First Training Session

Master took me into a dungeon for my first training session in self control.  Before heading out she gave me a small insertable vibrator.  Upon entering the dungeon she turned it on low.  I was not to orgasm nor was I to let on to anyone else there, that something was amiss.  After each boss encounter my master turned it up to a higher setting.  I made it to the end of the dungeon with the vibrator inside my pussy on the highest setting.  Precum was running down my legs and I could barely stand!  Master watched as I struggled and strained to control my body.

Finally she let me cum.  I soaked my panties and my juices ran down my legs.  Master smiled as she watched my body shake with pleasure.  I passed my first training session!

Be Still My Heart

When I am with u my heart just stops…

This morning I woke up to the sweetest message from my master. It left me speechless:

Morning kitten, I don’t know the words to say to express my feels. I believe they are more than any word could describe. When I am with u my heart just stops as if time for us has stoped and we are just living in that moment. Then reality hits and we have to part, and I think you take that heart with you as I don’t feel it untill your return. Be a good kitty, master has to work now.

I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve someone so caring but yet here she is. I have been blessed.

Being Owned: A Special Someone

Okay, wait a minute… no I am not having issues with Annimae… actually the complete opposite. My love has grown for her so much, it feels as if nothing can break it. With that it comes to be a new chapter in our lives. She gained a new special someone, and you can read about her post here, and so have I.

I will not be addressing her by her name, but rather only by who she is to me… my Master.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Master?!” Yup, I am officially owned by another person, but rest assured, I am still married to Annimae and I am still deeply in love with her. My ‘Master’ recently expressed her feeling to me and wanted to own me. It was after a trial, (which I can go into detail  later) that I fully accepted and was collared by her.

Well that is all for now, but stay tuned as I will be making more posts to catch up on the exciting times that have passed in these few days.


A New Special Lady in My Life

No no no, Psyiah and I didn’t split.  he he.  In fact since she proposed to renew our vows our love has only grown stronger and stronger!  There is, however a new special lady in my life.  There is one in Psyiah’s life too but I’ll leave that story up to her.

I can’t say my new friend’s name, she forbids me to use it.  Its too “personal” she says.  Instead she only allows me to refer to her as master, owner, mistress or something similar.  That’s right I am now a pet/slave for a wonderful master!

It all began a little under a week ago.  We were talking via social media and teasing each other.  She wanted me to see some decorating she had done and I didn’t ever get around to seeing it.  She teased that I should be punished.  I played along of course and let her spank me.  She bent me over her lap, pulled down my pants and panties and spanked me good.  Once my ass cheeks were red, she began spanking my tender pussy.  I cried a little and when she asked what I would do to pay her back I told her I would serve her.

She immediately accepted my offer of service and demanded I “sit” on her tail.  Think of it as kind of like an initiation.  She pressed her thick, scaly tail into my pussy while I squatted over it.  She pushed it in deep and hard.  It wasn’t about my pleasure but about hers.  I was not allowed to cum at all, for the focus was to be on her pleasure and not mine.  I looked down at her face as she fucked my pussy with her tail, deep and hard.  She pushed 10″ of her tail into me.  It hurt so much I cried.  There was a small bulge visible on my tummy from her stuffing so much of her tail inside my pussy.  Just when I thought I could not take it any more, she let me cum.  Gods it was amazing!

The rest, as they say, is history.  For the last six days I have been reporting to her daily and fulfilling her requests and desires.  Stay tuned for many new stories as I fill you in on what has transpired over the last week and as we begin our new adventures together!

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