Pink Bunny

I pushed it as deep into my pussy as it would go and left it there.

I stole off to a quiet area within in the Lavender Beds.  I brought my pink bunny with me.  It was a quiet evening, the crickets and a nearby waterfall produced the only sound.  I stripped my body of its repressive garments  and stretched.  The air was cool and refreshing.  My nipples reacted accordingly.


I looked around for anyone and pondered my bravery.  Not a sole was in sight but there was a bridge nearby.  Any travelers would have to stop and look down below to see me.  I pulled out the pink bunny and examined it.  It was one of my favorite vibrators, it has a nice smooth shaft and and extra piece which was intended for tickling one’s clit.


I tipped my head back and slowly slid the long shaft into my mouth.  I pulled it out, covered with my saliva and gently rubbed it over my clit.  I turned it on and let the vibrations do their work.  I moaned quietly as I became more aroused.  I slipped the tip into my tight pussy.  It felt wonderful.  I held it in for a moment, feeling the vibrations tremble through my body.  ‘Mmmmm so good….’ I mumbled to myself.

I got down on my knees, in a partial sitting position.  The knob end of the dildo rested on the ground and I sat down on it pushing it deep into my snatch.  I gasped and grabbed my breasts with both hands.  ‘Oh fuck!’ I exclaimed as the vibrating ears touched my clit.  I lifted myself half way up off the dildo then back down.  My pussy was now plenty wet with precum.

Up and down. I slowly fucked the dildo with long slow strokes.  With each downward motion, the bunny ears vibrated on my clit.  With my little button nestled between the plastic ears, I held it.  I felt my orgasm approaching.  My clit throbbed and my body tensed up.  I lifted myself up just in time, edging myself and denying my own body its orgasm.  I repeated this process, edging myself and denying myself an orgasm.  Precum dripped from my pussy and ran down the dildo into the grass.


“Oh fuck!  Anni, you are so mean to yourself!”  I giggled at the thought of how ridiculous that might have sounded.  Finally I lowered my soaked cunt onto the vibrator and let it finish the job.  I squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples as I held back my orgasm.  Finally I let go.  My body seized up and shook as I came.  My pussy tightened around the faux shaft as cum sprayed from my pussy into the grass.  I held the position as long as I could, pushing my body through a first, second and third orgasm.

I gasped and lifted myself off the toy.  Cum ran from my pussy in long strings of thick deliciousness.  I reached down between my legs with my fingers and sampled it.  “mmmmm so sweet….”  I panted, kneeling in the grass, now on all fours. Over and over I moistened my fingers with my wet and throbbing pussy only to lick and suck off all my juices.


After I caught my breath I picked up the dildo.  With my face down in the grass and my ass up, I slipped it back into my pussy.  I imagined my kitty behind me, giving it to me with our favorite strap-on. ‘he he he’ I giggled. ‘Or should I say, Psyiah’s favorite strap-on’  My wife loved taking me from behind.

I pushed it as deep into my pussy as it would go and left it there.  I grabbed fistfuls of grass and moaned as the pink bunny did its job.  I screamed into the grass and held back.  I moaned and screamed her name, “Fuck me Psyiah, oh shit, FUCK ME!”  I pretended she was there, letting me have it.  The little ears vibrated on my clit while the shaft made work of my vaginal walls and g-spot.  I held as long as I could then let go.  My pussy contracted and the vibrator fell out.  I squirted a stream of cum from my soaked pussy, over and over.  With every contraction, a new squirt, leaving the grass stained with my nectar.  As my orgasm ramped down, cum ran from me and down my legs.  I gasped and collapsed into the grass.

I lay there most of the rest of the night, which admittedly wasn’t very long.  As the sun came up, I got up and gathered up my clothing.  I walked down a narrow path, to the pool below and bathed in the warm water.  Satisfied and clean I dressed and headed home.

A Letter, My Wife, Closure

I arrived home today, it was a usual day, as far as usual can go.  Psyiah had been away fighting in a war when she was caught up in a terrible storm.  She returned home to me eventually but the very next morning after her return, she disappeared.  I was well into month two without my wife.  I had come to accept my new life, alone, my wife no where to be found.  She had disappeared, without a trace.  A few weeks had passed since her disappearance.


Upon climbing the steps, leading to my front yard, I noticed I had mail.  “Probably bills,” I said to myself as I opened the mailbox.  What I found inside brought me to my knees…there was a letter, from Psyiah.


“Could it be!?  Could my wife really be alive!?”  The thoughts raced through my head.  I knelt in the grass and cried to the gods.  “Oh please let this really be from her. Let her be at the chapel waiting for me! Oh gods PLEASE!”, I cried out into the night.  I summoned my fastest steed and rode like my life depended on it, leaving the city of Mist behind me.


As I approached the chapel I slowed down and dismounted.  A figure sat in front, shrouded in darkness.  I approached slowly, the shape seemed familiar yet also different.  “Psy…..Psyiah?”, I spoke softly and with uncertainty.


I thought I heard her speak to the butterfly on her shoulder.  If it was Psyiah, the butterfly was a gift I had given her months before.  Slowly the stranger stood up and turned to face me.  I gasped as I saw a face I didn’t recognize; but the eyes… they stood out.  She spoke, “hi Anni.”


It was Psyiah!  I began crying with joy and ran to her.  I threw myself into her body and wrapped my arms around her.  I sobbed into her shoulder and she, into mine.


Reluctantly she lifted her hood and exposed her new form to me.  We both wept.  She was filled with the fear of what I might think of her while I was filled with mixed emotions from seeing her new form and from her disappearance.


Not much was said and many tears where shed.


She appeared weary and tired.  I helped her climb onto my chocobo and took her home.


The sun now up, I could better see her new body and shape.  Her new hair, skin and…..scales.  Slowly I undressed her.  Her skin was dirty.  Patches of dust, dirt and dried blood could be seen here and there.  Her clothing was not entirely her own, it was battered and worn.


I saw her bare back, marked with bruises and scars.  She had been beaten.  She explained how she had been abducted and put into a dungeon.  She knew not who her captors were but they were skilled.  No less than three times had the authorities scoured our property, after her disappearance.  Not once did they ever find an indication of foul play; leaving me to believe she had left me.  I broke down crying again, seeing her home and beaten broke my heart.


I finished undressing her and pulled her naked body into mine.  I held her in my arms as we cried and cried and cried.


She began explaining her treatment and how she had become her new self.  Her captors, desiring to dismantle our combined strength had set out to divide us.  They forced her to drink a foul potion.  Over the course of a few weeks her body transformed into that of an Aura.


‘They sought to separate us.” Psyiah explained.  Thinking no one, including myself, would want her now, with her scaly body and horns.  I looked into her eyes, “they were wrong.”.  I drew a bath.  Gently I washed the dust and blood from her sore body.  Without her notorious feline healing powers, she was taking longer to recover from her treatment while imprisoned.


After bathing her, I held her in my arms and embraced her.  She wept and whispered in my ear, “I am home…”.  I squeezed her tighter, still crying, I whispered back:

“I am whole.”


When you love someone that love transcends all.  Nothing can separate you or take you down.  Those who mean to bring an end to your love know not of the power of true love.

There is no force in the entire universe stronger than that of true love.

Go to your loved ones, share our story and let them know of the power of love, tell them of the gift you give to them and hold them in your arms.


I woke up, suddenly, in the middle of the night last night. I had a nightmare. I was dreaming that Psyiah was leaving me. She had packed her bags and was walking out the door. I called to her but she just kept walking. I cried to her, begging her not to leave me but she never looked back.

I woke up to see her still sleeping beside me. She was purring in her sleep and was drooling a little. My dream scared me. I can’t live without my kitten. She means everything to me. I know she would never leave me but my dream was a reminder to always treat her right and love her with all the love I have.

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