A beautiful smile forms on her face and lights up the room.

I could smell the sweet aroma of flowers as I blinked. My eyes adjusted to the morning light as I woke up. On my back I looked up at the ceiling. Smiling. The kitten laying beside me shifted and purred in her sleep. I turned to look at her. She was laying on her side, softly dozing, a slight smile on her face.

I felt my heart swell within my bosom. “Gods she beautiful,” I whispered to myself. I turned onto my side and kissed her forehead. I paused there for a moment, my sniffer drew in the smell of spring flowers, a result of her shampoo.

A couple tears streamed from one eye as I considered the events of the last couple months. My wife left me. I reconnected with an old friend. Said friend and I got too close and well…. it just didn’t work out. Then I met her. The kitten beside me.

We shared a common friend. A friend whom felt we might be good friends for each other. Oh how right he was. Its been a week now. We have been on more adventures than I can count. She has shown me the world and taken me places I only ever dreamed of seeing.

Today is a new day. She blinks, her eyes open and meet mine. A beautiful smile forms on her face and lights up the room.

I am finally happy.

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