The Tower

My wife and I got some new armor and we decided to take a few pictures on a tower. We felt sexy and really like how they came out. Soon after I asked her to nurse on me. I have been lactating a but slower recently. So she is making sure I get milked more often.

I suddenly had an urge to have a quickie. The nursing got me very excited and we went to an isolated area. She took off her loin cloth and I began to eat her out…. Out in the open! It was so hot! Just tasting her flower, her nectar… Mmm, she then came a few times, and I swallowed it all!

Soon after we ended up going to bed. We where do exhausted from the adventuring and the “fun” hehe. She is the best snuggler ever.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-02-25 21-36-20


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