Happy Valentine’s Day

Blanche & Anni spend a quiet Valentine’d Day together.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

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Annimae and I have been busy with life, adjusting to my transformation…but we have a stronger bond than ever and cherish each other like never before.

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This year’s Valentine’s day was very relaxed and intimate. There’s nothing like spending the day intertwined with your soulmate.

A Most Wonderful Valentione’s Day

When I arrived home today, Blanche was waiting for me with a ginormous cake!

The first of the new lunar calendar marked many things for me. A new year and a new life. I smile as I ponder the many adventures, events and holidays that await me and the very special Blanche. She and I recently celebrated the holiday of love together and it was just amazing!

Happy Valentione’s Day!

When I arrived home today, Blanche was waiting for me with a ginormous cake! I giggled at the sight, it was beautiful but oh so big!

I may… or may not have snuck a taste, hehe. It smelled and tasted delicious!

Cake wasn’t the only wonderful thing I could smell. I turned around to see Blanche had prepared a wonderful Valentione’s Day meal for us! Gods, I tell you: she is just the sweetest kitty.

Following dinner and dessert we headed into the city and partook in the festivities. There were vendors, crafts, a fun couples maze and tarot card readers.

Couples Maze
♥ Be mine. ♥
Tarot card reader.
Yea! hehe, she is mine forever!

We enjoyed a wonderful day and evening together. She makes me laugh and smile and brings so much joy and love into my life. I truly am blessed to have her as my Valentine.

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