While perched upon a rock outcropping on Lilystone island, she turned to me and removed my trainer collar.

I’ve more or less informally been up for adoption for some time now.  I haven’t really been looking for an owner but I had told myself that if the right one came along, I would certainly entertain the idea.

As you may have read, Aria sought me out, just wanting to meet me and spend time together.  We more or less automatically fell into roles as our personalities connected.  She had a strong dominant tone about her and I, as usual, was submissive and followed her lead.  After few days she put a trainer collar around my neck and told me she wanted me to he hers.

For the next two weeks we spent a lot of time together getting to know each other.  I supported her and served her loyally.  Both in battle and the bedroom.  I gave her my body to use which she gladly did.  A futa girl herself, she felt so very good deep inside my pussy.

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She took me out on a date recently.  We left my cottage in the city of Mist and rode across the plains of Lower La Noscea to the sea port village Costa del Sol.

We had a lovely meal together; enjoying some buffalo steak and baked stuffed fish.  A couple mog-tinis washed it all down.

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We laughed and talked and had a great time.  It was so nice to just kick back with her and see another side of her, a softer more social side. She wanted to follow up dinner by going some place special.  I knew just the place.

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While perched upon a rock outcropping on Lilystone island, she turned to me and removed my trainer collar.  She pulled out a customized, permanent collar and officially asked me to give myself to her.

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Of course I said yes!  I promised her I would serve her loyally, maintain no other owners and give my entire body to her.  I would be her possession now, giving up my free will to serve her needs instead.

She put the collar around my neck and locked it.  I belong to Aria now, and I am so very happy!  Soon after we headed home.  An owner and her new pet following happily behind.  We laid in bed, snuggled and fell asleep in each other’s arms.  A perfect ending to a wonderful evening.

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I couldn’t help myself but become totally submissive around her. Its like it just kinda fit.

Yea.  I got nothing.  I met this sweet yet dominant Miqo in our Discord server. She won me over quickly with her “in charge” demeanor.  I couldn’t help myself but become totally submissive around her.  Its like it just kinda fit.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-10-23 19-43-31

We didn’t plan it.  She didn’t approach me and ask to be my master.  She just naturally had a commanding tone and seemed to be a strong leader.  My instinct to submit to her took over me and yea, the rest is history.

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She is not officially my owner yet, we are in a bit of a trial period right now.  You know, to make sure we are right for each other before we fully commit.  We will spend the coming days together to get to know each other.  If after a couple weeks, things seem to be going well, I will let her know I am ready for adoption, if she so chooses.  Then it would be up to her whether or not she wanted to keep me.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-10-23 19-45-59

Aria is firm but also very caring and loving.  She wants to protect me but also she makes sure I understand that I belong to her.  There is a delicate balance between a master and her pet.  There needs to be caring and understand but also rules and punishments.  So far the balance between us seems to be right on par.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-10-23 19-46-50

I am excited to see how the next few days go and who knows, maybe she will adopt me!

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