Once Done, Now Undone

You may recall the time Psyiah and I drank from a strange potion and were involuntarily transformed into keepers of the moon?  Well, while Psyiah was away, I got curious and drank from it again.  I had no idea what to expect but the fact that Psyiah had found the text she did, made me brave, figuring what ever happened might be able to be undone.

I was transformed back into a Keeper of the Sun, however not all my features were exactly as they were.  My eyes were different, taking on a new shape and color.  My skin took on a more “yellow” color as is genetically common among the sun keepers.  I also noticed my breasts were a bit larger, a change that happened gradually over a week or two.

I was pleasantly surprised by my new body.  I was adorable!

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