Feedback About Aika

Psyiah and I recently received the following feedback…

Psyiah and I recently received the following feedback:

I would like to see more of Aika. It’s surely interesting to me how she develops as a Pet.

Also, keep up the great blog! ♥ !You both are great! ♥

First: thank you so much for sending us feedback!  We love hearing from our readers.  Regarding Aika, she has been a very good pet for us.  She’s been quite busy with her samurai training but Psyiah and I will be sure you update you all on her progress.  For know lets say this: she’s a good little bitch and has grown to know how to satisfy our needs.


Permanent Ownership

Psyiah and I decided to claim her, permanently.

Psyiah and I have been training Aika a lot lately.  She’s been having a difficult time following orders, especially when we call to her. She doesn’t always come when called, but we are working on that.  I will say, she does do a good job keeping up with her chores though.  Anyway, onto the more important things…

Psyiah and I decided to claim her, permanently.  You may recall that when we put a collar on her a few months ago, it was just a trial collar.  We claimed her as our own with it, but we also explained she was just a trial toy for us.  We could get rid of her at any time if we didn’t feel she was a good pet.  Well, we felt she was good enough to keep around permanently.  She’s a sweet little dragon girl and pleases both of us.  She keeps our homes clean for us and sexually satisfies us very well.  Her breasts have grown a whole cup size, a good sign she will be lactating soon.

We took her out to a special location and presented her with her new collar.  I removed her training collar and Psyiah locked the new one around her neck.  We are happy to have this little toy as a permanent part of our family now!

The Beginning

Psyiah got up and locked a collar around my neck.

Master Psyiah and Master Anni have encouraged me to write down my thoughts so, here I go.

I never thought that I would get here. It initially started as just a meet-up, a friendly visit to make some new friends. When I got there the first person I met was Anni. Gods was she gorgeous… She was sitting on the beach and called me over. We talked a bit for a little before Psyiah soon arrived, looking very attractive while still in her armor . I remember being so nervous and shy around them, not knowing what to say or talk about but they treated me very well. They helped me come out of my shell and soon after invited me inside! We got to know each very well afterwards hehe….
Anyways, flash forward to a few days later they invited me over again for some dinner. I was told to dress somewhat formally so I donned the dress that my sister had given the last time I had seen her, but that’s a story for another time. Once I got inside the tea house I remember seeing the two dressed up very, um, lewd… for lack of a better word. I felt so out of place in my dress but brushed it off. Dinner was super nice, Psyiah has some of the best chefs working for her and I got to eat food from my homeland that I haven’t had in ages! We chatted some more, drank some sake, all in all it was going really nice until I saw Anni nod to Psyiah. That’s where it all began.

Psyiah got up and locked a collar around my neck. I didn’t noticed it til I heard the ‘click’ and then I realized what happened. See, I used to have an owner long before meeting the Nalanis. We were very close, almost more than Master and Pet at one point until they disappeared, but that too is also a story for another time. But having that experience let me know what was going on, and like a switch I knew exactly what to do. They explained to me that I was now theirs and that I would no longer have free will. I understood completely. From that moment on, I would live to please them.

After the initial introduction and such, they inspected my body very carefully. It felt like I was under a microscope with how detailed they were looking over me. But it was alright since I knew they wanted the finest pet they could get. Luckily I passed their examinations and afterward we cuddled nicely on the bed!

Ugh, my writing hand is starting to get cramped now and I have lots of cleaning to catch up on. I’ll be sure to continue writing my thoughts and experiences down soon. I’m definitely looking forward to more adventures with my new owners.

But for now, toodles!

Aika Update 1

Our new pet is working out well.

Our new pet is working out well. She is very obedient. A result, I suspect, of her former master’s training.  We have her cleaning our cottage and tea house on a regular basis; she does a fantastic job.  We have also begun lactation training on her modest udders.  Hopefully she can make us a bit of gil in a few months.  Kitty milk sells for a lot!  All things considered, she’s a good little bitch for us and I am anxious to see how well she grows with us.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-18 21-52-57.png
She gave me a massage after work.

Goodnight everyone! ♥

Our New Pet

Psyiah quietly stood up and much to Aika’s surprise, Psyiah locked a collar around her neck.

Psyiah and I invited Aika to join us for dinner last night.  We told her to come dressed semi-formally, meanwhile we dressed a little differently…

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ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-14 19-38-09

We enjoyed some sake and ordered some food.  Soon our conversations took a turn.  On my signal Psyiah quietly stood up and much to Aika’s surprise, Psyiah locked a collar around her neck. While Psy collared her, I explained that she no longer had any free will and would now belong to us.  Our property and pet.  She was a bit nervous but immediately spoke in a way indicating she accepted and understood her new position.  We asked her to strip so we could inspect her body.

Our new pet was immediately obedient and respectful.  Her previous owner had clearly trained her well.  We enjoyed our meal together, laughed and talked.  The evening would be relaxed and fun.  Aika’s last evening of freedom.

We invited our new pet upstairs, she would sleep with us in our bed.  Her last evening in a bed, her place would be a cat bed on the floor, unless she earned a place in our bed.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-14 21-54-24

We cuddled for a few minutes and fell asleep quickly.  Psyiah and I were impressed with how well behaved Aika was.  Its like as soon as Psy locked the collar around her neck, she was a different girl: a pet.  Aika is in a trial period.  Her collar, although locked, is temporary.  In a few days time we will decide if she is a good pet for us or if we should trade her in for a different one.  Somehow I think she will work out just fine.  She will be a good little bitch for us.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-14 22-05-51

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-14 22-05-36

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