Fun Filled Evening

What an evening! I was so busy, I hardly had time to snap many pictures. I did a little redecorating at our house. I will do a before and after post when I am done. Psyiah and I ran through a couple dungeons and did some fates. She earned rank 67 with her Paladin training! Woo! Grats babe! We rounded out the day with a dip in the ocean. Good times with my bestie!

That’s all for tonight. I’m exhausted!

The Trials of Bardam’s Mettle

My wife and I traversed the trials of Bardam’s Mettle this evening.

We moved through the trials with ease and were rewarded for our success.


My kitten is an amazing protector.  Tonight was no exception.  I healed her wounds as she confronted the foes of the trial head on, keeping them at bay.


We are an amazing team, Psyiah and I.  I would want no other beside me, when going into battle.  With every battle, she is becoming and stronger and stronger Paladin.  I can tell she is going to be very powerful one day.


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