End of Week

Slow day at the astrolab today. Lol except for at lunch time: some weirdo was chanting outside, calling our magics fake. The funny thing is: this guy was wearing skin tight pants that had the solar system design on them! He was escorted away buy one of the guards. Can’t wait to get out of work and go home to my sweetie.

Feeling Good

So far it hasn’t been too bad of a day today. Things are pretty quiet at the astrolab. My work day is about half over, I am so looking forward to going home! My sweetheart has training tonight so she won’t be home until later in the evening. I chatted with her a little bit today. She is feeling stressed, the poor thing. I will take good care of her when she gets home.

Until then, I think I may do some redecorating. I have a couple ideas I want to try out. They mostly involve the spa area and our bedroom. I hope everyone is having a great day!



My body, my love, my soul is yours…

The way you touch me, your kisses, the way you make me feel… It is like a drug. You give me a high that no one has ever gotten close to. I am addicted to the way you make me feel. 

Please give me that fulfillment… Touch me… Tease me… Make me beg for it… 

I am yours… To command… 

~Psyiah 💋

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