A Very Special Au Ra

It was not an easy decision, nor was it one made over night.  After some discussion and a few tears, my owner and I decided it would be best if she released me.  My heart hoped this day would never come, but that is not reality.  Sadly it arrived rather quickly.  You see, my master suddenly found herself moving and changing jobs.  Her new job is at night where as mine is during the day.  This means we would rarely ever see each other.

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I will always remember our special times together.  She was truly a one-in-a-million as she didn’t just care for me, she loved me with a love like no other.  I still remember the day she asked me to move in with her!

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I will continue to keep her scale close to my heart, but now as a memento of her love for me.  My collar remains around my neck but it is unlocked.  I will keep it for the rest of my life only removing it when someone steps forward to adopt me.

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The evening she gave me one of her scales

I remember one evening, she surprised me with a special dinner date.  She treated me like a queen, when I deserved it, but also punished me if it was appropriate.  She is and will always be a very special Au Ra to me.  I will never forget her.

Master, if you are reading this, I want you to know there will forever be a hole in my heart where you belong.  You are so very special to me.  I will be strong, and I will move forward but you will always have a place in my heart.  Should circumstances change in the future, I would gladly call you my owner once more.

I love you Sky.

Moving in with My Owner

My owner asked me to move in with her today!

My owner asked me to move in with her today!  Oh gods, I’m so excited!

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We had just gotten back to her place, after being at a wedding.  As we stepped into her front yard, she asked me if I would move in with her!

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It’s so exciting I can’t stand it! She gave me a key so I can let myself in any time.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-14 22-25-57

Now I can run errands for her and serve her better!

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First Training Session

Master took me into a dungeon for my first training session in self control.  Before heading out she gave me a small insertable vibrator.  Upon entering the dungeon she turned it on low.  I was not to orgasm nor was I to let on to anyone else there, that something was amiss.  After each boss encounter my master turned it up to a higher setting.  I made it to the end of the dungeon with the vibrator inside my pussy on the highest setting.  Precum was running down my legs and I could barely stand!  Master watched as I struggled and strained to control my body.

Finally she let me cum.  I soaked my panties and my juices ran down my legs.  Master smiled as she watched my body shake with pleasure.  I passed my first training session!

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