Master’s Body

Master decides how this body is used and if I deserve to feel pleasure or pain.

Master asked me to show off this body for her.  It belongs to her, since she is my owner.  She likes to see it every so often to make sure I am taking good care of it for her.  She was pleased to see it in good shape.  Master decides how this body is used and if I deserve to feel pleasure or pain.  I must ask for permission before I let anyone touch it.  I also must ask master before I have sex with anyone but her.  She is good to me, treats me right and fairly.  As such I try hard to please her and bring honor to her.

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Kitten hopes she pleases you master.  She wishes to bring you joy and respect.

Warmed by the Fire

Psyiah and I arrived home one winter evening, from work, cold and ready to enjoy our evening.  I was feeling particularly aroused and it took Psyiah no time at all to heat things up!  Here is a transcript from our evening together:

(Annimae Nalani) hey babe! how was your day?

(Psyiah Nalani) Hey you! Quiet, really. Everyone has gone on vacation, so it is pretty much me and a few other newbies. Luckily, I am just a freelancer so no real responsibility.

(Annimae Nalani) sweet!

(Psyiah Nalani) How was yours, love?

(Annimae Nalani) Well I’m glad it was a nice relaxing day for you!  *Anni steps a little closer and slips one hand up Psy’s kimono, giving Psy’s butt a firm squeeze. *  Mine was ok; they were having problems with the fireplace at the lab, so there was no heat…made it pretty chilly.

(Psyiah Nalani) *Blushes and leans in closer and sticks out her butt a bit to show her enjoyment of the butt grab* Oh no heat?! Aww, poor thing! *Looks down at Anni’s breasts and blushes and giggles a bit, “I can tell you are still cold!”

(Annimae Nalani) *looks down and sees her own nipples through her top: very hard and erect.  She immediately blushes* he he, yea, I’m “chilled to the bone” so to speak.  *Anni runs her hand around to Psyiah’s mound and cups it. * Care to warm me up?

(Psyiah Nalani) *Shivers and winces* Honey! Your hands are cold! *She gains goosebumps all over her bare mound* Come, lets warm you up!

Annimae Nalani follows Psyiah into the house and gets a nice glimpse of Psy’s pussy peeking out from under her kimono.  The sight arouses Anni making her a little bit wet.

Psyiah Nalani begins to take off Anni’s clothes, “Honey your clothes is all very cold! We need to warm you up!” She quickly pulls strings and yanks down Anni’s shorts. She helps Anni out of her boots. “Here, sit in front of the fire place.” Psyiah’s breasts can be seen as she bends over to help Anni out of her clothes. Psyiah is not wearing a bra.

Annimae Nalani lifts her feet and steps out of her boots and shorts.  She wore no panties.  Her top falls to the floor exposing her large, full breasts and hard nipples.  Anni peeks down Psy’s top and bites her lip as she watches Psy’s breasts jiggle about.  Anni’s clit responds and begins to throb.  She is sexually charged and hot.

Psyiah Nalani’s Kimono begins to slide down a bit off her shoulder which exposes a bit of Psyiah’s nipple, which is now erect. “Honey, sit in front of the fire place. Face the fire and I will warm you up, you poor thing, look at you shivering!”

Annimae Nalani reaches for Psyiah’s exposed breast and cups it.  She gives the nipple a gentle pinch then gets on her knees in front of the fire.  Dew begins to collect on Anni’s lips.  She grabs her own breasts and holds them, she teases her nipples a little in anticipation of Psyiah’s next move.

Psyiah Nalani unbuckles her own boots and puts them aside. She sits down behind Anni, and undoes her Kimono, but does not take it off. She opens it up and presses her own naked skin up against Anni’s back. Her nipples poke at Anni, making her sexual excitement obvious. She wraps her legs around Anni and her hands being to explore her lovers body. The sexual tension in the room grows.

Annimae Nalani feels Psyiah’s hard nipples on her back and closes her eyes.  Her pussy begins to ache with desire, precum now drips in long thick strands from Anni to the floor.  Anni gives her own breasts a gentle squeeze before reaching down to her sides and placing her hands on Psyiah’s legs. “Gods….you make me so hot…..I want you bad right now.”

Psyiah Nalani says teasingly, “You are in no shape to have sex right now love, you need to get warmed up, I don’t want you to” she begins to tease Anni’s clit as she grazes Anni’s mound with her finger tips, “catch hypothermia. You are still shivering love.” She says, noticing Anni is no longer shivering. “Poor cold,” she moves her hand up to Anni’s breast and beings to tease her with her other hand, “sexy kitty.” she says seductively into Anni’s ear.

Annimae Nalani leans her head back and whispers back, “But I’m not cold any more….”  Anni breathes deep, her chest rises and falls making her round, firm breasts sway a little.  Anni spreads her legs.  “Gods…..I want you to fuck my brains out…..lay me out and drill my pussy hard…”  Anni begins to breathe deeper, “fucking destroy my cunt…. please….”  A little milk drips from Anni’s breasts.

Psyiah Nalani bites her lower lip, “Oh…?” she says teasingly, “You mean…” she moves her hand down to Anni’s wet pussy and begins to rub rapidly and very hard, “…like this?” she pinches Anni’s nipple with her other hand. She begins to nibble on Anni’s neck. Her own clit throbbing and her pussy dripping precum on the floor where she kneels.

Annimae Nalani squeals with delight.  “Oh! that’s nice! but…” she begins to pant as her body ramps up “use the strap-on….fill my pussy with that big faux cock and pound it hard”  Anni leans back and gasps. “Or…..just keep doing that….. oh gods!”  Anni’s body tenses up suddenly.

Psyiah Nalani looks to see what she can use while she rubs hard and fast on Anni’s clit. She sees one of her daggers and grabs it. She leaves them in her sheath and brings it over to Anni’s pussy. Psyiah rams the handle into Anni’s wet pussy and due to the extreme excitement, it slides in rather easily. “Extra lube helps..” she says a bit under her breath. Her other hand continues to punish Anni’s nipple. “Gods.. your are still so cold. I guess I need to go faster.” she says seductively.

Annimae Nalani lets herself lay back on Psyiah and spreads her legs even more.  She yelps, “OH FUCK!” when the hilt of one of Psyiah’s daggers fills her pussy and slams into her cervix.  Her body shakes and stiffens up and cum sprays from her pussy. “FUCK ME HARD!!”  Anni reaches up behind her head and grabs the back of Psyiah’s head with her craws out.  “FUCK!!!

Psyiah Nalani rams the hilt faster and harder. Her own pussy now a water full of precum, she continues to please her wife. She pants and moans. She growls as she feels claws at her head, and goes even faster. She quickly moves her hand from Anni’s breast down to Anni’s clit and rubs while she stuffs Anni’s pussy. “You like that baby?” she says panting as she too is getting close to orgasm. Her own hands are now coated with cum, and she smiles.

Annimae Nalani squeals with delight and squirms in Psyiah’s arms, her body flooded with pleasure and pain.  Anni’s hard clit throbs and milk leaks from her breasts, running down over them to her tummy.  With one hand Anni feels around behind her for Psyiah’s pussy and finds it.  She begins to rapidly finger Psyiah’s pussy while another part of her hand rubs Psy’s clit.  Anni nods, “more!”

Psyiah Nalani moans loudly feeling Anni’s hand finding her pussy and clit. “Oh gods…” she moans at Anni again. Her clit is throbbing and her pussy about to explode from orgasm. She continues to rub Anni’s clit and keeps ramming the hilt faster and harder. She opens her mouth and bites down hard onto Anni’s neck, drawing a bit of blood.

Annimae Nalani screams, “PSYIAH!!!!”  she convulses again, more cum spills from her cunt onto the floor.  She returns Psyiah’s forceful nature by squeezing and ramming four fingers into Psyiah’s pussy, forcing it to stretch.  Anni grabs Psyiah’s pussy like that and holds onto it, letting it take in most of her hand.  “FUCK ME!!!”  Anni screams again, still squirming in Psyiah’s arms as her pussy is pounded hard.

Psyiah Nalani yelps and moans loudly, “Oh fuck!!” she cums into Anni’s hand and shakes a bit, her hand growing a bit tired, she now aims to have Anni cum once more. She pinches Anni’s clit and rams the hilt harder and faster. Cum spews out of her own pussy as she continues to orgasm.

Annimae Nalani breathes rapidly as her body is forced onto another orgasm, she feels it building as her pussy is pounded with the hard hilt of Psyiah’s dagger.  Her fingers are now looser inside Psyiah’s stretched out pussy.  She rubs Psy’s g-spot with all four while her thumb rubs Psy’s clit faster and harder.  “OUCH!” Anni yelps as her sensitive clit is pinched.  Anni loves the pain and craves more.

Psyiah Nalani’s arm begin to slow down, and her body reaches a bit of exhaustion. She pants to try and catch her breath. She moans and whimpers as her body tries to cum once more, but fails due to exhaustion. Her ear flop down on her head and she continues to moan and whimper.

Annimae Nalani lays back on Psyiah, exhausted, and moans.  “Gods, the way you make me feel.” Anni turns and kisses Psyiah’s lips.  They two cuddle on the carpet in front of the fire and nap in each other’s arms.

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