The Feeling is Mutual

While out adventuring with Psyiah we stopped on a rooftop, of all places, for a break.  I wasn’t expecting it, but Psyiah just started kissing me!  I wanted this so bad…I’ve secretly been dreaming of kissing her like this but never dared to.  I mean, we’ve kissed before.  A few times to be honest, but we’ve never like…made out.  It got pretty hot.

Missed Her So Much

So Psyiah had to go away for training, which left me with out her for a few days.  Normally that wouldn’t have been a big deal but while she was gone I came to the realization that I am really falling for her.  She’s so kind and sweet.  Being away from her for so long was a lot harder than I was expecting. I cried a couple times, it was my first time in our house alone.

Psyiah sneaking up on me, upon her return from training.

She gave me the most wonderful hug.

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