Strange Potions and Bigger Boobs

It started off as a regular evening at the end of the week: we were drinking and in our bikinis.  The ending however?  Unlike anything we had ever experienced!

We were chilling out, in our tub talking about a strange vase. Psyiah had picked it up in the market a few months back.



We discovered there was a liquid inside.  “Should we try it?” we pondered…
There was an inscription on the bottle: “Sun or moon; it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”


After a few moogleberry martinis, we started to get a little silly.


A nice photo of my wife’s boob, because they are awesome!


We had a bit more alcohol, talked about the vase.  After a game of tablet, parchment, shears, it was determined that Psyiah would smell it.  Psyiah took a whiff. “Oh! It’s um, sweet!” She was surprised.  Naturally, having taken the first smell, she made me take the first sip.


It tasted just like it smelled.  It was sweet and fruity.



It made me feel dizzy.


We both staggered about and had a hard time standing.



We both blacked out and collapsed onto the floor.


We woke up a couple hours later, a little disorientated.
Our bodies ached, but other than that we felt fine.


We were a worried at first.  We looked different!




We examined each other.  Our eyes had different pupil shapes.  Our canine teeth were much sharper and larger.  Our skin tones and markings had changed.  Also, it may sound strange, but our boobs felt bigger too!


We had transformed into cute little moon kitties!

Feeling a bit blue… and under the weather

So… I stayed home today… I didn’t feel good at all. I think I caught something from the ship… been feeling pretty lousy all day…. I am just ready for my baby to get home…😷
I really have not done much through out the day… I changed my hair up a bit… went more of a blue and light blue colors.

Day in from work…

So my wife knows how to spoil me; she got me these earrings for me for Valentines day. She is simply the best! 💖
I got her these earrings for her birthday, and now she got me a pair! 💕
Spent some of the day in the spa, soaking up the steam to open up my pores. 😊
Taking in the steam 🌫
Then spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping. 💤
Missing my wife to snuggle, but she is working in the Astrolab.

Feeling Icky…

Figures as soon as I get back from all this time away from my wife, I get sick. By the Twelve my throats hurts… I hope to feel better soon, I want to go adventuring with my wife again.. instead I’m staying at home in bed all day.

Trying to stay positive while I am sick. 😷🤒😕

I love you baby! 💖


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