Glamour Spotlight: Healers

Came across this glam and fell in love with it! Trying it out now, and it is amazing! Take a peek and check out more glams by the Fashion Ninjutsu!

Fashion Ninjutsu

Being without a computer for a week really derailed most of my glamour plans and progress toward various in-game goals, and I went into the planning stage for my next post with no clue what I was going to post! The first thing that came to me was to rework Alahra’s Samurai glamour, but in order to do that I really need to pick up the Skallic Jacket of Striking, which has continued to elude me despite some unknown number of runs of Patch 4.1’s sole dungeon on Samurai (and I’ve not seen it drop when I’m on any other classes either).

I also wanted to work out a new healer glamour, since my last one was more something I had done just to experiment, but the main idea I had for healers also involved gear from the Drowned City of Skalla that I hadn’t acquired yet. Sometimes, though…

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