Anal Fun

Anni slides her tongue as deep into Psyiah as it will go and licks around.

(Annimae Nalani) “Hey sweetie. How was your day?”

(Psyiah Nalani) “Fantastic! Simply amazing! Stupendous!” Her tone says otherwise.

(Annimae Nalani) Leaps forward and lands in front of Psy, as she does her tits bounce around.  Anni throws her arms around Psy and holds her tight.

(Psyiah Nalani) giggles as she sees Anni flail a bit and hug her, pressing her large breasts on her chest. “Oh you… you are something else… you know that? But my day was just… ugh! So frustrating!”

Psyiah Nalani laughs at you.

(Annimae Nalani) “sorry to hear that honey…..come, I’ll make it better.”  Anni leads Psyiah to the spa. “Here, just let the warm water calm you.  Is there anything you wana get off your chest?”

(Psyiah Nalani) smiles and nods, “So let me tell you… ugh! Do you remember Linda? Not sure if you do. Anyway, she was SUCH a bitch today! She totally decided to tell Jackie, she is one of our other officers, that I was dating Chris! Spreading false rumors all over the main office.” Psyiah seems flustered but seems to be calming down from the warm water.

(Annimae Nalani) “mmhmm, I see.  Then what happened?”  Anni cups water and drips it over Psy’s bare chest.

(Psyiah Nalani) raises her hands above her head, which enhances her bust. She undoes her small braid and shakes her head a bit as she talks. Her breasts jiggle a bit as she does. “Ugh, well I had to go tell Chris that it was just a rumor. And get this, Chris then thought -I- was lying and he totally began to hit on me… right in his office!! The nerve of him!”

(Annimae Nalani) “oh my! So, were you able to set it all straight?!”  Anni’s eyes watch Psy’s breasts jiggle a bit, Anni reaches out with both hands to begin to massage and kneed them, stimulating the milk to let down.

(Psyiah Nalani) shakes her head a bit, “Not at that time. I had to knock him on his butt! He tried to grope me! I threatened him with some administrative punishment if he did not calm down.” Psyiah’s cheeks begin to blush, and her nipples hardened. “Anyway, I stormed over to Linda’s office, and of course the bitch left for the day, so I had to talk to Jackie to set it all straight. Linda is going to get it tomorrow. I can’t believe her! She is always jealous of me and wants to get me into her office drama…”

(Annimae Nalani) “oh my! be careful my love, you don’t want to get in trouble.  I mean, its ok to defend yourself….but, just be careful ok?”  Anni firmly grips Psy’s breasts pushing milk toward her nipples and see it begin to drip.  She leans in and latches on.

(Psyiah Nalani) “Oh don’t worry I will… she will… will…” Psyiah looks down and moans as Anni latches onto her erect nipple. She loses her tail of thought and can only just gasp quietly.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni folds her ears back and suckles, Psyiah’s breasts are very full, Anni has no trouble at all, drawing milk from them.  Anni’s ears twitch a little as she nurses.

(Psyiah Nalani) bites her lower lip, looking as Anni nurses off of her. Her flower begins to tingle. Her rough day has brought her much sexual tension. She slowly opens her legs a bit. Her other nipple remains hard, and milk leaking out of it. “Oh…” she says quietly enjoying the tugging sensation of Anni’s mouth.

(Annimae Nalani) licks her lips and moves to Psy’s other breast.  She latches on and suckles.  Her tongue plays with Psy’s piercing as she nurses.  Anni can feel Psy shift, her hands were on Psy’s thighs as support.  Anni moves one hand to Psy’s pussy and slips a finger inside.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans again, feeling her wife’s finger slip inside of her. Her labia opens up as if welcoming Anni. Psyiah leans a bit back, but not too much to pull away from Anni’s mouth. She gives a gentle whimper as she is fingered. “My… other… hole…” she moans at Anni.

(Annimae Nalani) slightly nods as she suckles, acknowledging her wife’s desire.  She continues to finger her wife’s pussy while she nurses.  Anni has her fill of milk, having drained both of Psy’s perfectly shaped tits.  Anni releases her latch. “ok baby, lay back a bit more and spread your legs for me.”

(Psyiah Nalani) bites her lower lip and blushes as she usually does when getting hornier. She braces herself with her hands and spreads her legs even more. She bends her knees so they are barely out of the water. From Anni’s point of view, Psyiah’s pussy and anus can be seen and reached. “Mew…” she whimpers at her wife.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smiles at Psy, “mew” Anni slowly pulls her finger from Psy’s pussy and begins to tickle her anus with it.  She slowly works it in.  Once inside, Anni draws it partially out then pushes it back in.  In this manor she begins to finger fuck Psyiah, analy.  All the while Anni’s eyes remain fixed on Psy’s eyes.

(Psyiah Nalani) eyes don’t move from her wife’s. She bites her lower lip enjoying the sensation and her clit gets even harder. She moans looking at her wife’s eyes. Her blush gets even more red. Psyiah does not look anywhere else, as if the entire room no longer exist, but only Anni and her. Her blue eyes shout three obvious words, I love you.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni finger’s Psyiah’s anus for a while but grows hungry to taste it. “I want to eat your ass baby….”  Anni smirks as she licks her lips.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans at Anni’s words. She bites her lower lip again and nods. She moves back and adjusts herself. She bends over the edge of the spa and places her legs together. This enhances her round ass, and she arches her back. From Anni’s perspective she can see Psyiah’s pussy lips being pressed together, and her anus puckering. She turns to look over her should and blushes again. She gently wiggles her butt at Anni, inviting her.

(Annimae Nalani) watches Psy turn over and present herself.  Anni places her hands on Psy’s cheeks and gently spreads them as she approaches her anus with her mouth open and tongue out.  Anni begins to tickle Psy’s puckered up anus with the tip of her tongue.

(Psyiah Nalani) lets out a small gasp of pleasure. Anni’s warm tongue makes her anus pucker as if expressing the enjoyment. Psyiah looks forward and closes her eyes. She bites her lower lip again and moans through her closed mouth. “Mmm…”

(Annimae Nalani) Anni wiggles the tip of her tongue and works it into Psyiah’s anus.  She gets her first taste and smirks.  A little bitter but Anni has grown to enjoy it.  She pushes her tongue in further and licks around inside Psyiah.  She lets out a little moan.

(Psyiah Nalani) “Oh!” Psyiah moans a bit loud. She sensation of feeling Anni’s tongue enter her has her anus relax and welcome it. Her pussy begins to leak precum. The translucent nectar slowly drips onto the water and some of it runs down her closed legs. “Baby…” she moans, as if begging for more.

(Annimae Nalani) as Psyiah’s anus loosens up, Anni licks around more, tasting her from the inside.  She swallows and returns her tongue to Psy’s sweet hole.  Anni intentionally avoids Psy’s pussy and clit, partially denying her that pleasure.  Anni begins to rub her own clit as she licks Psy’s anus.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans again, her pussy leaking even more precum. The sensation has a magical effect on Psyiah, almost as if it is her most sensitive area. She gasps and moans, her eyes open back up and she grasps the edge of the spa tighter from the enjoyment. “Oh gods…” she whimpers. Her clit now clearly visible, her pussy glistening from the clear precum leaking out. Psyiah’s breath becomes rapid from the ecstasy.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni licks her lips then returns to licking Psyiah.  Her tongue wiggles and twirls around inside Psy’s now loose anus.  She tickles and licks the inner walls, cleaning them and enjoying Psyiah’s flavor.  She purrs as she squirts into the water from playing with herself.  Her purr rumbles as her tongue licks away, stimulating Psy even more.

(Psyiah Nalani) gasps loudly from the sensation and gives a squeak from the pleasure of Anni’s vibrating tongue. “Oh gods!!” she moans at her wife. Her pussy almost like a waterfall of precum, she can feel herself reaching orgasm. “Oh gods. Baby!” she moans loudly. “Almost… ” she whispers at Anni.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni stops touching herself and returns her hand to Psy’s ass cheek.  Anni slides her tongue as deep into Psyiah as it will go and licks around.  She gets another taste and smirks as she eats Psyiah’s ass out.  Anni’s tongue is wiggling around and licking furiously inside Psyiah.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans and gasps intensely. “Yes!” she shouts and before she could say another word, she cum. Psyiah whimpers and moans loudly and wildly from the intensity of the pleasure. Cum spews out of Psyiah’s pussy as her orgasm is intense. She does not squirt, as her labia is pressed together, not allowing much cum to flow through. Psyiah’s breath is rapid and deep. “Annniii!!” she moans her wife’s name as she finds release.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni continues to lick rapidly, encouraging Psy’s body to maximize the orgasm.  She smiles as she licks around Psyiah tickling her from the inside

(Psyiah Nalani) moans and gasps loudly from the orgasm. Soon it is another orgasm right after another. The sensation is amazing and Psyiah’s ears flop down on her head and her tail shoots up in the sky. She pants loudly trying to catch her breath. “YES!!” she finally gets out, indicating for Anni to keep going. Her pussy spews out even more cum, giving small squirts from the amount of cum building up from the tight exit.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smiles at the thought of her wife enjoying it and wanting more.  She keeps licking and teasing Psy’s anus but slows down a bit, bringing Psyiah down gently.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans and begins to finally catch her breath. Her anus puckers a bit indicating her orgasms coming to an end. Her pussy still pushing out cum from the tight labia. “Anni…” she begins but can’t seem to talk. She focuses on calming down.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni finally slows to a stop and backs away from Psy’s anus.  She can see the cum oozing out of Psy’s pussy and dripping into the water in long strands. Anni tickles the camel toe with the tip of one finger, rubbing Psy’s cum all over it. “mmm you are delicious my love”

(Psyiah Nalani) moans and looks over her shoulder, with a large smile on her. The words warm her heart and her love for her wife continues to grow. “And I love you tasting me…” she says with a slight sexual giggle. She wiggle her butt at her wife, indicating she wants to let the cum out.

(Annimae Nalani) “what’s the matter babe, got something you need to let out?”  Anni smirks and rubs Psy’s camel toe.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans as Anni touches her again. “Are you still thirsty baby?” she says with another sexual soft giggle.

(Annimae Nalani) “mmhmm” Anni nods and sits low in the water, she craves her wife’s load.  She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, ready to receive it.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans and spreads her legs once she sees her wife get into position. She uses her Kegel muscles to push out the cum, along with the exit now no longer tight. She gasps in pleasure feeling the cum squirt out, and it is a lot of cum.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni is a little startled as cum splashes all over her face.  Anni licks her lips and gathers it up the best she can but enjoyed Psy spraying her with it.  Anni closes her eyes and smirks as her face is covered and it runs down over her giant tits. “mmmmm”

(Psyiah Nalani) giggles sexually once more, as she sprays her wife with her hot load. She suddenly feels another orgasm come on and squirts once more. The orgasm even catches Psyiah off guard and she howls. “FUCK!” Psyiah moans from the last orgasm and pants.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni feels cum run down her face, into her mouth and onto her tits when it runs down between them and drips into the water.  Anni smiles as she is bathed in her wife’s juices.

(Psyiah Nalani) moans and calms down. She looks back over to Anni and smiles, blushing. She beings to purr as her orgasms finally stop.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smirks and pauses for a moment so her wife can see her.  She cups some water with her hands and splashes it over her face, washing away the cum. “Wow baby, that was something else!” Anni giggles.

(Psyiah Nalani) giggles and bites her lower lip. She positions herself to get back closer to her. Psyiah kisses wife lovingly and her ears twitch happily. “I love you so much baby!” she says happily.

(Annimae Nalani) “awe…you’re just saying that because I give you anal play…” Anni giggles and kisses her wife back.

(Psyiah Nalani) giggles and speaks between kisses, “You…. caught… me…” she says.

Forced Orgasm

Needless to say, the adventure led us inside to the cabin bed where I took control…

My wife and I ventured back out to our favorite cabin in the woods.  Our intent was a photo session in the nearby waterfall.  Needless to say, the adventure led us inside to the cabin bed where I took control and for the first time forced my wife to orgasm.  Multiple times.  I hope you enjoy the transcript and the photos at the end! xoxo

(Annimae Nalani) Walks over to a nearby table and picks up a candle, she returns to the bed with it and winks at Psy before beginning to drip hot wax onto Psy’s breasts.

(Psyiah Nalani) “Anni!” She says with a bit of gasp and wince. The hot wax quickly cools after a few seconds making contact with her skin. Her nipples become erect instantly. She tries to move away but does not go anywhere.

(Annimae Nalani) Smirks at Psy and stops for a moment, only to pinch Psy’s now erect nipples. “You like that baby?” Anni does not wait for an answer before she drips more hot wax onto Psy’s breasts.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah winces again from the pinched nipple. The hot wax hits her breasts again, making Psyiah’s ears twitch rapidly. Her tail sways rapidly as well. She gasps and her pussy leaves wet spots as she scoots and spreads her legs.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni begins to crawl over Psyiah.  She gives Psy a little break but dribbles more wax moments later then leans in to bite, gently, one of Psy’s nipples.

(Psyiah Nalani) Moans and blushes. She begins to lean back. She gasps as Anni bites her nipple. Her nipple begins to harden and throb. More precum leaks out. She protests with her voice, but her body shouts how much she is enjoying this.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni hold the candle with one hand and supports herself with her other.  Anni takes a small suckle off Psy’s breast before dripping hot was directly onto it.  Anni kneels between Psy’s legs in such a way that she is able to force Psy’s legs open and hold them that way.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah whimpers, “Anni…” She moans as if still protesting. “Please… stop…” she says. Her nipple that was being sucked on, leaks milk. Psyiah winces and gasps as the hot wax hits her sensitive and erect nipple. She howls a bit in protest. Her flower is now soaking wet, and precum leaking more so than before, forming a small damp spot between her legs. She feels trapped and whimpers again. “Please…” she begs.

(Annimae Nalani) “Sssshhh sh sh sh baby girl….” Anni, certain Psy is just playing, plays along. “When your mistress wants, she takes.”  Anni drips some hot wax on Psy’s other nipple while reaching down to Psy’s pussy and giving it a warmup rub. “And oh do I want!”

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah begins to struggle, but soon realizes she is trapped. She winces again at the hot wax hitting her erect and sensitive nipple. She squirms, but then stops as she feels Anni’s hand on her pussy, rubbing. She blushes deeply and turns her head. Her hands above her head, which enhance her bust. Her clit hard and begging to be teased more. Her body is ready to please her mistress, but her voice says otherwise.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni slips her middle finger into Psy’s pussy and “hooks” her with it.  “Look at you, so helpless and here for my pleasure.  Gods, what a catch you are!” Anni sits back now, no longer over Psy, but still between her legs.  Anni drips some hot wax onto Psy’s tummy while she fingers her with her middle finger.

(Psyiah Nalani) Gasps and takes in a deep breath as the wax hits her tummy. She struggles more but then stops, feeling Anni’s middle finger inside her. She moans and whimpers at Anni almost as if begging for more, but the tone is unclear.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni drips a bit of wax onto Psy’s hip bone then dribbles a little trail over to the other hipbone, going just north of Psy’s mound.  She slips a second finger into Psy’s soaking wet pussy and continues to finger fuck her.  Anni isn’t hurting her but she is being firm, showing her dominance.  Anni rubs Psy’s gspot with her two fingers, pushing Psy’s pleasure along with only one purpose: orgasm.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah moans loudly, gasping and keeping her mouth open. She arches her back from the wax and Anni’s fingers. She whimpers at the grabs of Anni’s control.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni holds the candle upright, with the butt end on Psy’s sternum, below her breasts. “Hold this.” Anni watches as Psy grasps the candle stick then returns her attention to Psy’s pussy.  Anni slips a third finger into Psy’s pussy, still rubbing her g-spot firmly and quickly.  Anni uses her other hand to push down on Psy’s lower abdomen and mound. Anni works furiously driving Psyiah to cum. “Cum for me baby, let it out….”

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah’s hands shake as she grips the candle stick firmly. She moans and gasps, when suddenly the candle stick snaps, the upper part falls and is quickly extinguished as it falls on Anni’s tummy. The candle puts itself out as it lands on Psyiah’s skin. Psyiah orgasms intensely, causing her other hand to grip the bedsheets firmly and rip some of the sheets. Her pussy contracts and cum squirts out of her, as if it were a geyser that had been dormant for years. Cum splashes everywhere and wetting Anni and Psyiah equally. “FUUUCCKKK!!!”

(Annimae Nalani) Anni immediately pulls her fingers from Psy’s pussy but keeps pushing down on the vaginal walls from the outside.  Anni watches as a huge stream of cum squirts from Psy’s pussy splashing as it hit the half wall partition at the foot of the bed. “Oh yes! good girl!!!”  Anni drives her fingers back into Psy’s pussy, before Psy is finished orgasming, and furiously rubs her g-spot some more. “Lets see more of that wonderful cum!”  Anni is now on her knees between Psy’s legs but off to one side so she is not ‘in the line of fire’.  Her own pussy is dripping with precum, indicating how horny she is.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah howls as her pussy is pushed even farther. Her orgasm does not stop but continues. She moans and gasps for breath, but can’t seem to catch it. She squirms vigorously as she continues to cum. Her body and mind going wild, as its pushed beyond its limit. She tries to talk but fails. “An… A-A-Annnniii!!!!” She screams as more cum gushes out furiously from the intense pleasure Anni is giving her.

(Annimae Nalani) Once more Anni pulls her fingers out of Psy’s throbbing pussy just in time to watch her fountain of cum squirt across the room.  Anni smirks, pleased with herself as she slips her three fingers back into Psyiah. “One more baby, lets see how much you have in you.” Anni now guides her thumb over Psy’s clit as she fingers her rubbing her clit and her g-spot at the same time.  Anni feels her own juices running down her legs as her pussy is soaked and dripping with precum.

(Psyiah Nalani) Gasps loudly as she feels Anni’s thumb on her red and throbbing clit. She howls in pain but also pleasure. The intensity of hovering over the plain of pleasure and maintaining this orgasm lasting more and more is making her lose control of her body and her fluids. She arches her back and squirms. Her pussy squirts once more but this time a bit of urine sneaks out. She whimpers unable to hold back anything. She continues to try and catch her breath but can’t seem to.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni pulls her hand away to watch the fruits of her labor.  A stream of cum once more shoots from Psyiah’s pussy, accompanied by a small golden shower.  Anni smirks and releases the downward pressure on Psy’s abdomen.  Instead Anni rubs the spot just above Psy’s clit and lets Psyiah recover from her forced orgasms. “Good girl baby!  Such a good girl!  Your mistress is pleased and has a couple rewards for you…” Anni’s pussy is absolutely soaked, the session turned her on in a big way.  So much so that precum is actually running out of Anni’s pussy.  Anni crawls over Psy’s body once more and lowers a tit to Psy’s mouth.  Anni’s gigantic, milk filled udder dangles over Psy’s face, ready to give up its sweet cream.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah gasps for air, and as she does her mouth latches onto Anni’s nipple. She breaths rapidly through her nose and she drink. The warm milk coats her dry mouth and begins to relax her. Her orgasm winds down, and cum now just oozes out. Her clit throbs from the long orgasm it sustained. Her pussy lips red from the ecstasy. She drinks and takes advantage of the time to control her breathing.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni stays in place, letting her wife drink.  She smiles down at Psy as Psy enjoys the milk.  Because of Anni’s position over Psy, Anni’s dripping pussy is now dripping its precum all over Psy’s tummy.  Anni is on the verge of orgasm but is able to hold it back, for now.  Anni thinks about cumming into Psy’s mouth once Psy has had her fill of milk.  The idea only makes Anni hotter and wetter.  Anni closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of her milk being drawn from her breasts.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah moans as she enjoys the milk, but also from the precum dripping on her. She feels it and moves a hand over to her belly. She rubs the precum on her belly, the back of her hand grazing Anni’s mound. She pulls back, having her fill and licks her lips in enjoyment. She moans again, this time in a more begging tone.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni smiles down at Psyiah and gives her a quick kiss. “Now for mistresses pleasure.” Anni does NOT get into 69 position but instead stands over Psyiah with one foot to either side of Psy’s head.  Anni squats over Psy, until her own pussy is lowered onto Psy’s expectant and open mouth. Anni grips the headboard to brace herself as she squats.  The squatting motion caused a flow of precum to run from Anni’s pussy and directly into Psy’s mouth.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah, without hesitation, lets go of the broken candle with her one hand. She grips Anni’s hips and wastes no time licking furiously. Her tongue licks from her anus to her clit. She coats her tongue in every inch around Anni’s pussy. She wants only one thing and that is to please her mistress. She can feel her own cum still oozing out, but ignores it and focuses on Anni’s pussy. Licking rapidly and furiously.

(Annimae Nalani) Squeals with delight as she feel’s her wife’s mouth on her soft pussy.  It takes Anni no time at all to orgasm as the session has her worked up.  She trembles and her claws dig into the headboard.  Her body gives in and cum squirts profusely from her pussy. “OH  GODS YES!!!” Anni grinds her hips a bit, moving her pussy over Psy’s busy mouth.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah continues to ravage her mistresses pussy, shaking her head, splashing the cum all over her and the bed. She grips on Anni’s waist and her fangs graze Anni’s delicate flower. Her tongue does not stop moving as she licks, sucks, and swallows. Cum is running down the side of her mouth and her face is coated now in her wife’s cum. She moans and can feel more cum ooze out of her own pussy. Just from feeling her wife cum, she has a small orgasm that pushes a bit of cum out of her. She continues to pleasure her mistress in an intense fashion.

(Annimae Nalani) Whimpers and whines as she feels the absolutely amazing feeling of her wife eating her out.  Anni feels a fang on her flesh and bites her lip.  Subconsciously she lowers her self further down onto Psy’s mouth until she can feel all four of Psy’s fangs pressing on her flesh.  Anni squeals again and throws her head back as a fresh stream of cum squirts from her pussy.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah opens her mouth and lets the cum gush over her face. She moans in delight and tries not to choke. She snaps her mouth quickly onto Anni’s labia, biting and tugging. Her bite is not enough to cause serious damage, but enough to cause the pain that Anni enjoys. She lets go, and bites again, tugging at the lips between her hips. She pulls and lets go, pulls and lets go. The cum forces Psyiah to keep her eyes closed but she does not stop, wanting Anni to go over the edge.

(Annimae Nalani) “OH SHIT!!!!” Anni begins to loose it as Psyiah bites and pulls on her delicate flower.  The pain and pleasure mixed is something Anni craves and fetishes over. “Oh GODS YES! MORE!!!” Anni squeals and her breath is very rapid as Psyiah eats her.

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah continues biting her mistress how she wants it. She reaches her clit and nibbles on it. Tugging it as she sucks on it. Cum continues to cover Psyiah’s neck now and run over her chest. The bed sheets are soaked. Psyiah moves from suckling Anni’s clit to biting her flesh. She does not stop, wanting and desiring Anni to release even more.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni lets out a loud yelp as her clit is bitten and tugged on.  The pleasure makes Anni cum again.  Her juices pour from her pussy.  Anni’s entire vaginal area contracts and releases over and over as Anni orgasms. “OH SHIT BABYYYYY!!!!!!”

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah finally beings to choke from the cum and pulls back. She watches Anni’s pussy go wild from the pleasure. She smiles and enjoys the sight.

(Annimae Nalani) From Psy’s point of view, Anni’s pussy can be seen contracting and opening.  The bright pink innards come together with each contraction and squeeze out more cum.  Anni slowly regains her composure as her orgasm slows down then stops.    Anni’s loins are sore and hurt from the biting and intense orgasms but its a feeling Anni loves. “Oh gods baby….wow….”

(Psyiah Nalani) Psyiah scoots up a bit and smiles up at Anni. Her large breasts slightly jiggling as Anni speaks. She blushes and her eyes make contact with Anni’s eyes. She is once again mesmerized by the purple. She wants to speak, but fails, only to continue smiling.

(Annimae Nalani) Anni lifts herself up off Psy a bit and smiles down at her. “Phew baby, that was…wow. Yea….” Anni shifts to kiss Psy’s cum covered face.

(Psyiah Nalani) Has only one eye open as the cum has made a mess on her face. She smiles and kisses Anni’s lips. She giggles and begins to look around a bit, noticing how much of a mess was made. She giggles.

(Annimae Nalani) Giggles as well before lifting up one edge of the bedsheets to wipe the cum from Psy’s face. “Well, I really enjoyed that, how about you? I don’t think I’ve ever forced you to orgasm like that before, I kind of liked it.” Anni blushes.

(Psyiah Nalani) Giggles and shakes her head. “No, you never have. That…. that was intense!” She blushes.

(Annimae Nalani) “Mmmm and I think we will be doing it again, that’s for sure!” Anni giggles. “And maybe next time with a bit more role playing involved.” Anni smirks with a pretend evil smirk.

Photos from our photo session:

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