New Job: Kugane Contract

Well…. it seems just like clock work, once I get comfortable with a new job, something stupid happens and I just can’t stay there. I left the Maelstorm due to so many distant jobs at the sea, I left my ninja dojo due to so many dangerous jobs we are presented, and now I leave Kugane with a sour taste in my mouth.

So this past Friday, I was told I had to pull a double shift. Nothing new there, as everyone gets to go home and I get to stay working. My favorite part of my Fridays! (sarcasm) But at least I get paid more, so that is some sort of a plus. But we recently had a transfer from another section of a new Major of the Guard.

At first he seemed strict, but fair. He seemed to have had a lot of field experience which is odd, to have a soldier now a leader of a guard. Anyway, he was my direct supervisor and I was to report to him from then on.

Friday night we had our routine gathering as usual, to report anything suspicious within the city. I made a report about an attack from the Garleans on a traveling band of Astrologeons and how the Garleans are working with the voidsent to do it. I was laughed and called a ‘conspiracy theorists’ and was not taken serious. I presented some proof and I showed the major I was not lying. This is where things went south… and fast.

He backed-handed me, and yelled at me in front of my troops. His words that stung where, “A woman’s place is to serve, not to lead!” That asshole said that! Even after I have proven myself to him.

I felt hurt, betrayed, and as the only woman captain there, felt a biased against me. I will not put up with this kind of behaviour, let alone this disrespect! I felt so embarrassed in front of all those around me! i sucked it up and showed no weakness.

Shift time was finishing up on my Friday night, and I ran home. By the time I got home, Anni was not home. All I could do was to cry in our living room. I was confronted by Kat and Kit as they nuzzled around me. They knew I was in pain and they tried to cheer me up. I did not want Anni seeing me like this, not that night at least. I ended up calming down and crawled into bed.

My mind wandered as I kept wondering why this keeps happening to me. All I try to do is to do my best, try my best, and give my best in everything I do. I was so tired, as I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up before Anni did in the house and I left for work. There I decided to quit my job at Kugane. I did not that asshole to ruin my Anniversary. I ended up coming back home and telling Anni what had happened. She quickly comforted me and made me very happy. It is truly amazing how she can literally change my attitude by just a few small gestures of love and kindness. I am very blessed to have her in my life.

Today… today I head back to Ul’dah. I am requesting the cancellation of my contract and no longer going to be playing guard or soldier. I am tired of getting screwed in the end. No, today I go into a different light, or a dark door. I will be officially applying to the Black Mage’s guild.


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