Pink Bunny

I pushed it as deep into my pussy as it would go and left it there.

I stole off to a quiet area within in the Lavender Beds.  I brought my pink bunny with me.  It was a quiet evening, the crickets and a nearby waterfall produced the only sound.  I stripped my body of its repressive garments  and stretched.  The air was cool and refreshing.  My nipples reacted accordingly.


I looked around for anyone and pondered my bravery.  Not a sole was in sight but there was a bridge nearby.  Any travelers would have to stop and look down below to see me.  I pulled out the pink bunny and examined it.  It was one of my favorite vibrators, it has a nice smooth shaft and and extra piece which was intended for tickling one’s clit.


I tipped my head back and slowly slid the long shaft into my mouth.  I pulled it out, covered with my saliva and gently rubbed it over my clit.  I turned it on and let the vibrations do their work.  I moaned quietly as I became more aroused.  I slipped the tip into my tight pussy.  It felt wonderful.  I held it in for a moment, feeling the vibrations tremble through my body.  ‘Mmmmm so good….’ I mumbled to myself.

I got down on my knees, in a partial sitting position.  The knob end of the dildo rested on the ground and I sat down on it pushing it deep into my snatch.  I gasped and grabbed my breasts with both hands.  ‘Oh fuck!’ I exclaimed as the vibrating ears touched my clit.  I lifted myself half way up off the dildo then back down.  My pussy was now plenty wet with precum.

Up and down. I slowly fucked the dildo with long slow strokes.  With each downward motion, the bunny ears vibrated on my clit.  With my little button nestled between the plastic ears, I held it.  I felt my orgasm approaching.  My clit throbbed and my body tensed up.  I lifted myself up just in time, edging myself and denying my own body its orgasm.  I repeated this process, edging myself and denying myself an orgasm.  Precum dripped from my pussy and ran down the dildo into the grass.


“Oh fuck!  Anni, you are so mean to yourself!”  I giggled at the thought of how ridiculous that might have sounded.  Finally I lowered my soaked cunt onto the vibrator and let it finish the job.  I squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples as I held back my orgasm.  Finally I let go.  My body seized up and shook as I came.  My pussy tightened around the faux shaft as cum sprayed from my pussy into the grass.  I held the position as long as I could, pushing my body through a first, second and third orgasm.

I gasped and lifted myself off the toy.  Cum ran from my pussy in long strings of thick deliciousness.  I reached down between my legs with my fingers and sampled it.  “mmmmm so sweet….”  I panted, kneeling in the grass, now on all fours. Over and over I moistened my fingers with my wet and throbbing pussy only to lick and suck off all my juices.


After I caught my breath I picked up the dildo.  With my face down in the grass and my ass up, I slipped it back into my pussy.  I imagined my kitty behind me, giving it to me with our favorite strap-on. ‘he he he’ I giggled. ‘Or should I say, Psyiah’s favorite strap-on’  My wife loved taking me from behind.

I pushed it as deep into my pussy as it would go and left it there.  I grabbed fistfuls of grass and moaned as the pink bunny did its job.  I screamed into the grass and held back.  I moaned and screamed her name, “Fuck me Psyiah, oh shit, FUCK ME!”  I pretended she was there, letting me have it.  The little ears vibrated on my clit while the shaft made work of my vaginal walls and g-spot.  I held as long as I could then let go.  My pussy contracted and the vibrator fell out.  I squirted a stream of cum from my soaked pussy, over and over.  With every contraction, a new squirt, leaving the grass stained with my nectar.  As my orgasm ramped down, cum ran from me and down my legs.  I gasped and collapsed into the grass.

I lay there most of the rest of the night, which admittedly wasn’t very long.  As the sun came up, I got up and gathered up my clothing.  I walked down a narrow path, to the pool below and bathed in the warm water.  Satisfied and clean I dressed and headed home.

New Toy and Anal Play

After a day of sexting back and fourth, Psyiah had a little fun last night. She brought home a new string of anal beads. My kitty loves anal play. I can’t say I mind! She has such a nice round ass. We both stripped down naked, she got down on the floor in front of me, on her hands and knees. Well, she was really laying her head on the floor but her ass was up in the air. I took a peek at her lovely pussy, it was already damp, it anticipated the play time ahead. I slowly massaged her round, firm ass cheeks and gently pulled them apart, exposing her tight little ass hole. I applied a dab of lotion and began to loosen her up with one finger. She was as hot as you could imagine. She immediately began moaning. I ran the string of six beads over her wet pussy then began to work the first bead, also the smallest one, into her cute anus. She had her first orgasm. I could feel her body shiver and hear her moan. Gently I worked in the second bead. It was a little bigger than the first. Then I pulled it out, leaving only the first bead in her. Toying with her butt was making me hot. My loins began to tingle. I would push the second and third beads into her anus and watch it close up behind each one. She moaned each time a new bead entered her. Her first orgasm never really ended. She was riding a wave of pleasure. Soon she came again. Now she was wet enough that it was running down her legs. This excited me, I could feel my clit throbbing.

I continued to push in the forth and still larger bead. Her claws scraped at the wood floor. Her pleasure was peaking yet again. Her body shook and cum ran down her legs. I continued to tease her and slowly pulled the fourth bead back out. I watched as her anus slowly stretched and the 4th bead popped out. Psyiah’s fists clenched up due to the pleasure. I applied more lotion. I did not want to hurt my kitten. I wanted this anal play to be as pleasurable as possible. Slowly I pushed the fourth bead back in and began to work the fifth bead in behind it. Psyiah’s anus was forced open once more as the fifth bead entered her. I tugged on the toy, gently, as if to pull the beads out but I did not. I pulled just hard enough to apply pressure to her anus and give her pleasure. She gasped and moaned and came again. This time she squirted. I could hear her juices spray onto the floor. She howled and panted as she orgasmed. I paused and rubbed her ass cheeks, letting her enjoy her orgasm. There was one last bead remaining. And it was the largest one. I gently wiggled it around and worked it into Psyiah’s anus. I watched her hole stretch more than it had that night and let the bead pass into her. My legs quivered as I came. The excitement of watching Psyiah had gotten to me and made me orgasm. My juices ran down my legs as I continued to gaze upon my kitty.

The sixth and final bead slipped into Psyiah and her hole puckered up behind it. She yelped in pleasure and began orgasming again. More cum squirted from her. She got weak and slid forward. Her hips dropped to the floor. I was still holding onto the ring, on the end of the toy. As her hips dropped to the floor I inadvertently pulled four of the beads out of her ass. The unintentional stimulation pushed Psyiah along. I watched her pussy throb and squirt out cum from between her spread legs. I let go of the toy and got down on the floor beside her. I gave her a kiss and made sure she was ok. She had an enormous grin on her face and kissed me back. She loved the new toy and the cum on the floor was a testament to it. I reached back and pulled the last two beads from her anus then gently guided her over onto her back. I climbed on top of her and kissed her and told her how wonderful she was and how much fun having sex with her was.

So yea, the toy was a huge success. Psyiah loved it and I was totally turned on while playing with her ass. We will be doing this again sometime I am sure of that!

Quickie in Mist

Apparently Psyiah wanted a taste.  She randomly got on her knees and pulled me in close.  Right in public!


It was quick, delicious, oral sex.  The spontaneity of it got me all excited!


Lets just say, it was so good, I made a mess on her! Soon after we headed to the shower to clean up.


Spontaneous sex is awesome.  It removes you from the hustle and bustle of every-day life and reminds you: “This kitty here, is what is important.  Nothing else matters.”


Take time out of your busy day to be spontaneous.  Your relationship will grow.

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