Unfortunate Departure

It is time for my long training. I will be gone, and will miss my wife and friends dearly. I will be gone for a couple days training in the desert, learning routes, learning patrols, and prepping for a mission soon. I will be busy, and time will go by fast, but it will be hard on my wife, as she will be at home… waiting for my return. I love her and miss her even when I am at work. We are so close now at work, and it is nice being able to see here more often. Even if it is for a brief moment during break.

I will miss her dearly, but know that my training has a purpose, a meaning behind it. To defend her when the time comes. To protect her, even if it costs me everything.

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-Psyiah Nalani

Third Training Session

Tonight master took me into Morn where I was subjected to my next training session and punishment.  Punished for what you might ask? Oh…kitten has had a rough few days.  First I masturbated without permission.  That’s like stealing from master.  Then, this morning, I got a little carried away chasing a moth and knocked over one of master’s plants.  Ugh, and then I went into one of master’s drawers and used one of her toys without permission!

My training session tonight was my second session on self control.  During my first session I was put under conditions to coax me to orgasm but I had to control my body and not orgasm.  This session was different.  I was subjected to excruciating pain and then forced to orgasm.

Master blindfolded me and chained me to a pillar
She hung weights from my nipples.
She fingered my pussy
It was so hot in there
She pulled my panties off and went faster
She bit and sucked on my clit.
She kept at it forcing me to cum twice.
I collapsed from exhaustion
I passed my training and endured my punishment
Master took me home and bathed me
We cuddled before falling asleep in each other’s arms

First Training Session

Master took me into a dungeon for my first training session in self control.  Before heading out she gave me a small insertable vibrator.  Upon entering the dungeon she turned it on low.  I was not to orgasm nor was I to let on to anyone else there, that something was amiss.  After each boss encounter my master turned it up to a higher setting.  I made it to the end of the dungeon with the vibrator inside my pussy on the highest setting.  Precum was running down my legs and I could barely stand!  Master watched as I struggled and strained to control my body.

Finally she let me cum.  I soaked my panties and my juices ran down my legs.  Master smiled as she watched my body shake with pleasure.  I passed my first training session!

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