Being Owned: Masters House

So as today was not that great day, but it did end up being a bit better. It started with Anni’s master and me, and we went on an adventure to take kick some butt in a dungeon! It was fun! Soon after I found myself with some fun voyeurism as I watched Anni and her master… get hot and bothered. It was so hot. I am sure Anni will post about it later :p  Then my master and me went to go kick some butt! It was fun and very entertaining!

OH, oh oh!! I asked my master if I could stay with her for the evening, and she was more than happy to have me. Not only that, I… I was bold and asked her if I could… move in. She was excited about the idea and agreed to take it into serious consideration.

So, naturally, I went on a selfie obsession picture taking adventure in my master’s home! The camera and me really clicked!

*Giggles at her own joke*

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I love her books, and her table. Naturally I had to dance on it! Hehe.

I found some wrists straps and a blindfold, so naturally I took some more pictures.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 21-57-16

A few more naughty pictures.

It was fun to enjoy her pretty house.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-01-08 22-08-18

Well that is it for me. Good night Hydaelyn!♥


Annimae and Psyiah’s Summer Dance Beach Party

I brought this idea to Anni a few weeks ago and thought it would be so much fun to bring over some of our friends and invite them to a beach party. With the Moonfire Faire going, it would be just awesome to have our own little celebration for the summer.

And boy was it a great idea! Anni jumped on the idea and help me get all the planning ready. I searched the market board for larger speakers for the outside, I also made sure I got wire long enough to reach the beach!

I had to get the music and learn to ensure I could DJ for this event! I immediately set off on working on the official invitation and the flyers! Oh so much fun!

The official invitation
This Flyer was given to the invitees!

It was so much fun! Once everyone gathered up, we started taking pictures and just mingling as everyone gathered. We had drinks, some told jokes, it was nice to see old friends and meet new ones!

Then… the music started!!

And everyone began to cut loose and have fun!!

Soon it was the deep into the party and it was TWERKING TIME!! Boy, that was so much fun! Those sexy kittens shook their cute butts!! Meow~~!!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-18 20-01-05
So many cute butts!! Shake it gurl!!
ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-18 20-11-32
Phew! I had to cool off as the contest went into dawn!!

Unfortunately, we had to pick one winner and boy was I glad I didn’t have to pick! That was one tough call! Anni and Ryu made the decision and Kazuhira won!! She really shook that butt of hers!

Ultimately we all had so much fun and it was so nice for everyone to make it! It made me happy beyond anything to see our friends join us on this celebration of summer! So blessed to be surrounded by such kind and loving friends!

Later that evening as the party winded down and the music was stopped, we all took a dip in our spa bath. And yeah, as you figured, tops went missing! Hehe!

It was such a wonderful time with all of our friends! Thank you all so much for making this night such a magnificent and love filled night!!!

ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-18 22-59-18
Such wonderful and sexy friends we have!
ffxiv_dx11 2017-08-18 23-57-25
We love you guys!!! ♥♥

I can’t wait to have another wonderful meet up like this again!



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