Psyiah’s New Retainer Has A Secret

She revealed that even though she is a female with all the female parts, she also has…

I’m not really sure where to begin.  I guess the beginning huh?  Psyiah hired a new retainer.  She’s an Aura from Doma and just started yesterday.  Her name’s Zukii by the way.  I saw Zukii up at the tea house and stopped to introduce myself.  We chatted for a bit and while talking I couldn’t help but notice she had a bulge in her shorts, similar to what you would see in a guy’s shorts.  She caught me staring and opened up to me about her body.  She revealed that even though she is a female with all the female parts, she also has a penis!

I was a little embarrassed to hear about it at first, but she seemed to trust me and opened up to me.  She has embraced how she is and doesn’t mind educating people about the condition.

She opened up to me quickly and answered all my questions.  After while she said she was headed in to take a bath and asked if I wanted to see her…um…penis.  I hummed and aaa’d over it but agreed.  My curiosity had gotten the better of me!

She drew a bath and stripped naked.  I was a bit taken back by the sight but soon found myself marveling over it!

I really have to hand it to her, she was super cool about talking about having a penis and a pussy and answered every question I had.  Did you know, futa girls have no scrotum, so they make semen but there is no sperm in it?  Fun fact for the day! ha ha Anyway I didn’t touch her or anything but we talked for a while.  I think we’re going to get along just great, we seemed to hit it off.  She was worried I might think less of her.  I reassured her I didn’t and that I felt we had really hit it off and would be good friends.

She agreed to let me share the photos I took with you all.  She just asked that I reassure you, she is a girl through and through but just happens to be able to have a lil more fun than traditional girls.  We both had a bit of a giggle over that last part. =p  Zukii is a really sweet girl and I can’t wait to get to know her better.

My maid snapped a couple last minute pics, and I think Zukii might be checking me out?  I’m not sure but what do you think?  Leave a comment below and let me know your opinion.  Is it possible she’s into me?

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