Used for Master’s Pleasure

Anni squirms under the dominating strength of her owner. She moans and whimpers but obediently takes the fucking she is given.

[Anni enters her master’s house]

Anni sits and watches quietly as her master trains.
Master: “Oh kitten,” huff  “I did not see you come in.” She turns to Anni you can see she is sweating, she towels her brow off  “Take your coat off please.” Her master says as she starts to undress herself and step into the bath.
Anni takes off her coat to reveal she wears naught but her collar and wedding ring. “Yes mistress.”
Master: “I want you to masturbate while I take my bath, please, sit on one of the pillows and spread wide for me. I will let you have your pick if you want a toy or not.” Master closes her eye as she wets her hair.
“Yes mistress, of course.” Anni assumes the position and spreads her legs wide. Her pink flower petals separate to show her pink. Anni licks her finger and runs it over her flower. She obediently remains silent.
Master washes her hair as she watches kitten. “Master loves how your flower looks.” She slowly moves her hands down washing her body, she cups her breast, slowly making circles over her nipples and pinches them lightly.
Anni smiles and uses two hands to pull open her flower. Her inner pink is very visible. Anni rubs her little clit while showing off her pussy.
Master moans seeing kittens pussy. “Very good kitten, you are so beautiful.”  Master pulls her nipples a bit harder and you watch as she lets them go and they bounce back in place.
In the moment, Anni feels like a decoration. A belonging who’s purpose is to give her owner pleasure when gazed upon. Anni smiles at the thought and masturbates again for her owner. Wetness begins to become apparent in the middle of Anni’s flower as a few drops of precum seep out.
Master’s hands move very slowly down her tummy, she winks at Anni hoping kitten is liking the show she is putting on for her as well. “I want to hear your sexy moans kitten.” Master says seductively, her hand rubbing her mound.
Anni gets more excited as she watches her owner. Her clit is fully erect now. Anni touches herself getting precum on her finger. Slowly she slips it into her tight pussy. “mmmmmmm oooooh” Anni moans at the pleasure.
Master, still trying to wash herself, is soaping up with one hands and playing with her pussy with her other. She bites her lower lip and each time she moans she closes her eyes. “Kitten, I want to see cum all over your fingers. I want you to taste it for me.” Master takes her washing hand and puts it up to her mouth and bits on her nail, in a sexy cute way.
Anni smiles and pulls her finger from her pussy, covered in precum. Anni wags her tail as she shows it to her owner before sucking it off and sliding it back in. Anni rubs her clit a bit faster now. She is getting more and more excited. Precum drips onto her master’s nice pillows.
With out saying a word master walks over to Anni and steps out of the tub. She places herself between kittens legs as she gets on her knees. Looking into kittens eyes, she smiles as she kisses her, pushing her to lay down. Then she lifts Anni’s legs and slides her tail deep inside Anni. Master’s own precum sliding down her tail and Anni can feel it as it starts to cover her filled pussy.
Anni bites her lip and leans back, following her owners desires to use her pussy. Anni can feel her pussy stretch as her master slides her tail in, filling Anni. Anni gasps and grabs her legs and pulls them back giving her crotch to her master. ‘Make me cry’ Anni begs in her head as she feels the tip of master’s tail slide in.
Anni’s master bites Anni’s neck, as she starts sliding her tail in and out, going deeper with each thrust. Soon, she pulls away from her neck, holding Anni’s legs down, she positions her hand so her thumb is right on Anni’s clit. Watching as Anni’s tits bounce, master starts fucking her hard, her thumb working her throbbing clit.
Anni squirms under the dominating strength of her owner. She moans and whimpers but obediently takes the fucking she is given. A wet slapping sound as the two girls’ mixed precum gives way to master’s forceful tail thrusts. Slowly the pain increases as master forces her tail into Anni’s pussy, deeper and deeper.
Master pushes in deeper still, the feeling of being so deep inside Anni, makes her tail twitch and throb, Anni can see the look in her master’s face, she has see it before. She is over taken with lust again, and is going to keep fucking Anni still she cums, herself. Still rubbing Anni’s clit, she uses her other hands and starts massaging Anni’s breast, pinching and pulling on her nipples. Master picks up the pace, her own precum now completely covering her tail and Anni’s pussy, rolling down her ass and onto the pillow.
Anni winces in pain as her pussy is stretched by the thick girth of master’s tail. Anni gasps as she thinks she feels the tail tip on her cervix. A tear runs from Anni’s eye as her body is used. Anni whimpers as she cums. It was an orgasm but it brought her little pleasure. It was forced upon her by her master. Anni’s pussy tightens around her master’s tail, surely the outcome master was looking for while forcing Anni to cum.
Master keeps pounding away at Anni’s pussy, her own orgasm closing in. “Fuck kitten, I’m gonna cum soon, I want to fill your pussy with my cum.” She gives a few more forceful thrusts and then pulls her tail out and places her pussy right on top of Anni’s, she twitches and her walls contract as she oozes into Anni’s wet pussy, so much that it overflows and runs over her anus and it drops on the floor
Anni gasps and moans as her sensitive pussy is fucked harder and harder. Tears run from Anni’s eyes as the pain increases. She feels master’s tail hitting her cervix. She pants as master pulls out, feeling relief. Anni’s pussy is gaping open due to the width of master’s tail. Anni can feel master’s cum flow into her body. It’s warming feeling is welcome.
Master sets Anni down, cum overflowing, and looks into her eyes, you can see the lust has left her, she kisses Anni, pressing her soft lips against hers.
Anni lays still and kisses her master passionately. Slowly Anni’s pussy lips close up, trapping her master’s cum inside.
Master nuzzles her cheek against Anni, “I love you kitten, so much!” Master rolls to her side and holds Anni close
Anni smiles and purrs. “Kitten loves her mistress and is happy to serve her.”
Master kisses her again, “Kitten was very good.” She giggles.
Anni: “Thank you for using me master. Kitten likes feeling helpless and overpowered.”
Master: “Thank you for that show. You turn me on so bad. Was not planning that, but seeing you open like that I could not help myself.”
Anni giggles, “Kitten is happy you took what you wanted from her. This pussy is yours master.”
Master giggles and whispers in Anni’s ear, “Damn right!”
Anni blushes. “Ugh! Master, kitten just loves being your sub!”
Master: “You know you are more than that right?”
Anni: “He he, kitten knows she is special to master, but kitten must remember her place.”
Master: “Yes you know your place.”
Anni purrs proudly then whispers, “Master, my pussy is still full of your cum….blushes kitten wants to keep it there.”
Master blushes bright, “I was hoping you would want that.” She trails her finger lightly across your pussy lips.
Anni giggles as master teases her lips, “Do you have any tape?”
Master: “I do kitten wait right here.” She heads to her toy drawer and shifts around, not long later she comes back with a roll of costume tape.  “Will this work kitten?”
Anni nods.  She folds her labia over while her master applies a wide strip of cloth tape over her pussy to help keep her master’s warm cum inside her. “That should help.”
Master kisses Anni’s now closed flower. “Good kitten.” She smiles.  “Now I think you should get dressed for the day.”
Anni stands up and smiles.  She carefully gets dressed and goes off to work as usual, with her pussy full of her master’s juices.

Beaten and Used

My body does not belong to me any more, once I was collared, I gave up my body to my owner.  Tonight she came home frustrated and used me the way a good slave should be used.

First she bent me over and beat me.  She struck my ass and pussy over and over until they stung.  She was taking out her anger on me.

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Then she said she wanted sex.  I told her I wasn’t in the mood but it didn’t matter.  She forced herself on me and had sex with me any way.  I was obedient and let her have her way with me.  She forced me to cum multiple times including squirting all over her chest.

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Master thanked me for being so obedient and gave me cuddles.

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She nursed off me, drinking all my milk.  She knew my breasts hurt and took care of me.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-04 18-35-33

This body I am in belongs to her.  I give it to her for her use and her pleasure.  It brings me joy to know she looks to this body to fulfill her needs.

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