An Evening on the Pier

I met up with Psyiah again.  This time we met up at the pier in Mist.  We chatted for hours and watched the sun set. There is a spark growing between us and it fees really good.  I feel a little empty when we part ways.  I really enjoy her company have been looking forward to spending more time with her.

Soaking Up Some Sun

After my photo shoot this morning in Mist, I went for a dip in the ocean at Costa del Sol, then did a little sun worshiping!  There is just something about being naked in the ocean.  The water feels so good on your skin.  It has a cleansing feeling

The water was so warm and relaxing.

Oh yes!  Sun!  Mmmm feel so good on my skin.

Hi! 💕

So I spent a good part of the day thinking about Psyiah, the cute kitten I met yesterday.  I wish I was brave enough to invite her to join me.  But then again, maybe it is best to wait a day or two?  I don’t want to come off as pushy.

Thinking about Psyiah.

No tan lines here!

Photo Shoot on the Beach

Had a wonderful photo shoot on the beach in Mist today.  Hope you enjoy!
It was a beautiful sunny day!
Say Cheese!
No tan lines!🌞

The sun feels so good on my body!

My boobs are so perky! Don’t you think?

One of my favorite sunset shots!

XOXO – Until Next Time! 💕
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