Two Potions

Anni uncorks the bottle and hands it to Psyiah. “Just take a swig hun, not too much.”

I recently surprised Psyiah with a gift.  Honestly its really for both of us but she will use it. I won’t.

Anni pets Psyiah softly while she sleeps.

Psyiah purrs softly. She shifts a bit in bed and her ears twitch happily as she is petted. The tip of her tail moves a bit as she lightly sleeps.

Anni senses Psy may be waking up and scratches her behind her ear.

Psyiah purrs a bit loudly and her legs shift a bit. She breathes in deeply and slowly moves to stretch her legs. She yawns a bit and makes a cute grunt as she stretches her body.

“Hey hunny, have a nice little nap?” Anni strokes Psy’s ear then gives scratches behind it again.

Psyiah smiles and nods, “Mmm hmm” she says with her hands above her head and her breasts showing with her shawl riding up above her cute and firm breasts. “Mew…” she says as she lays looking up at Anni with a sparkle in her eyes.

Anni smiles down at her beautiful wife and leans down to kiss her.  After the soft kiss, Anni takes advantage of Psyiah’s groggy state and moves to latch onto her breast.  Anni begins to softly nurse.

Psyiah purrs and blushes. She blinks slowly and purrs. Her tail swaying left to right as she feels her wife nursing on her nipple. “Mmmm… this is a good way to wake up.” she says softly and in a moaning tone.

Anni gently tugs at Psyiah’s nipple at first but as the milk begins to flow, she is a bit firmer as she aims to stimulate the breast.  She also massages the breast with her hands, kneading the tissue while she drinks.

Psyiah smiles and moans feeling Anni’s tugging on her nipple. She shifts in the bed with her legs moving up and down and purrs “Mmm…”

Anni firmly but lovingly drinks from her wife.  Due to the reduced production she finishes quickly and moves to Psyiah’s other breast.  She does the same, drinking firmly and massaging Psyiah’s breast.

Psyiah moans and moves her hands up to caress Anni’s firm and fit body. She grazes her fingertips across Anni’s back and skin. She enjoys the smoothness of Anni’s skin and moans feeling the sensation of Anni’s warm mouth on her other nipple. “Mmmm. This. This feels good.” she moans quietly.

Anni smiles as she drinks.  She suckles until the breast is drained and pulls away, licking her lips. “mmmm I’m glad you still like it hunny, you taste very sweet, as usual.” Anni moves up to kiss Psy once more.

Psyiah smiles at Anni. She pulls her wife in and kisses her lips, tasting a bit of herself on her wife’s tongue. She moans “Mmm…” she pulls away from the kiss. “Of course I still enjoy this baby… Mmm.. of course I do.” She says with a sultry tone.

Anni smiles at her wife, happy and content. She lays beside her wife and purrs. “So….about that good news….” Anni winks.

Psyiah perks up a bit and gets on her side, clearly awake now. “OH! Right!” She giggles eagerly unsure what the news is. “Right! So…” she giggles a bit.

Anni grabs her bag. “Ok so, like I said I have been talking with an alchemist for the last few weeks.” Anni pulls out a couple bottles. “and he helped me with something.”

“Oh? Okay.” Psyiah looks at the bag, clearly curious. Her ears perk up, just like a kitten being curious about something new. “Wait, why an alchemist?”

Anni places the bottles on the bed. One is black and the other is white. “Well, cause I needed a couple special potions created.”

Psyiah sits up and looks at the bottles. “Oh? Wait… um honey… I.. I thought we were done with the fantasia potions?” she says tilting her head curiously.

“Ha-ha WE ARE!” Anni glares playfully, “but….you um said something the other day….you mentioned you were getting low on your futa pills. so…..” Anni nods toward the bottles.

“Oh! Okay, he-he. Oh, um yeah… I am almost out now. So you got more then! You replicated the pills?!” She says, grabbing one of the potions but suddenly hears swishing of liquid rather than pills. She looks up at Anni very confused.

“Ok so here’s the deal.  I gave the ingredients list to this alchemist I know. He worked with me to create these two potions that replicate the pills.  But….they are also different.”  Anni picks up the large bottles and holds one in each of her outstretched palms.

Psyiah tilts her head, still unsure of their contents. She remains quiet to hear Anni explain, as she looks at each potion.

“Ok, so….the white one….this will make you grow a futa cock.  Um but two things: first, the more you drink the larger, longer and thicker you will grow.  So you would want to drink a little bit at a time until you are the size we want.  Second um….well…..unlike the pills….”

Psyiah remains quiet and her eyes widen with the first point.

“Um, it’s a permanent change.  Meaning it doesn’t wear off with time.” Anni blushes.

Psyiah looks at the bottle then at Anni, then at the bottle then at Anni. She blushes and bites her lower lip. She covers her mouth and gives a gasp “Wait.. so… you mean that… um… that I will.. permanently grow a futa cock!?” says in an excited tone.

“Yup! You will grow the size cock you want and it will be permanent!”

“You did that, for me?!” Psyiah smiles big and is very excited.

“Well, for us.” Anni giggles. “You see…..I’ve grown to really enjoy your cock.”

Psyiah blushes red and bites her lower lip at Anni. She giggles a bit and her ears fold down a bit as she seems to enjoy the idea. Her body language beams as she is excited. “He he he he… um.. he he. Okay… I.. um… he he. I um…” She says, clearly lost of words but cuts herself off, “Wait, what does the other one do?”

“He he you’re just too cute when you are flustered.” Anni holds up the black bottle, “well this one has the opposite effect. Drink it and your cock will shrink.  Drink enough and it goes away completely.”

Psyiah gently nudges the black bottle away and takes the white one. “He he.. um… so…” she giggles a lot and blushes red

”So what do you think? Wana show me that wonderful cock of yours? Oh! I did want to say one thing…..”

Psyiah nods but remains quiet to hear Anni speak once more.

“I really, REALLY enjoy the feeling of falling asleep with a long thick cock in my pussy so…. I was hoping you would want to make yourself nice and big, like….bigger than average.”

Psyiah bites her lower lip and her blush goes from pink to red “Um.. hehehe… um…” she takes both bottles and places them next to her. She leans in and hugs her wife. The hug is not one of gratitude, but rather of extreme joy and love. She grips her wife and holds her tightly. She says quietly “Thank you baby… I know you did this for us, and I really thank you.” she kisses her wife’s neck and squeezes her.

Anni smiles and hugs her wife back. “You’re welcome hunny.  very welcome.”

Psyiah giggles and is all giddy. She jumps out of bed and runs around with the white one and begins talking fast, “So, make it huge, no, small, NO HUGE! Omg I don’t know! Should I drink it now? What if I drink all of it?! Wait, will two grow if I drink it all now?! I think I should just test it, wait no! Drink half now, then half later?! How soon will it take into effect?! Should I be naked? Will it hurt? Wait, do I need to pee standing up?? What if I spill it on my skin?!” She walks around the room clearly excited as she talks fast and does not let Anni respond.

Anni giggles and lets her wife ramble.  She places the black bottle on the shelf so it doesn’t spill.

“hunny….lol first get naked, and yes, I think you should try it now.  It will take a few minutes although the alchemist wasn’t sure how long it would take.

Psyiah giggles and nods. She breaths after talking fast and giggles, “Oh gods.. hehe. Sorry honey! Um, okay yes. Getting naked!” She places the bottle carefully down on the floor and giggles. She slides her panties down and kicks them to the side. She looks down at her pussy and rubs her folds. She looks up at Anni “Wait. will I lose my pussy? Or gain balls?” She asks a bit worried.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-15 21-23-00.png

“hehe you are just too cute. No, your pussy and clit will remain.  You will grow a cock but no balls.” Anni picks up the bottle so it doesn’t get kicked over by the very excited Psyiah.

Okay! she giggles and blushes as she is clearly excited. She continues touching herself, but not in way for self-pleasure, rather to just feel her bare mound and her smooth pussy. She blushes and breathes deeply, “I am ready love.” With both hands open to take the bottle from Anni.

Anni uncorks the bottle and hands it to Psyiah. “Just take a swig hun, not too much. Remember, you can always drink more to have it grow bigger.”

Psyiah nods and take the bottle from Anni “Okay love….” she looks at the bottle and peers inside of it. She sighs big and swallows her saliva “Okay.. here goes! Mama wants a cock!” She says as she takes a small swig.

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Anni smiles and watches as Psyiah begins to take a drink.

Psyiah swallows a bit and holds the bottle. She smacks her mouth a bit as if tasting the liquid. She makes a sour face and shakes a bit “OH GAWDS!! That tastes HORRIBLE!”

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“haha i’ll take your word for it! Hehe” Anni chuckles.

Psyiah’s small swig makes her feel a tingle. She feels a bit of discomfort in her abdomen and groans a bit “Ugh… what… this… this feels VERY different from the pills!” She says in a bit of discomfort. She looks down and feels a similar feeling as her futa cock grows. Once the skin forms and the penis gains shape, she notices the futa cock is very small. “Hmmm.. this.. this won’t do.” her voice seeming disappointed.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-15 21-37-25

Anni scoffs, “oh no…no….that won’t do at all…, take another sip….” Anni giggles at the cute little penis.

Psyiah frowns at the small dick and does not hold back on the potion this time, “Bottoms up!” She takes a big swig, swallowing 3 large gulps. She coughs a bit, “OH GODS!! This… this shit is horrible!!” she hands the bottle to Anni to have her cork it.

Anni takes the bottle and corks it. “Well then…um….” Anni and Psyiah watch for a couple minutes and suddenly the cock begins to grow to about double the size. “Oh, that’s much better!”

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-15 21-49-20

Psyiah looks down and feels the cock seem much bigger and similar to the old sizes she is used to. She smiles and plays with it. She moans feeling how sensitive it is. “I HAVE A FUTA DICK!” She says happily.

“mmmm very nice!” Anni reaches for the member and strokes it. “Maybe……just a little bigger?” Anni holds out the bottle.

Psyiah smiles. “Okay love!” She happily takes another gulp and wipes her mouth. “Okay…” She says, feeling the sensation of her futa cock grow a bit more.

Anni corks the bottle again. “Oh…that’s perfect! I like that!” Anni plays with it a little, feeling it nice and hard in her hand. “mmmm I’m going to enjoy this! And maybe some of our friends too! Hehe”

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-15 21-54-07

Psyiah blushes as she quickly becomes erect from Anni’s hand. “Mmm… Hehe.” She smiles from ear to ear.

Anni strokes the long member, bigger than any cock Psyiah has had before. “ooooo I like this!” Anni gets down on her knees and plays with it. She begins to lick and kiss the long shaft. “I can’t wait for you to push this deep into my pussy….”

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-15 22-07-00

Psyiah blushes and bites her lower lip. “Mmm…” she giggles a bit but resumes moaning once more.

Anni grips the long member and finally begins to suck on the head, lightly, and swirls her tongue around the tip. mmmmmm so good.

Psyiah moans as she feels Anni sucking on the head, “Mm… w-wow.. this… this feels… more intense…” she moans at Anni as she feels her futa cock being teased.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-15 22-10-21

Anni pushes down onto the giant cock, feeling in the back of her mouth. She sucks harder and strokes the shaft with her hand. Anni pulls off the member and smiles up at Psyiah. “Gods…” she keeps stroking it with her hand “you have no idea…..” Anni smiles. “Don’t cum ok hunny? I want your first load in my pussy.” Anni closes her mouth around the cock and continues going down on her wife.

Psyiah blushes and moans. She whimpers and bites her lower lip. She plays with her own breasts and moans loudly, “Oh gods… I.. I will t-try…” she says moaning and looking up to the ceiling as she feels Anni enjoying her futa cock.

Anni sucks and slurps and she orally pleasures her wife, she can taste precum oozing and enjoys the flavor. “Mmmmmm.” Her tongue licks and teases the little opening. Her hand goes down to the base and teases her clit and pussy before sliding back up the shaft.

Psyiah moans and suddenly gasps as she feels her clit being stimulated. “Oh gods!” She says and holds back as much as she can, but a bit of cum shoots into Anni’s mouth. She whimpers loudly and her tail goes up. She is startled as she looses a bit of control and seems to have came a bit. She curls her toes in the lush carpet and breaths heavily as she holds back her orgasm.

Anni swallows the little bit of cum that squirts out onto her tongue and pulls off Psyiah’s member. She smirks at Psyiah and stands up, she pulls down her panties and lies on her back, legs spread open. “Baby….push in deep, all the way, into my womb and deliver your seed inside me….all of it.”

Psyiah clearly beginning to get lost in the lust she picks up Anni and hooks her arms under the back of Anni’s knees. She can feel her cock throbbing and eager to enter her wife. She feels the futa cock push aside Anni’s folds and slide deeply and slowly into her wife’s tight pussy “F-fuck… baby.. gods.. your s-so t-tight!”

Anni winces and grips Psyiah’s back. “OH SHIT! Gods that’s fucking huge! Don’t stop!  I want all of it!” Anni gasps as the exceptionally huge cock splits her young pussy open. “Oh fuck fuck fuck…..”

Psyiah pants and braces herself. She remains standing, but wobbles a bit. She moves toward the bed and lays her down. She grips Anni’s hips and does not let up as Psyiah is at the edge of the bed and just thrusts violently giving her wife what she wants.

Anni whimpers and moans as the feels the cock pushing more and more into her. “Oh gods baby! give it all to me!  Please!” Anni spreads herself out on the bed, her legs wide open. She is in a bit of pain from the thickness of the cock but the pleasure trumps it as she feels the cock teasing her cervix. “Baby…..push deep……I’m ready…..” Anni gasps between her words.

Psyiah growls loudly and grips Anni’s shoulders. She stuffs her futa cock deep into Anni’s pussy and feels the tip enter her wife’s womb. She forces her cock deep into her wife with the base and holds it there. She pants and moans as she gasps loudly as the sudden rush of pleasure takes ahold and she screams in pleasure “FFFFUCK!!” as she orgasms and pumps her semen into her wife.

Anni yelps and squirms on the bed. She feels the thick cock force its way into her womb. The pain is intense but Anni loves it.  She squeals as she is fucked good and hard by her wife’s new, massive cock. She can feel it pulsing and throbbing as it pumps semen into her tiny body. She feels the pressure grow as the cum fills her womb completely then begins to run into her pussy, filling that as well. “OH SHIT PSYIAH!!!!!” Anni’s pussy contracts and Anni’s own cum sprays everywhere.

Psyiah yells loudly and growls. Her claws grip the bed and begin to shred the sheets. She feels her cock explode as she continues pumping her cum deep into Anni’s womb. She feels Anni’s nectar spray around her cock and splash on her thighs of what can get out as she thick cock stuffs her pussy.

Anni squeals happily, like a kitten, as her pussy it pumped full. Psyiah’s cum now oozes from Anni and runs down over her anus as Psyiah keeps unloading more and more. “Meeeeeew!!!!” Anni’s body is stuck on Psyiah’s giant cock as it pumps her full like a good cum slut.  She whimpers and moans as they both continue to orgasm.

Psyiah growls and snaps her mouth to latch onto Anni’s neck. Like a fierce lioness finding her pray, she bites and feels blood enter on mouth. Her claws tearing more of the sheets she begins to thrust again, rapidly and as if in heat. She moves her hips violently and clearly wanting to orgasm once more. She growls dominating her prey.

Anni freezes and her mouth falls open. She instinctively doesn’t move as fangs penetrate her neck and the massive member pounds her good and hard.  Her body trembles as she wraps her arms around her mate, clawing at her back, subconsciously driven.

Psyiah growls feeling the claws of her wife digging into her back. She thrusts harder and feels her next orgasm approaching quickly. She legs go of Anni’s neck and latches onto her shoulder. She thrusts in a feral way, pounding her wife. Her own pussy oozing precum and cum as she reaches her next climax and stuffs her cock deeply into Anni.

Anni whimpers and moans. She’s lost most control as her body goes feral and grips her wife with her sharp claws. Her tender pussy is being pounded relentlessly, oozing with semen and her own cum.  She breathes heavily through her nose into Psyiah’s neck, she can feel the pheromones radiating off her mate, her fangs graze across Psyiah’s skin before Anni’s instinct pushes her to bite down.

Psyiah growls in return, feeling her wife’s fangs pierce her skin as Anni bites down on her neck. She moans and continues to pump semen into her wife. She moans and pants, letting go, slowly, from her bite. She can feel a bit of blood trickle down her back from Anni’s claws. She feels her cock make the last few pumps as her orgasm slowly fades away.

Anni growls and moans. She can sense Psyiah’s body relaxing a little, the cock pumps slower and not as strong now. Anni slowly loosens her grip and begins to regain conscious control over her body.  Her heart races and her breath is rapid.

Psyiah pants and licks her lips, tasting the blood as she begins to lick Anni’s wounds. She keeps her cock inside of her wife, but feels it slowly begin to soften. She pants and gasps for air as her body clams down from the intense and feral sex.

Anni lets her arms come loose from around Psyiah and flops onto the bed. She recovers her breath a bit and moans. “ooooo gods baby!  Holy….wow!”

Psyiah’s fingers let go of the sheets and she blushes looking at Anni. She holds herself up and keeps her cock in her wife. She slowly pulls out and can feel the sudden rush of cum from both of them leak out. She pants and nods in agreement. “Y-yeah…” She can hear the cum splash on the carpet floor. “Gods…”

Anni giggles at the sound. Her pussy relaxes as the fluids empty from it, making a mess. “Well then, um….yea.” Anni catches her breath. “So the potion worked, hehe.”

Psyiah swallows and giggles “I.. I think so…” she smiles and giggles at Anni. She looks down and smiles as she sees her large cock go limp, but not disappear. She looks back at Anni and bites her lip, “Thank you…” she says softly and lovingly.

Anni holds out her arms for a hug. “And thank YOU hunny, that was really good!”

Psyiah giggles and leans in to lick her wife’s wounds once more.

Anni hugs Psyiah as Psy dresses her wound. “mmmmmmm I love you hunny pie.”

Psyiah purrs as she continues to lick her wife’s wounds. She feels her futa cock remains and blushes. She purrs loudly and once done licking, she kisses Anni’s neck and shoulder. “And I love you baby.”

“Shall we go clean up a bit?” Anni blushes, still flushed from the sex.

Psyiah nods and smiles. “Yes love.”

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