An Adventurous Night

A few nights ago, Aika did something that I would have never expected. I mean, we talked about it but she was not really sure how she felt about it.

A few weeks ago I asked Aika if she would like to take one of my ‘pills’ and fuck my brains out. She was flattered that I asked her, but she was not really sure how she felt about it. So, I let her think about it. Then, on Friday night she surprised me. She dominated me and… um, made me her cum slut! Oh it was so hot! She fucked me hard and feeling her futa cock inside me felt amazing! It was something she did for me, and I think she liked it too. Here are some pictures of that night. ♥

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-01 01-22-14
Having her cum on my face felt so good… I was such a naughty cum slut…



A Soul Within A Ring

A few days ago I did something special with the scale that I was gifted. I went to a jeweler and had him carefully, and with much dedication, add the scale to a band I picked out. After a day, he made the most beautiful ring with a scale on it. It cost a lot of gil, but it was worth every coin, as my love for Aika has no money value… for love knows no bounds.

I showed her the ring and what I did with the part of soul that she gave me. She was very happy and felt honored by my gesture. I even helped her with her house and made it all a large surprise. She loved it. With the help of my wife Annimae, I had the mostly decorated and ready for her.

I gave her a tour and she really loved it. We cuddled and talked for a bit and enjoyed each others company. It was nice.

She means so much to me, and she has shown she loves me, and I wanted to repay her and let her know that I also love her dearly.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-09-03 02-50-58
My sweet dragon girl

I love you Aika Suria.



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