Lectures, Deserts, and the Night Sky Pt. 1

On Tuesday I was told my training would take a turn. The five of us that passed orientation or Hell Week, were informed to pack our things and get ready to head on out at a moments notice.

As I sat in a small lecture hall, the surprise came and I was sadden by not being able to head home as I was expecting. So naturally I let Anni know and it didn’t go over too well. She was ready to see my on Thursday but that was no longer the case.

We immediately set out and began our journey. We started in classrooms and began our lectures.

“In order to understand why you are doing what you are doing, one must understand the basics. The Astrologians are a special breed of people, people who love research and seek out more. Unlike scholars, they are not students of Aether, but rather of what is yet to come. Science is the main language and research is their tool. They use cards to communicate through the Aether, and the universe is their stage. These Astrologians that you will be protecting are important for the future of Eorzea, of Hydaelyn. You are defending those who will help Eorzea grow and become better in so many ways.”

That was an introduction of a lecture by one of the ArchMages from the AstroLab. He was such a well spoken Elezen and very gentle soul. He went on explaining what certain members of this community has done.

“And this leads me to a particular Astrologian. She was once a student and soon became part of our top tier here at the AstroLab. She was educated by one of our grand masters… And has quickly become a key person for this Lab. Annimae Nalani has brought in a great deal of research for us, and her accomplishments and her work speak louder than any words could be expressed. These Astrologians are very important and that is why you have been selected to defend them.”

I am so proud of my wife, hearing her name, listening to the ArchMage go on about her accomplishments. I never knew how much she has put into it. It brings me goosebumps knowing I am able to be part of this group, to be able to defend her and the rest of the Astrologians.


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