Orientation: Hell Week – Day Two Pt. 5

Psyiah woke up from her nap in a violent way. Water got splashed on her face. She shook her head and coughed. Her eyes try to focus but there is a bright light shining on her face. She finally is able to focus and tries to look around the room. She feels dizzy and soon realizes she is upside down, hanging by a chain. Her feet bound along with her hands behind her, bound tightly. She tries to get loose but her body seems tired and exhausted.

“Where is the commander?” Asked a raspy voice. She is unable to see as the light blinds her. “Who?” She asks and is instantly kicked in her stomach. “WHERE IS THE COMMANDER?!” The voice yells. Psyiah coughs and gags. Her hair gets pulled up to the side and a red set of eyes lock on hers. “Stop playing games girl, where is your leader?” Suddenly she realizes this could not be part of the training, this could be real? She notices Garlean symbols on their clothing, and the third eye. Her eyes widen, ‘Maybe this is not training!’ She thinks. She panics and tries to struggle. Another heavy hit at her stomach. She gasps and coughs. The figure with red eyes lets go of her hair. “We knew you are training to become of the elite.” His voice trails as he walks around her. “No need on playing dumb. Your trainer already told us a lot. He squealed like a little piggy.” There is laughter in the room. At least 4 or 5 men. Foot steps keep going around her as he walks around her.

She feels hands legs and she feels herself being lifted higher. She struggles again, this time a hit to the face. “Quit moving!” A voice snaps. She feels disoriented and can feel blood building in her mouth. ‘this… This can’t be!’ She thinks. The man bends down and looks at her once more. “You see all these bodies? They where you friends. But they didn’t say anything. Now it is your turn. Tell us and we will let you live. Don’t and suffer their fate.” His tone cold as motions at the dead bodies on the ground. Blood surrounding them. Panic sets in. “Hahaha, she gets it now boys… Yeah we are serious. Now… I ask you again. Where the FUCK is your commander?” Psyiah panics, “I don’t know!” Another hit to the gut. She coughs and blood trails out. “Your program is failed… Don’t you get it? We killed that bitch on that excursion and now we will finish what we started.” One of the men grab some wires. The tap them together and sparks fly. Psyiah is still unsure if this is real. “Fuck you!” She spits out. “I was hoping you said that.” The man moves without hesitation and shocks Psyiah. She yells and bites down. Her body tense and she feels a zap all over her body. Her jaw locks as she is electrocuted. The man pulls away. “I can go all night long. Now…. Tell me! Where is she?!” Psyiah now dazed and shakes her head. “Fuck…. You…” She groans out. The men chuckle. She shock her again. Psyiah is now believing this is real and her chances of survival are looking slim. She begins to cry thinking of her wife. Thinking this is how it will end. By the death of Garleans. “Crying? Here let us help you wash your face.” The grab her hair, she winces in pain and her face is submurged under water. She tries to hold her breath. She feels another punch to her gut. She gasps in the water and takes in the water. She begins to feel herself lose as she chokes from the water in her lungs. They pull the bucket and punch her once more. She pukes the water in her lungs, and gasps for air. Before she could say anything they shock her once more. Her body tenses and she blacks out.

Orientation: Hell Week – Day Two Pt. 4

The team came back, exhausted and coughing up sea water. “NO TIME TO REST, LETS GO! PICK UP THE BOAT AND RUN TO THE THAT ENCAMPMENT!!” Yelled SGT Molo. The group ran being exhausted and panting. Their lungs on fire, legs feeling like mush, and another member leaving. “Wow… Good riddance. He would have left you when you needed him the most.” Now 5 remain. They reach the encampment and find more instructors there. The drop the boat as told to do so and suddenly find themselves beings gagged and tied up. The team panics and tries to fight back. They fail as they are overpowered for 15 instructors. “Tie the up and prepare for them for the final test!”

The team wakes up tied and gagged. They are around a giant pole, the hands bound to their backs and rope keeping them tied to the large pole. They all sit in a circle. There seem to be large Roegadyns males in face masks all standing in front if the team members. There is no sign of SGT Molo. One Roe grabs a moment and takes him to a small room and push him in. The door slams shut. At first quiet filled the air, and the uneasy tension builds. Sounds of grunting and muffled yelling can be heard. Sounds of agony can be heard. Scuffeling and thumping sounds as it appears the man is being beaten. This goes on for about an hour. The team remains quiet and psyiah begins to close her eyes. The exhaustion is getting to her. After about 30 minutes or so, the door opens but only the Roe comes out. His hands bloody and sweaty. He grabs another member by the hair and drags him into the room. The door shuts. Psyiah swallows hard.

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