A Ring That Binds

My heart… my heart… it won’t stop beating so rapidly!

A few weeks ago, I did something… that I had been thinking for a while and that I have been wanting to do. As you all know, Aika is my girlfriend and no longer my pet, that being said, she means so much to me. And like Annimae, I hold her close to my heart. Aika told me she wanted to go around and sight see, so… that is what we did. I showed her my life, my life before we met Aika… and the life that it is now… now that I have met Aika, and she is part of Anni and my life.

I started by showing her where my life changed… where it began into a new journey with Anni, my soulmate. I showed her where we first met, Costa Del Sol. I then showed her where Anni bought a new house in Mist… a house that she bought me… and for her to start our new lives together. Although our house is no longer there, the same location remains. I told her that is where I purposed to her. That I asked her to be mine, to take my heart and hold on to it, and where she said yes.

I next showed her where we got married, where our lives became bonded… and how my life… our lives turned a new page. How we declared our love for each other, before many of our closest friends… and when our souls became as one. The place where the gods blessed us, and joined us on as one soul. Soon after I showed her where a pivotal point in Anni and my life changed… changed so much. I took her to see the spot where Anni asked a question that I still

Hanging Barbs

I showed her where we asked her to join us a pet, at the Floating City of Nym, La Noscea. Memories came through my head as to what was said that day, and how Aika… without hesitation dedicated herself to both me and Annimae.

This is where I… presented her with the ring.


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Lastly I showed her where our lives stared.

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We ended up back at home and cuddled extra close.

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A Heart Has Room For More~

Dear Diary,

The other morning, while I was getting out of the shower, I found myself feeling nervous, nervous because I need to tell Anni something and I could just… I don’t know, get enough courage to tell her. Well, anyway I told myself I needed to just tell her, to let her know what I feel, and to confess.

As I spoke with Anni, as she woke up, I found myself shaking from the nervousness. I told myself I just needed to just say it… so I did.

“I have fallen for Aika…” I told her. Anni looked at me a but not surprised. She went to tell me how she did too and how she is happy in our lives. I corrected myself and told her that I love Aika… similar how I love her.

“I would like to make her my girlfriend.” There was a silence and I was startled as Anni just lunged at me. She was beyond ecstatic at the idea and was sooo happy! All I could do is to smile and just hold her tightly. My wife… supporting me on this.. on my feelings and what my heart wanted is something that I can not stress enough. She is my world, and her love is sometimes hard to explain.

I love you Annimae!♥

Later that evening, I was at the beach and was hanging out with my wife. It was such a wonderful evening. The cool summer breeze and the cool water from La Noscea soothed the mind. I was in the water and just talking to Anni about everything. She is such a great listener. When I talk to her, it is as if my world begins to calm down and seem… just happy.

Aika arrived, and soon after Kas joined us. It was nice to have all these pretty girls around me. We talked and giggled a bit. My eyes could not move away from Aika though, I kept looking at her. Our feet under the water kept bumping into each other. Oh gods, I am sure my blush was quiet visible. Anni and Kas decided to go somewhere romantic and just enjoy each others company. This is when I took Aika to the beach from the water and decided to tell her how I truly felt about her.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-16 22-48-12
Aika, being surprised at my feelings for her

We sat on the beach a bit, and well I could feel my heart pounding as I just sat next to Aika. My hands shook and my palms where sweaty. She night was beautiful and so was she.

I began to tell her and gosh, it was so hard. My voice crackled and I stuttered. I must have seemed so silly! The words finally came out of my mouth and it was as if my world just slowed down and all I could see was her… Aika. My heart burst with joy as I heard she felt the same way. I was so beyond happy to hear that and how she would love to be my girlfriend! Even writing this, my heart still flutters.

We soon went to the Tea House and found ourselves snuggling in bed. We talked a bit, just enjoying each others company. I admired her skin, her eyes, her hair… everything of her. We laughed and both kept blushing. The night began to draw to a close and I found myself holding Aika. Although she was still my pet at the time (a blog post for another time!) I saw her as my girlfriend, and even closer to my heart than before.

Thank you Aika, for coming into our lives, and accepting us into yours.
I love you so much… my dragon girlfriend… my sexy little thing~

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♥Me and My Dragon Girlfriend♥




A Pill A Day…

Dear diary,

It has been such a long time since I have written anything. Been through kind of a dry spell with any kind of real things to write about… but OMG! Do I have something to write down now!!

So, Annimae and me were doing some hunts the other night and she found a crate full of odd items. The hunts led us down to a cavern in U’Ghamaro Mines, Outer La Noscea. Naturally curious kittens such as us, could not help but look around. The crates were filled with some real odd things, must have been items gathered by the Kobolds. Such odd creatures they are.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-08 20-30-49

Annimae found a certain stash of herbs and various alchemy regents. Being a master alchemist, she began to read as much as should could. I could tell her mind was working. She is sooo cute being all scientist-y… wait that is a word, right? Well anyway, she really dug in there and found a small flask that contained pills, and these pills were NOT what I thought they where… oh, how we wrong!

The labeled read something about for ‘human’ consumption and ‘growth’ was within the words. We thought that meant about strength and of the like… NOPE! Well, naturally I volunteered to take them…

As soon as I took the pill, it dissolved in my mouth and for a few seconds nothing really happened. I some weird sensation by my vagina, like…. as if my clit was burning or whatnot. My panties could not contain it, and it just flopped out, but it was so weird… no balls, just a cock.

Oh gods, I was so embarrassed, but it was a bit painful. Felt like my pussy and lower abdomen was in pain… like a burning sensation. The feeling was quickly taken over by extreme arousal. It didn’t help Anni began being curious and touching it. Oh gods… I am just wanting to take another pill now just writing about this…

Anyway, once we both calmed down from the panic, I was quickly wanting Anni… and she did not take long from wanting me to fuck her. Oh gods… it was so hot. It was sooo weird though! A sensation I never felt before… as I slide my cock in her, my clit felt some sort of similar pleasure. Anni laid on her side and she took my cock. Gods, it was as if I was in heat, my mind was unsure what was going on, but my body wanted Anni so much more so than before. Like… as if something was forcing me to get all aroused and wanting to mate.

Soon, we where in multiple positions I was pounding her so hard. The sounds of sex echoed, and I could hear her screams as they bounced off the cavern walls. She begged me to go harder, and I did. Then, I felt like was about to… get this… urinate… but instead, cum came out of my cock! I could feel myself just pumping into her over and over… So much cum, that some of it spilled out from her pussy.

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Such a mess was made, but wow… so hot. Anni looked at me with eyes of desire like never before. I guess she was just hungry for cock, my cock! Anyway… as I finished, my cock went limp and shrunk, until it just went away… as if nothing happened. So odd, but also a giant relief.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-07-08 22-23-42

Well, that was such an odd day, but wow… I will hold on to these pills for later, hehe. I wonder… I wonder what will happen if I take two….


To Honor Those Who Have Passed…

It has been about a year since we last saw each other. I told myself I would pass by more often, but life gets busy…

I miss him… I miss him as during times of uncertainty, I looked for him on guidance with his words of wisdom, his words of guidance on the way of Bushido. His teachings will forever be within me, to ensure I am a good person, the best person I can be. A great wife to my Annimae, a good friend to those who I care for, and now a good master to a new pet.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-15 22-58-00
My Sensei’s Sword, A Part of Him Remains

You will be missed Sensei, but never forgotten…

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-15 22-59-41
Gone, But Never Forgotten


When you know she is the one…

As I rode my horse to work, I just could not help but cry… I cried because of so much love I have for you.

Annimae, you are literally the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t know what I would do without you in my world.

You have brought so much happiness to my life. Even when we have our small arguments, as life without you… It would be incomplete. I want you, I need you, I desire you.

You have brought so much fulfillment in my life, I cannot truly express how lucky I am. I have many wonderful friends… Because of you.

You have helped me get out of my hermit shell, and given me confidence to meet new people. You have helped calm me down when I get all dramatic, and you sooth me when I get very emotional. You have always been a shoulder when I just need to talk. You make me feel so appreciated and so sexy. Your comploments still make me blush and you make me laugh with your silliness.

You still give me butterflies when kiss me passionately. Annimae Nalani, I love you so much, and I am so glad that on that day… I said…

I do.

-Your wife

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