Us Being Us

Its just us.  Us being us.  Some times we feel like being sexy, sometimes we feel like being silly!


I woke up, suddenly, in the middle of the night last night. I had a nightmare. I was dreaming that Psyiah was leaving me. She had packed her bags and was walking out the door. I called to her but she just kept walking. I cried to her, begging her not to leave me but she never looked back.

I woke up to see her still sleeping beside me. She was purring in her sleep and was drooling a little. My dream scared me. I can’t live without my kitten. She means everything to me. I know she would never leave me but my dream was a reminder to always treat her right and love her with all the love I have.

Fun Filled Evening

What an evening! I was so busy, I hardly had time to snap many pictures. I did a little redecorating at our house. I will do a before and after post when I am done. Psyiah and I ran through a couple dungeons and did some fates. She earned rank 67 with her Paladin training! Woo! Grats babe! We rounded out the day with a dip in the ocean. Good times with my bestie!

That’s all for tonight. I’m exhausted!

An Evening Dip

She is my precious. (Click blog title to read more and view photos.)

As our evening wound down, last night, my wife and I went for a dip in the ocean.  We sat under the stars, talked and enjoyed the warm evening breeze.




She is mine.  All of her. She is my precious.

I will protect, defend and uplift her and make her world a beautiful place.

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