were meant for me. Like when you were born the gods pulled you to me so many years later.” Sky’s back arches. “Oh ahhh ahhh, so good…”

Anni kisses the spot between and above Sky’s breasts. “I feel it too Sky….” Anni whispers. “I feel love in my bones that I have not felt before. Its different, powerful and…..welcome.” Anni seals her lips around one of Sky’s nipples and gently sucks on it. She teases it with her tongue and stimulates it, feeling it harden under her kiss. With one hand Anni coaxes Sky’s panties off her hips and down her thigh.

Sky: “ahh ah ah oh Anni!” Sky begins to twitch, she is giving into the feeling, not holding anything back, she wants this feeling to completely over take her. “Your mouth feels so good, oh oh, mmmm yeah Anni, this body is all yours tonight.”

Anni pauses from sucking on Sky just long enough to pull Sky’s sandals off and finish pulling her panties off. Anni pulls her own boots and skirt off before resuming her position, laying her warm body on top of Sky’s and gently sucking on her nipple.

Sky can feel her flower opening and closing, she is so turned on she is surprised she has not cum just from Anni sucking on her nipples. Sky slides a hand around the front of Anni, and to her mound, rubbing it, feeling her lovers special spot.

Anni spread her legs a little, for her lover. Anni releases Sky’s nipple and begins to kiss around the other one. Once more Anni begins to suckle on it, teasing it with her tongue and feeling it harden in her mouth. Anni’s pussy is already very wet, it has been dripping precum onto Sky’s pussy and now onto the bed as Anni teases Sky’s nipples. Anni’s clit throbs as Anni prepares to move from foreplay to love making.

Sky rubs Anni’s pussy more, she feels the precum on her fingers, and she slides down and to her clit. She teases it as it moves easy from her fingers being wet. Sky’s hips begin to wiggle as her own clit throbs and aches for her lovers touch.

Anni quietly purrs while she finishes sucking on Sky’s nipple. Anni slides her body up along Sky’s, kissing her as she moves. When Anni stops, her head is beside her lovers and she whispers. “I will let you decide what you want to do with your tail, where it should go, but i want you to feel this first.” Anni lays one leg over one of Sky’s legs and slips her other leg under Sky’s other leg. Anni slowly brings her clit to meet Sky’s clit and applies pressure. No other movement just pressure. Anni whispers once more. “Sky Song, my body aches to be with you for I am deeply in love with you.” Anni then begins to very slowly rub their two clits together.

Sky moans, the feeling is incredible, her hips move on there own, she can feel Anni’s throbbing clit on her. Just that thought gets her even hotter. “Oh ah ah ah, Anni. Oh please, I want us to cum like this together. Forget the tail.” She moans louder. “I am so in love with you.”

Anni, with that, makes love to Sky. Anni’s body, laying on top of Sky, tingles from head to toe. Anni slowly moves her hips and lets their pussies and clits massage each other. Anni feels her heart racing, she feels Sky’s racing. Anni clings to Sky as they make love. Its warm and passionate. Anni gently kisses the soft spot behind Sky’s ear, “this feeling….this is why I have given myself to you…I trust you, and love you.”

Sky moves her hips in time with Anni, grinding, sliding, she feels how wet everything is getting. “Oh oh ah ah” She breathes heavily, not wanting to hold back. Sky is close to cumming, she kisses and sucks on Anni’s neck, moaning right next to her ear.

Anni can feel her own loins burning with desire as her orgasm is eminent. “This feeling is why, Sky, why I crave being a slave to you.” Anni’s body begins to twitch as she becomes ready to reach the pinnacle of their love making.

“ah ah oh ah!” Sky can’t talk as she hits her climax, she does not yell just pants and breaths heavy. She bites on Anni’s neck as she feels her cum oozing out in a steady stream, her body twitches with each contraction.

Anni gasps and lets her body release. “Bite harder…” Anni whispers in Sky’s ear. Cum squirts from Anni’s pussy in a long stream and her body convulses. Her pussy contracts again, creating a second stream of cum. Over and over Anni’s body cums. She continues rubbing her clit on Sky’s as her chain of orgasms begins. She digs her claws into Sky’s shoulders as she grips Sky and gasps. Anni sinks her fangs into the soft flesh of Sky’s neck, instantly tasting blood.

Sky, moaning, grinds her hips harder, feeling Anni’s cum mixing with her own, She sinks her fangs into Anni’s neck. Sky gets her first of Anni’s blood and swallows. She has lost count of her orgasms, but keeps cumming. As Anni bites her she does not even flinch but moans louder and Anni feels cum shoot from her instantly when she bites, cum just leaking everywhere. Sky begins to go a bit limp as she has hit her limit, but keep moving her hips for her lover.

Anni swallows some of Sky’s blood. Her body continues to twitch as she orgasms over and over. The orgasms begin to slow down as Anni’s body becomes satisfied. Anni stops rubbing herself on Sky and lays still on her. Anni swallows a bit more of Sky’s blood as they exchange a symbol of their very life essence. The bond between the two grows only stronger as they taste each other. Anni stops and licks the wound. She lays on top of Sky, silent and in love.

Sky purrs cuddling up with her kitten, she has never felt this way before, she loves it. She knows she is in love, and the feeling is one she never wants to lose. “I think I might be tired now kitten.” Sky says weakly, her body still oozing cum.

Anni smiles and whispers, “I’m exhausted.” Anni doesn’t move.

Sky: “Good night my kitten.” Sky starts to purr louder as she slips away.

Anni: “mmm goodnight my sweet Sky Song. I love you so very much.”

Author: Annimae

I was raised in the village of Forgotten Springs, just along the western edge of the Sagolii Desert. My parents were shop keeps in town. I worked with them until I was of age, at whence time I set out on my own to take up the life of an adventurer. Its been 3 years now and I've experienced some wonderful things. Participated in the Dragonsong Wars, and freed Ala Mhigo.

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