Sushi in the Morning!

We ordered up some sake, warmed, and fresh sashimi. -Click Title to Read More-

Met my sweet Psyiah for brunch in Kugane, at the Shiokaze Hostelry.  It was a pretty quiet morning which gave us plenty of time to just sit and talk.


We were up quite late the night before so a late brunch was just the ticket, after sleeping in!

Psyiah told me a crazy story about a Lalafel that approached her last night,after I had gone to bed.

We ordered up some sake, warmed, and fresh sashimi.

Apparently Psyiah was approached by a Lala, while in Mor Dhona last night.  He or she, Psy wasn’t sure which, kept getting closer and closer to her. Weird!

We talked about the strange Lalas spotted on the beach at the Costa del Sol and their spy glasses.  We talked about Psyiah’s paladin skills and how amazing she is doing.

ffxiv_08202017_131039 D

She is my protector! And cute too! ♥

They did get her order wrong but eventually that was straightened out and we enjoyed our fish, on the house!  Our meals were delicious.  A return visit is in our near future!  Perhaps this is a nice place to bring another couple for dinner sometime?

First (real) Date!

So my beautiful Psyiah and I went out on our first official date!  Wow, we had an awesome time!  We both got dressed up and headed to the city for a nice evening dinner together.  Psyiah looked amazing.  We had a couple drinks, fish for our main course (go figure!), and a delicious desert.  After dinner we wandered around on the deck, watched the stars (we saw 4 shooting stars!) and cuddled.  We seem to click really well, always laughing and having fun together, we never argue or anything.
I am totally in love. ♥
Dinner at Sundown
We were goofy at times and made each other laugh.
Psyiah and I All Dolled Up for a Wonderful Evening Together
Psst: Psyiah, someone loves you, deep and true.  If I weren’t so shy, I’d tell you who. 💗
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