Mina’s Return

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I arrived home for the first time in months. Arriving in Limsa, I filled out my docking papers and decided to go have a drink. I wondered if anyone I knew would be around anymore.

I took the elevator up to the Drowning Wench and upon reaching the bar, I thought I saw a familiar face…

I walked closer to make sure…

Sure enough, it was Anni! My Anni! I hadn’t seen her since I left… forced to leave…

I called out to her. She turned, shocked and surprised to see me…

Both so excited to see one another, we hugged immediately and starting talking at the same time…
I smiled, pulling her close. I brushed some stray hairs out of her face, putting my hand on her cheek.

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It was so nice to see her! I had thought of her every day since leaving her behind so suddenly. I couldn’t help myself…
“Come home with me?”






Life As a Black Sail Private!

Outside the ship!

So life has been pretty good. We have not set sailed yet, but getting to know the life of a mariner has been indeed fun!

I kind of went all over the ship and took pictures!

Totally took a selfie instead of “swabbing the deck!” πŸ˜‹
Joined in on some shouting fun! (They where totally drunk…)

Land-ho! (Oh gods, if Anni finds that I am totally being such a dork 😜… selfies are just too much fun!)
Welcome Aboard Mattie! Got a new outfit for when we go out on patrol!
I wonder if Anni will approve… 😊
~Psy πŸ’‹

I did it!!

I did it! I finally did it! I am now Storm Private Third Class Nalani!! With Annimae by my side, I can accomplish anything!
Private Nalani reporting for duty!! πŸ˜„
I did it baby!! 😊
It was tough training! Had a lot of work today!
Practicing on the dummy
Nnyaa! 😸
Oh gods! You can see my panties! 😊

I did so well during my basic training, they decided to send me up for a promotional board! I am so nervous!!
I am happy again, this new direction has been good!
I could not have gotten this far without you and your support my love!! Thank you for always being there, supporting me and loving me.Β 

A New Direction…

The Dojo has really been a good experience. The Scouting party has become something of a family, but… it has taken a toll on my own family. During my last “training” exercise, we took on a loss of our team… and it made me realize how disorganized the dojo truly was. They wanted for us to do some field training, instead we did an actual mission. There are no picture since it was top secret. Needless to say, we helped the main force by eliminating a key point in the Garleans own scouting party.Β 
Speaking to my Sensei

Telling my Sensei I am leaving… 😞
Leaving was very hard, as I have done a lot with my Sensei, he has taught me some good things, but I must focus on what means more to me… and that is my wife.Β 
Thank you for everything! 😒

I was met outside by El’Jefe, my loyal chocobo.
My loyal companion 😊
After leaving, I went to the tavern in Limsa, and came across something interesting. I heard the rumors and was very much interested. I saw the main force fighting against the Garleans. They where organized, dedicated and fierce. I was just in luck as they where recruiting! I saw their flyer posted in the tavern and I HAD to go and sign up. I spoke to Annimae about it via our personal linkshell communicator and she supported me. I love her so much… she is always by my side giving me the support in everything I do.Β 
Lots of adds for sell swords…

I found the flyer for the Maelstorm!
Lots of paperwork!!
They are really organized!
‘Falling In’ on orientation!
Recruit Nalani!! This is exciting!!
Looking forward for new adventures with this new direction!!
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