Milk and Honey

Sometimes, having sex out doors is what we like to do. And have our own private hot springs is a wonderful edition to our sexual adventures. It was a gift from a good friend of ours, and it is something that we very much enjoy.

I began with telling my wife to strip naked. We placed our things in the cubies and I got into the water. Then I proceeded to instruct her to bend over. Her body turns me on so much, and just having it available when ever I want to, is even more pleasure. I spread her cheeks and began to lick her anus. My finger began to please her flower as she teased her from behind.


ffxiv_dx11 2018-03-25 16-12-28
Eating my wife from behind

I began to finger her a bit more and wanted her to enjoy herself. So I ensured that she felt the center of my attention. My fingers moved to tease her and bring her satisfaction. I let my thumb slide into her flower as I used my index and middle finger to rub her button. I licked and fingered her. As I felt her get close, I turned her around. I was ready to drink.


ffxiv_dx11 2018-03-25 16-12-35
She tastes so wonderful

I cupped my mouth over her clit and began to suckle on it, giving her the ultimate pleasure. I just kept going, and my hands on her hips. She knew what I wanted and she was going to give it to me. As I felt her cum, I quickly moved my mouth over her flower. There I swallowed her cum, her nectar, her honey. It was sweet as always and satisfied me so.


ffxiv_dx11 2018-03-25 16-34-07
Drinking her honey

We moved into the spa itself and we sat together. She remained on her knees and I made sure I was at the level of her succulent breasts. I began to tease her, kicking her nipple and licking it. I saw traces of milk and swallowed. I soon began to nibble on her nipple, teasing her, and edging her again. It was not long until she came again, as I felt her warm cum hit my tummy underneath the water. I smiled as I nursed drinking her milk. I drank from her other breast and enjoyed what she provides to me.


ffxiv_dx11 2018-03-25 16-59-49
Staring at each other souls

She brings much joy to my world, and her gorgeous body is just one of the many things I love about her. We are all not perfect, but I do know that she is to me… she has and always meant to be my wife.


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Two kitties madly inlove



The Library (A Roleplay Story)

Once and a while, Anni and I do a bit of roleplay and explore some of our fantasies. We do this as we really enjoy exploring our sexual desires and are adventurous. With this roleplay, Anni was returning a late book and I was the librarian who needed to punish her due to it being a year late. Hehe, needless to say, it was so hot and I just wanted to share it. Enjoy! ♥


I was finalizing some of the documents that required my attention, but it seems I was interrupted by a young girl who tossed a book on my desk. I was quiet upset about it, as she was quite rude.

She was quite adamant about just leaving. I was NOT going to have that. This young girl came into my library and thought there is no payment for these actions. As she walked away I scolded at her as I found out how late the book was; one year!

I walked over to her, prior to locking the main door and I was very upset. She offered to pay the ‘fee’ in gil, but I smacked it out of her hands. Gil?! The nerve of this girl… she thought that she could toss me money and get away from disrespecting my library like that? I made her pick up her gil and as she did, I noticed her pink panties. I looked at them and enjoyed the view.

She kept thinking the ‘fee’ of payment was money. I wanted her to know that it was NOT money I wanted. But rather something more precious… I quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the back of the library where I showed her the real location of where payment would be taken. She was scared and rightfully so!

She soon realized as I opened my hidden bedroom my true intentions. She tried to run, but I yanked on her top, which eventually ripped off. Her large breasts where exposed and I wanted to take her payment even more! They jiggled wildly as I pulled at her to drag her into the bedroom. I picked her up and tossed her on the bed. There, I quickly shut the hidden wall and prepared myself to take what I wanted.

She soon realized she has no where to go, and her payment will be taken! I jumped on the girl and pressed my breasts on hers as I locked her wrists and her ankles to the bed. Soon I began to have my way with the young girl. She squirmed and fought, but my sexual desire overtook her struggling. I wanted her flower as payment, and was willing to do whatever it took to get it!

She was finally giving in, as I forced the strap-on in her. I began to take her virginity as she struggled. She soon realized it was pointless to struggle. I thrusted the faux member inside her and took her body for my own pleasure. She rejected the enjoyment… at first. Eventually, I began going down on my victim and she fought for a bit, but then realized how much she enjoyed it. I ran my tongue up and down her flower and began to devour her. I could taste her sweet precum as my tongue lapped her. I wanted her to cum, I need her taste. I kept going not wanting to stop. I felt her pussy contract and her orgasm finally hit. I drank her sweet young cum and enjoyed it all. Her payment was met.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed doing it. We love exploring new sexual adventures within our lives. I love her so much and only wish to keep having fun with my wife in the bed and out.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-03-10 23-11-36
My beautiful wife


-Psyiah Nalani♥

When Cat’s Play Hooky…

My wife is beyond sexy, and sometimes I just can’t keep my hands off of her. The way she looks at me, her presence, it is as if I am in heat for her.

We played hooky today from work and we spent the day being… well… us! I really enjoyed the time I have spent with her, especially with my time away from her recently. We played with latex and… well.. we got really excited on the feeling… the sensation we felt.

From there, things just got even more sexual.I pulled down my panties in the middle of the desert and I begged her give me pleasure… anally…

Soon we went back to the Tea House… did a quick photo-shoot and ended up getting frisky again… I could keep my hands off of her!

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I have really enjoyed my time with wife, and I needed it. Having all that time away from my wife has been hard on me, but I am back in her arms and ever grateful for that. I love her so much.

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My best friend, my wife, my soulmate



2 Bottles…

I wanted to fill up some bottles before I left once again for my training. So last night that is what I did before I went to sleep. I forced myself to cum over and over. I rubbed myself until I squirted. I was not able to fill a lot of bottles… but just enough for my wife and a friend to enjoy.

This was the result…

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-A Naughty Psyiah

New Job: Day Mission 1/9

Today started off right, I got up and was at my gathering early in the morning. I was ready to take on the day. Sleep help and having my master’s snuggles helped me too.

I received sweet messages from my wife as I headed in to Kugane, and we flirted a bit. Girl talk with her is always the best.

I got to the barracks and found out we where going on a run this morning. I was so ready, and soon found out Serriah was going to be in the front. I made sure to put her to shame. Too bad all that cock sucking doesn’t help you when you run! Ha! I left her in the dust and everyone made fun of her. Justice.

I got back, and received complements from the other guards. I was happy and headed to take a shower. Soon I got my orders for the day, I get to work with a close friend of mine today! She is my wife’s master, and secretly, I soo have a crush on her.

As I waited for her, I pondered about what we will be doing today. It was nice to work with someone I knew.

She arrived and we had to just talk. Girl talk you know, hehe. It was so nice, we talked about Anni, how our morning was going, and Anni. *Giggles*

Our orders where pretty clear. I was to support the Paladin as she investigated the situation.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-09 18-27-29

We walked through Kugane and questioned multiple citizens. We found a strong clue from a man who seemed to have loose lips. Seemed very proud on his accomplishments.

After connecting the dots, we found the contraband! I arrested the culprits and Anni’s master ensured they did not get away. It was successful. Luckily, my friend was there, as her armor was intimidating to the locals.

During the time we where looking around the city, I kept seeing her check me out. I felt her eyes just looking me over. I felt a bit sexually flustered at times. Ever since I first met her, I could not keep my eyes from here. She is so pretty! Upon leaving the scene I found an alley way, and could not resist but to kiss her, and she kissed me back! But then!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-09 19-05-27

We where spotted! I tried to grab the camera from the person, but they ran! We both where embarrassed!

What a crazy turn of events!


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