A man from Uldah

Well, I think I found some glamour that I am fully in love with… along with something that I have been waiting for a LONG time…

There was a man that came to Uldah and seem to have something interesting to say to everyone. Something about the Golden Saucer.

So Annimae and I went to the Golden Saucer and found out there was a new staff member there… and she was giving out some sort of new hairstyle. There it was! I totally recognized it and had to get it on right away!

Anni and I went back to our house and spoke to our stylist.. and apparently we where a bit late, as this was currently the “hot” look today. I saw that look a LONG time ago, and kept looking for something to show our stylist, but this man… the new staff member… it all was just wonderful to find it all!

So a few moments later, and our stylist had me with the new “hot” look.


~Psy 💋

First Post from Returning

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here…
Returning from my year at sea has been wonderful. My wife, oh my wife… she is the best. I was slightly worried for her. This is the first time we have been this apart for so long. But I am glad to know that she had some company to keep her mind busy, and not worry to much. When I returned I saw how Anni was a bit different, and… oh gods she is so hotter!! 💖😍
I love her so much and missed her so much… Once I arrived it seems I drank something that was left on board and it changed me!!


 Oh gods, she is even hotter! Just look at her! Those eyes!!  😍
We were a bit naughty as well… I missed her touch and kisses.  
Not long after, I found the bottle that I began to drink, and saw some was left over… I drank the rest of it. Then this happened!!
I think Anni liked it better. It was a bit weird being from Keeper of the Moon path, rather than Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te. 
We just look so good together! Being back in her arms has really made me happy!
Being naked with her just feels so right. I love her skin on mine. 
I love you Annimae Nalani… being back in your arms has brought me so much joy and relief seeing you to welcoming me back home. I love you, now, forever, and always!
~Psy 💋
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