A little Celebration…

What a wonderful way to end the day. We celebrated with a few friends our One Year Anniversary. Although not all of our friends where able to make it, but a few did, but the gesture of those who could not, and tried to means the world to us… to me. 

Auri came by! ♥
Tauri taking our picture! ♥
Happy Anniversary my love, may we have many more years together!

I know we will have tough times, fun times, sad times together and ahead of us, but I know one thing for certain…

I love you, now, forever, and always! ♥♥♥
We will ALWAYS have each other. 

~Psy 💋

Life As a Black Sail Private!

Outside the ship!

So life has been pretty good. We have not set sailed yet, but getting to know the life of a mariner has been indeed fun!

I kind of went all over the ship and took pictures!

Totally took a selfie instead of “swabbing the deck!” 😋
Joined in on some shouting fun! (They where totally drunk…)

Land-ho! (Oh gods, if Anni finds that I am totally being such a dork 😜… selfies are just too much fun!)
Welcome Aboard Mattie! Got a new outfit for when we go out on patrol!
I wonder if Anni will approve… 😊
~Psy 💋


The Maelstorm!
Finally was promoted!! So excited! I reached the rank of Storm Private Second Class! It was such a surprise, as I was assigned to one of the privateers, the Black Sails! So exciting! 
Private Second Class
I start soon with the Black Sails, and looking forward to the excitement ahead!
Motivational Poster
Standard Cloak from the Black Sails
They allow us to wear what we want! I feel so free, and sexy in this armor!
Looking forward on the adventures to come!
Anni and me, feeling sexy and twinning! Gods we look so hot!
~Psy 💋

Adventures with my Wife

I took some random pictures of my wife and I going on adventures! The world is just a better place with her at my side. She is truly my best friend. 💖


Although the Calamity has taken a toll on this world, it truly has fought for its beauty.


Just me giving a kiss to my better half 😘💋


Whoops, you can see my panties! 😉😊

Life with you at my side really makes everything better. I am grateful everyday for having you at my side. I love you Annimea Nalani!


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