Orientation: Hell Week – Day Two Pt. 3

Psyiah woke up in the shore. “Psyiah don’t you die on me!! DON’T YOU DIE ON ME!!” SGT Molo was jumping on her stomach. Psyiah coughed up water as she spit it up. She gasped for air. The team let out a sigh and felt relief. Psyiah looked around fully wet and having a nasty taste of salt water in her. She coughed and spit up more water. “Psyiah… You drowned… You are lucky I feel generous right now. If not I would have left you drowning.” SGT Molo said standing up in his small stature. “You can quit… I won’t hold it against you.” Psyiah spit once more, wiped her mouth and stood up. “No, Sir!” SGT Molo showed a small grin. “I was hoping you’d say that… OKAY LADIES LETS GO!! BACK TO THE WATER!! GET YOUR ASSES BACK IN THERE!”

The teammates looked at Psyiah, “You sure this is safe?” One of them asked softly. Psyiah nodded and grinned. “They can beat me, but they can’t kill me.” The team felt the motivation from Psyiah and charged into the water and swam out as SGT Molo stood there with a shit-eating-grin on him.

“She is defiant. If she keeps this, she will do great.” SGT Molo nodded. “Tonight we will see how much she wants to be here. We start the torture. Early.” The instructors nod seeing the team tread water.

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